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So Young 2: Never Gone – Kris Wu, Liu Yifei

So Young 2: Never Gone is a romance film written and directed by Zhou Tuoru, produced by Zhang Yibai, led by Kris Wu and Liu Yifei, co-starring Jin Shijia, Li Qin, and Li Meng, with a special appearance by Qiao Renliang.

Based on Xin Yi Wu's novel "Yuan Lai Ni Hai Zai Zhe Li / 原来你还在这里", the film tells the story of Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin's heartfelt love affair during their youthful years.


So Young 2: Never Gone

English Title: So Young 2: Never Gone
Chinese Title: 致青春·原来你还在这里
Genre: Youth, Romance, Drama
Duration: 98 min.
Director: Zhou Tuoru
Writer: Zhou Tuoru, Xin Yi Wu
Released Date: 2016-07-08
Broadcast Website: Viki, AsianCrush



Su Yunjin, a gentle and quiet girl, gradually fell in love with her high school classmate Cheng Zheng, who pursued her deeply.

However, the differences in their upbringing and personalities became a problem between them, and the constant conflicts eventually caused a rift in their relationship, leading to a breakup.

Several years later, Su Yunjin became a successful career woman, but her peaceful life was disrupted by Cheng Zheng's reappearance.

Their complicated feelings for each other caused them to become entangled again. They realized that neither of them had let go of their past love, but they were afraid of repeating their mistakes...


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