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The Spring of My Life – Tan Songyun, Luo Yunxi

The Spring of My Life is a school romantic comedy directed by Wu Na, starring Tan Songyun and Luo Yunxi.

The film focuses on the tangled love story between Yang Fangfang, a cute girl, and Guo Yang, a cool music boy.


The Spring of My Life

English Title: The Spring of My Life
Chinese Title: 最美的时候遇见你
Genre: Youth, School, Romance, Comedy
Duration: 89 min.
Director: Wu Na
Writer: Wu Na
Producer: Liu Hancheng
Released Date: 2015-12-11
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频, 爱奇艺



Yang Fangfang, a high school student, was an ordinary "ugly duckling." A love letter from her junior high school "dream boy," Guo Yang, shattered her peace.

She started trying various methods to transform herself into a "Phoenix," hoping to meet him "at her most beautiful."

She worked hard to change herself for love, and her carefully planned beautiful encounter led her and him to fall in love.

Young passion was released in the summer, but the pain that followed was like a storm...


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