Peng Yaqi, Gao Zitian- Gentle Childe VS Valiant Female Bandits, Staging A Contract Love in “Hold On, My Lady”

Starring Peng Yaqi (Yakisa), Gao Zitian, “Hold On, My Lady” is an inventive, hilarious, and funny ancient costume romantic drama with many sugary scenes. It is one of the good dramas of the recent.

Hold On My Lady

The drama tells the story of Huangfu Yao and Lu Wan’er, who are married before they fall in love.
The second son of the general, who is well-mannered, and the female bandit, who is highly skilled in martial arts, stage a different kind of love affair. They go from contractual bondage to genuine love.

Not only has this drama a lot of fun to watch, but many of the hilarious scenes in the drama are also very deserved to watch.

The lead actress Peng Yaqi is credited for making this drama so much fun to watch

Peng Yaqi

Peng Yaqi participated in the MANGO TV online talent show “Super Girl” in 2016, making her official debut.

In March 2017, she released her first original single “雏菊”. Then in April, she sang the theme song “在一起” for the romantic drama “The Fox’s Summer”. And in May, she released her second original single “轻眠”.

The Straight and outgoing personality of the heroine is totally different from Huangfu Family. Her kind of directness brings a huge impact to this family.

The heroine is skilled in martial arts and a proficient cook. But she is uneducated and not good at the piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting.

Gao Zitian takes on the challenge of playing the male lead for the first time

Hold On My Lady

In “Hold On, My Lady”, Gao Zitian portrays Huangfu Yao as a man who is gentle in appearance and delicate in the heart but has no power.

“Hold On, My Lady” Strives to break the audience’s traditional cognition of sweet drama and try to create a new image of sweet drama male hero image.

In the meantime, It retains the usual principles of sweet dramas and is a sweet drama with a conscience as it keeps on sugaring throughout.

Gao Zitian

It is reported that “Hold On, My Lady” is Gao Zitian’s first work. He was born in 2000, he is an artist of Tian Yi Nan Wei Tv&Film Company.

The first time as a male lead is a challenge as well as an opportunity for Gao Zitian. With the spirit of “a newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger”, Gao Zitian has completed this work with a professional attitude and acting skills.

Starting from this drama, Gao Zitian, as a new generation actor, will step by step come into the view of the audience and will bring more exciting roles with his strength.

What kind of performance will Gao Zitian and Peng Yaqi bring to us in this drama? Let have a look.

“Contract” + “accident” + “dart robbery” = “sweet” romance?

Gao Zitian

It seems that this drama has a lot of elements! The combination of “sweet drama” + “new face” is perfect for a small budget web drama and an opportunity for new actors.

From the episodes and clips, this drama is definitely sweet for you to watch! The kissing and hugging scene is a common occurrence, and the plotting is smooth and logical, with the “female bandit + gentleman” being the most interesting!

So it looks like it’s going to be a hit!

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