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One Week Friends – Zhao Jinmai, Lin Yi

One Week Friends is a young school film directed by Lin Xiaoqian, starring Zhao Jinmai, Lin Yi, Shen Yue, Wang Jiahui, and Fan Shiran.

The film is based on the manga of the same name created by Ye Yue Mo Cha and tells the story of a girl who forgets her friends every week and re-friends her classmates over and over again.


One Week Friends

English Title: One Week Friends
Chinese Title: 一周的朋友
Genre: Youth, School, Romance, Drama
Duration: 106 min.
Director: Lin Xiaoqian
Writer: Lu Anxuan
Producer: Lu Yan
Released Date: 2022-06-18
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频, 爱奇艺



After a car accident, high school sophomore Lin Xiangzhi's memory of her friends can only lasts for a week.

She gradually isolates herself in her class to avoid misunderstandings or sadness, and she becomes withdrawn as a result. It is not until she transferred to another school that she meets her classmate Xu Youshu.

By chance, Xu learns the truth and he insists on befriending Xiangzhi once a week, every week. His kindness and insistence make Xiangzhi open her heart.

They are determined to face the past together, to find the truth of the memories, and to redeem their future.


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