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The Latest Ranking Of “CHUANG 2021”: Mika Is Well Deserved, Liu Yu Is In The Sixth After The First Public Performance

The first round of “CHUANG 2021“‘s public performance has completely ended, the results of the second round of the likes ranking were finally announced on the show.


And the top 11 rankings have indeed changed significantly.

CHUANG 2021 Carelan

No.11 Cealan

In the latest ranking, Cealan has finally moved up one place into the top 11. It is worth mentioning that in the latest show, the vocal strength of Cealan is very strong, which has brought the mentors and viewers a big surprise.

Although there were very few scenes of Cealan in the “radio” performance, there were not many opportunities to showcase him. But the brief seconds already made Cealan the best on stage.

And compared to the original Singer’s Mandarin, Cealan’s Chinese has taken great progress.

CHUANG 2021 Oscar

No. 10 Oscar

As a housemate of Cealan, Oscar has been a class A student from the start. His strength, as well as his popularity, is strong and his results are relatively consistent.

However, in the first public performance, Oscar’s performance was not as good as that of Cealan, and unfortunately, he did not become the group’s top-votes getter.

A ranking of 10th is still a little dangerous with Oscar’s overall strength.

Lin Mo

No. 9 Lin Mo

Like Oscar, Lin Mo’s ranking is unchanged from the last time. But Lin Mo’s first public performance did attract quite a lot of attention, with his “lover boy 88” being the most coordinated and natural of the group.

On stage, Lin Mo drove the vibe of the song very well. Compared with the nervous mentality of other teammates, Lin Mo was more like enjoying the stage.


No.8 Rikimaru

Rikimaru’s ranking was also the same as the beginning, but viewers who have seen the show should be a bit displeased. As one of the best dancers in the group, Rikimaru didn’t get the most votes.

As a international trainee, Rikimaru is still at a disadvantage in terms of his fan base.

Zhang Jiayuan

No. 7 Zhang Jiayuan

Zhang Jiayuan didn’t have many shining points on the first public performance stage, and this time his ranking has dropped.

The lack of memorable spots and few appearances in the show are the main reasons why Zhang Jiayuan’s ranking has fallen.

Generally speaking, after the first public stage, the trainees who are with powerful strength start to come to the fore, and the show will redistribute the share of the shooting of each participant.

If Zhang Jiayuan doesn’t do well next, he may be overtaken.

Liu Yu

No. 6 Liu Yu

Liu Yu, who is number one on all the major ranking lists, except the likes ranking list. A good fan base is Liu Yu’s winning formula. But then he still needs to work hard to gain more viewers’ support.

Of course on the stage of the first public performance, Liu Yu’s performance is already good enough and has a strong contrast. Liu Yu can make more style adjustments to make the viewers remember him more deeply later on.

Ren Yinpeng

No.5 Ren Yinpeng

As one of the most controversial trainees in the top 11, Ren Yinpeng has been sent to the top 11 by fans almost from the beginning.

His first public performance was excellent but looked mediocre in comparison to that of Rikimaru.

Although he did end up with a top votes getter, this honestly caused a lot of resentment from viewers. Ren Yinpeng still needs to prove himself with a quick improvement.


No.4 Kazuma

Kazuma’s ranking is on the rise. Kazuma’s performance in the first stage managed to attract a lot of viewers’ preference for him.

However, on the first public performance stage, Kazuma’s performance was not very impressive. And it is a pity that he withdrew from the show for some family reasons.

Zhou Keyu

No.3 Zhou Keyu

In the first public performance stage, Zhou Keyu won over C-position Oscar and the highlight Carelan. To be fair, Zhou Keyu’s strength is really quite balanced, especially his appearance really adds a lot of points to him.

During the show, even Ning Jing was attracted by his appearance and suggested that Zhou Keyu should not use his glasses to cover his deep eyes.


No.2 Santa

The second-ranked Santa was not a surprise at all, his hard work and strength were quite prominent on the show.

Although he got into trouble with his teammates for his harshness, from a spectator’s point of view, it was still a shame that Santa lost on the first public performance.

We Hope Santa will be able to show what he can do in a stronger team in the next round.

CHUANG 2021 Mika

No.1 Mika

Mika’s group, “醉拳”, was quite a pity with more mistakes. But Mika, being the international trainee in the group, instead did a great job.

Both his dance and song had a strong Chinese flavor and some netizens noticed that the inch-headed Mika really had the feel of a martial arts monk.

In terms of personal charm, Mika is an absolute eye-catcher and his first-place finish is well deserved.

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