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The Left Ear – Chen Duling, Ou Hao, Yang Yang

The Left Ear is a youth romantic film directed by Alec Su, starring Chen Duling, Ou Hao, Yang Yang, Ma Sichun, Duan Bowen, Hu Xia, and Guan Xiaotong.

The film is adapted from Rao Xue Man's novel of the same name and focuses on the painful story of the youth of a group of young people with different personalities, including Li Er, Zhang Yang, Xu Yi, and Li Bala.


The Left Ear

English Title: The Left Ear
Chinese Title: 左耳
Genre: Youth, Romance
Duration: 117 min.
Director: Alec Su
Writer: Rao Xue Man
Producer: Sun Yonghuan
Product Company: Enlight Pictures
Released Date: 2015-04-24
Broadcast Website: 爱奇艺



Li Er, a beautiful and innocent girl, is deaf in her left ear, but her physical handicap does not make her feel inferior.

By chance, Li Er meets a girl called Bala, whose personality is opposite to Li'er's. She is uninhibited, untamed and aspires to a life of freedom.

Li Er finds her inner rebellious side in Bala.

What Li Er doesn't expect is that Bala will get together with Xu Yi, the boy she has always had a crush on. This makes Li Er realize the cruelty of youth.

However, Bala actually likes a boy named Zhang Yang. But fate turns their love into a tragedy that eventually takes away Bala's young life.

This accident makes a few innocent children grow up quickly and blossom into the most beautiful and desperate youth.


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