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The “Youth With You 3” Wei Hongyu’s Company Dispelled The Rumors Of Private Life

Big Face statement

Youth With You 3” Wei Hongyu’s agent company issued a statement, saying that the public platform on the Internet spread about Wei Hongyu involved in “private life Promiscuous, cheating on his girlfriend many times to cause depression, borrowing money without repayment” and other rumors, seriously damage Wei Hongyu’s reputation, privacy, and other legitimate rights and interests.


The company also said, “We severely condemn the publishers and disseminators of such inaccurate information, and would like to ask the people concerned to immediately stop fabricating, slandering, infringing and other acts, and take the initiative to delete the relevant information.

Wei Hongyu

For this intentional smear and malicious defamation of Mr. Wei Hongyu’s infringement, our company will pay close attention to it, and we will reserve the right to pursue the legal responsibility of those organizations and individuals who still maliciously stroll related untrue information in the follow-up.”

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