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With My Friends – Yao Chi, Sun Anke

With My Friends is an urban romance drama starring Yao Chi, Sun Anke, Pan Meiyue, Han Mubo, Tan Xiaofan and Qiu Hongkai.

This story narrates a fantastical tale of friendship and romance among a group of campus friends. Tan Mu from Muyang Technology, in order to alleviate his regret over his father's passing, uses a prototype to return to his university days in 2010. Assuming the identity of Qi Mu, a student at Ningzhou University, he meets fellow student Su Chengcheng. Together, they experience university life and ultimately find friendship and love.


With My Friends

English Title: With My Friends
Chinese Title: 我和我的朋友们
Genre: Romance, Urban
Episodes: 24
Duration: 24 min.
Released Date: 2024-06-20
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



After returning to China, Qi Mu founded a company and developed a prototype for treating amnesia. Near the end of the development, he fell into a coma due to PTSD and needed a screenwriter to create a memory script to test the prototype.

Cheng Siqi completed the script, and Qi Mu accidentally entered the simulated memory, returning to Ningzhou University, where he met various classmates, including Su Chengcheng, who resembled Cheng Siqi. As they spent time together, feelings developed between them, and they faced everything in the memory together.

Eventually, Qi Mu found Su Chengcheng in the real world, and they embraced deeply, with memories lighting up like stars. He not only rediscovered his love for Su Chengcheng but also regained his deep friendship with his friends.


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