Hold On, My Lady – Peng Yaqi, Gao Zitian

“Hold On, My Lady” is an ancient sweet drama directed by Zhang Tianfu, starring Yaqisa Peng Yaqi, Gao Zitian, Zhao Yiming, Han Qing, Ren Yu, Liu Yujun, Gao Zijian, and Shi Guang.



Hold On, My Lady

English Title: Hold On, My Lady
Chinese Title: 夫人大可不必
Genre: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Director: Zhang Tianfu
Broadcasting website: MGTV
Release date: April 1, 2021


Peng Yaqi Peng Yaqi as Bai Yufeng / Lu Waner
Gao Zitian Gao Zitian as Huang Fuyao


Bai Yunfeng (Peng Yaqi), a domineering female bandit from Baisha Village, leads Chen Dawan (Ren Yu) and others in a vain attempt to hijack the birth presents given by the General to the Minister.

However, she fails and they are all caught by the General to the General’s residence.

When she is about to be killed, she is accidentally sued for peace by the General.

Under the name of “Lu Wan’er”, she becomes the wife of the second young master in the General’s residence, and makes the acquaintance of her contracted husband Huangfu Yao (played by Gao Zitian), and starts a sensational sweet love journey.

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