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Zhang Bichen Responded: Hua Chenyu Didn’t Know At That Time

Zhang Bichen

Recently, some netizens broke the news that Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen is suspected of having a child in a secret marriage. On Jan. 22, Hua Chenyu responded in a post on Weibo: “Yes, we do have a child.

Zhang Bichen also issued a long article admitting that she gave birth to a child. She said that they were in a hot relationship at the time.


But when she knew she was pregnant, she was really too flustered and could not face Hua Chenyu for a while. So she left alone and gave birth to a daughter.

Zhang Bichen Weibo

Here is the full article :

In the fall of 2018, when I found out I was pregnant, my entire body was stand in amazement. Although Hua Chenyu and I were together and we envisioned a future together, having a baby and getting married was never in the plan, at least not for a few years, so I was in a complete panic and didn’t know what to do to make it right.

Perhaps for me, having a child of myself and my loved one before I was 30 was my biggest dream other than singing and being a singer.

Hua Chenyu Zhang Bichen

But when I made the decision to have this baby, I was so confused that I didn’t know how to tell Hua Chenyu, nor did I think about how he would respond to me, I chose to leave, chose not to tell him not to let him know, and went to finish it all by myself.

I left him, did not say any reason when I left, only said don’t contact in the future. For a long time, I did not answer his phone calls, did not return his WeChat, so that he could not find me, and slowly we broke off contact.

Hua Chenyu

I know I did this is actually very stupid, but I was too panicked and too scared, at that time this thing is far beyond all the perception in my world. So without Hua Chenyu knew anything about it, I finished the pregnancy and delivery alone and successfully became a mom.

As the baby grew up, I became more and more realistic in my role as a mother, and I felt that I had really made a very irrational decision. I had deprived the child of the right to have a father, and at the same time deprived Hua Chenyu, as a father, of the right to make choices in the face of his own child.

Zhang Bichen

So I should have told him that he had a daughter and let him know. Then I found him, he was also shocked, but, after the confusion, in the moment of seeing the child, the warmth and joy in his eyes is not deceiving.

He told me he was sorry he couldn’t be with me through the pregnancy, and he said he should have given the child a family account, so we did. He told me then that he would also love the baby well and make her happy and have a healthy and happy environment to grow up in.

Hua Chenyu

So, although we have been apart for so long and our lives have changed a lot during our separation, we have worked hard to get back together and most importantly, to make our child feel loved and feel the warmth of a family.

Her grandparents, mom and dad all love her very much and she is growing up very well.

I’m sorry to have kept this matter hidden for so long, all the hiding is more to protect this child, want to let her grow up in a calm and happy environment, and give her a life full of love. I’m sorry to our fans and all those who care about us, and thank you for reading my words!

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