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All Ears – Hu Ge, Leo Wu, Qi Xi

All Ears is a film written and directed by Liu Jiayin, led by Hu Ge, co-starring Leo Wu Lei and Qi Xi, with a special appearance by Bai Ke.

The movie tells the story of a "fallen behind" ordinary screenwriter named Wen Shan who, by chance, starts making a living by writing eulogies. Through encounters with various ordinary people, Wen Shan provides comfort to others and finds warmth in return. Ultimately, he discovers his own life's direction.


All Ears

English Title: All Ears
Chinese Title: 不虚此行
Other Titles: 倾听
Genre: Drama
Duration: 119 min.
Director: Liu Jiayin
Writer: Liu Jiayin
Producer: Cao Baoping
Released Date: 2023-09-09
Boradcast Website: -



An ordinary scriptwriter, Wen Shan, starts to write eulogies for a living by chance.

In his encounters with ordinary people of all kinds, Wen Shan comforts others, gains warmth, and eventually finds his own direction in life.


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