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“CHUANG 2021” First Public Performance “Yummy” lost, Leader Santa has a problem?

CHUANG 2021” first public performance has created a lot of topics. How to work hard with partners around you towards the same overall goal is a very important point in the group talent show.


After watching the competition between the group “Girl” with Yu Gengyin as the leader and the group “Yummy” with Santa as the leader, a very practical dilemma was manifested: the group talent show does not choose a person, but a team.

The leader of “Yummy” group is Santa, and the group members are Wang Zehao, Nine, He Zhenyu, Li Jiaxiang, Fan Zhener, and Chen Ruifeng.

Yummy Chuang 2021

In fact, with the presence of Santa, many people thought that no matter which group “Yummy” was facing, they would win for sure, but it turned out to be the opposite. The group “Yummy” lost without a doubt.

The group “Yummy” should indeed take stock of the situation. From the comments of Zhou Zhennan and Ning Jing, it seems that they feel that Santa’s strength is too prominent, one person is strong does not mean overall strong, Santa should learn how to change from one person to the team.

Santa Chuang

So the reason “Yummy” group didn’t win was because Santa was too conspicuous and ignored his teammates? Is it because Sando is not suitable to be the leader?

“Yummy” performance, Santa was really eye-catching, as Santa’s best friend Rikimaru said: the performance of “Yummy” group is like the main character and his supporting dancers.

From the performance, it seems that the reviews of Zhou Zhenan and Ning Jing are not wrong, but they have not seen the real training process of the “Yummy” group, if they had seen the training situation and the whole process, they would not have that kind of comment.

The real situation is that Santa has been focusing on the team performance since the beginning of the training, he also mainly mentioned words like consonance, and it is worth mentioning that he has also been very attentive to assist his companions in keying their postures and training the group to be in orderliness.

Li Jiaxiang Chuang 2021

The key reason for the failure of the “Yummy” group should be in Li Jiaxiang, his arrogance is too much. Just like what netizens said: “ordinary but confident”. He picked a group with Sando, competed with Santa, there is nothing wrong with this.

But in the whole process of training, he played devil’s advocate against Santa, and did not listen to Santa’s assignments, such key points do not need to be investigated deeply, the variety show is presented.

Santa Chuang 2021

An elite team, as long as one person does not cooperate, will not be successful, and the audience will not like that kind of group, so their group lost to the “Girls” group.

Hope the trainees will realize this and bring us more exciting stages.

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