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Lu Yi

Lu Yi(陆毅) was born on January 6, 1976, in Huangpu District, Shanghai, China, is a Chinese actor and singer.

His major works include Young Justice Bao II, The Legend of Qin, In the Name of People, A Lifelong Journey, etc.

Basic Info

Lu Yi

Stage Name: Lu Yi
Chinese Name: 陆毅
Place of Birth: Huangpu District, Shanghai
Nationality: China
Birthday: January 06, 1976
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 182cm (5’11”)
Weight: 70kg (154 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Weibo: 陆毅


  1. Lu Yi’s agent is Zhejiang Xinghe Culture Agent.
  2. Education: Lu Yi graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy.
  3. Lu Yi’s wife is Bao Lei, an actress.
  4. He has 2 daughters Belle Lu Yuxuan and Xiao Yezi.
  5. Lu Yi and Bao Lei started their relationship while studying at the Shanghai Theatre Academy.
  6. In June 2006, Lu Yi and Bao Lei got married.



  • Finding Mr. Right 2: Book of Love(Xue Ba (literally "Learned One"))(2016)
  • The Palace(Yin Zhen / 4th Prince)(2013)
  • The Sino-Japanese War at Sea 1894(Deng Shi Chang)(2012)
  • My Ex-wife’s Wedding(Zhang Qi)(2010)
  • The Stool Pigeon(Barbarian)(2010)
  • Aftershock(Yang Zhi)(2010)
  • Confucius(Ji Sun Fei)(2010)
  • Fit Lover(Lawyer)(2008)
  • Anna & Anna(Ouyang)(2007)
  • Seven Swords(Hon Ji Bong)(2005)
  • A Time to Love(Hou Jia)(2005)
  • Jasmine Women(Zou Jie)(2004)
  • Fidelity(Han Yu)(2004)
  • Love Trilogy(Liu Bai Sheng (The White))(2004)
  • Fall in Love at First Sight(Lao Bu)(2002)

TV Shows

  • Viva La Romance Season 6(2022)
  • China and South Korea Dream Team(2015)
  • Fight For Her(2015)
  • Where Are We Going, Dad? Season 2(2014)
  • If You are the One(2010)
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