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Where Are All the Time – Yang Zi, Dylan Kuo

Where Are All the Time is a romantic film directed by Che Jingxing, starring Dylan Kuo, Yang Zi, Jiao Enjun, and Gao Xuan.

The film tells the story of lovers who are about to enter into marriage and miss each other for various reasons, then meet years later and make an emotional decision.


Where Are All the Time

English Title: Where Are All the Time
Chinese Title: 时间都去哪了
Genre: Romance, Drama
Duration: 102 min.
Director: Che Jingxing
Writer: Sun Changwen, Huang Danrong
Producer: Huang Qiansheng
Released Date: 2015-08-07
Broadcast Website: Fresh Drama, Idol & Romance, 爱奇艺, MGTV



Yao Yuan and Lin Yutong are a pair of friends who bonded during the special period of SARS.

Years later, they reunite on the university, and the innocence of their teenage years and their passionate love for each other is as beautiful as a fairy tale.

After graduation, they were planning to get married, but they lost contact with each other due to Yao Yuan's emergency trip abroad and Lin Yutong's disappearance.

As time goes by, Yao Yuan becomes a brilliant engineer.

He meets Shen Xin, who is also a thief catcher, and they become familiar with each other.

Yao Yuan is worried about his father Yao Wencheng's health and decides to marry Shen Xin as soon as possible.

At their wedding ceremony, Yao Yuan's former college roommate George suddenly appears and reveals the truth about Lin Yutong's disappearance.

What will Yao Yuan do when faced with Lin Yutong, who is still in love with him, and Shen Xin, who will soon become his wife?


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