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“CHUANG 2021” Premieres With 90 Trainees On An Adventure

Deng Chao -CHUANG 2021 Adventure

Gathering young trainees from many countries and themed on international youth cultural exchange, Tencent Video’s “CHUANG 2021” has been anticipated by fans and viewers since its announcement.


Tonight at 8:00 pm Beijing Time “CHUANG 2021” will unveil its island adventure. And the 90 Chinese and foreign trainees will show up for the first time and bring their elaborate first stage show.

Ning Jing -CHUANG 2021 Adventure.

At that time, the initiator group leader Deng Chao, representative Ning Jing, and initiator group members Zhou Shen, Amber Liu, and R1SE Zhou Zhennan will bring their exciting performance.

Under the witness of them and international assistant Bobbon Girls’ Zheng Naixin, the new rules of the adventure will be revealed soon.

Amber Liu

90 trainees will show off their professional strength for the first time to start their adventure. In the first inspection by the initiator group and the viewers, the trainees are fully prepared and interpret their first stage works with their hearts.

Lin Mo, a popular trainee, was sharply questioned by Zhou Zhennan when he first appeared on stage. Faced with such a doubt, Lin Mo was confident to take “a second”, What will he perform on stage? Let’s wait and see.

The mysterious treasure trainee’s heartfelt singing performance has won the awe-inspiring recognition of Zhou Shen, who is known for his excellent voice. Who is the owner of this great voice that was praised by professional teachers in the first round?

And who was the trainee who made the stern Ning Jing say “you were that good in the first round, how much better will you be next”? The answer is in this episode.

Zhou Shen

In tonight’s episode, not only are the trainees’ singing ability strong, but their dance is also full of strength!

The Japanese trainee  Santa (宇野赞多), who is the world street dance champion, is about to appear in this episode. His stunning performance has made Deng Chao exclaim, “He has simply raised the dance standard to the ceiling!

Zhou Zhennan

In addition to the performance of the trainees, the initiator group has also choreographed their amazing performances. With so much to see, we can’t help but look forward to tonight’s show even more!

Zheng Naixin

Unlike before, “CHUANG 2021” welcomes dozens of foreign trainees to join the show on top of the outstanding Chinese trainees.

The program brings together the best trainees from China, Japan, Thailand, Russia, and other countries to spend time together, improve themselves and meet challenges, showcase positive energy with a youthful attitude and explore the possibilities of Chinese and foreign exchanges.

CHUANG 2021 Advanture Trainees

At the same time, the show is not only including participants of different nationalities but also accommodating representatives from different industries and circles, together with enriching its diversity.

Han Peiquan is a multi-million fan netizen who comes out with his own BGM “百应必有果,你的报应就是我”.

Nuo Yan is a chinese super popular “Arena Of Valor” e-sports professional who firstly crosses the border to sing and dance.

Liu Zhang is a hip-hop artist who has made a crazy name for himself with his outstanding rap strength,

They faced questions but still go forward, demonstrating the power of their dreams while also embodying the concept of “CHUANG”.

CHUANG 2021 Trainees

The new core of the show is accompanied by a more glamorous initial stage set-up. Each of the trainees’ performances will be well represented in the new “Matrix hackerspace”.

“CHUANG 2021” will be held on February 17 at 8:00 pm. For more excitement and suspense, tonight’s “CHUANG 2021” is waiting for you to witness and support!

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