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Who Sleeps My Bro – Chen Xiao, Qin Lan, Li Xian

Who Sleeps My Bro is a youth romantic film directed and written by Zhang Qi, starring Chen Xiao, Qin Lan, Du Tianhao, Liu Ruilin, and Li Xian.

The film tells the story of four guys in the same dormitory at the time of graduation.


Who Sleeps My Bro

English Title: Who Sleeps My Bro
Chinese Title: 睡在我上铺的兄弟
Genre: Youth, Romance, Drama
Duration: 95 min.
Director: Zhang Qi
Writer: Zhang Qi
Producer: Li Jinwen
Product Company: Letv
Released Date: 2016-04-01
Broadcast Website: Letv



At the graduation, the four brothers with distinct personalities from dorm 330 at Hudu University encountered setbacks in their emotions, academics, and work.

Lin Xiangyu, a smart and playful boy with a thick-skinned personality, was criticized by those around him for having a romantic relationship with his female boss.

Li Dapeng, a smart and playful rich second-generation, had nothing to do and spent his time breeding his beloved alpaca.

Guanchao, a remaining virgin with outstanding achievements, faced a major life conflict when he encountered the girl he loved.

Xie Xun, a struggling young man from a poor background with a sense of justice and infatuation, struggled to overcome poverty.

The four brothers supported each other in times of trouble, but there were irreconcilable internal conflicts. Through this process, the four passionate brothers grew and changed.


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