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G.E.M. New Song Is Suspected Of Accusing Hua Chenyu, Netizens: Why Don’t You Announce His ID Number Directly?

Deng Ziqi Hua Chenyu

G.E.M. Deng Ziqi has released A new song “超能力 (Superpower)” on April Fool’s Day. The lyrics are based on the theme of “boyfriend’s superpower is lying”, and the plot is related to cheating.


However, the lyrics of the song have attracted a lot of controversies.

For example, the lyrics include “finding out you’re not so innocent”, “BiuBiuBiuBiu, I want to destroy you on behalf of the moon”, “I hate you”, “your disguise is unmatched and invincible” and so on.

G.E.M. Deng Ziqi New Song

A lot of “biubiubiu” makes many netizens think it is a reference to Hua Chenyu, “biubiubiu” is Hua Chenyu’s mantra, he often says these words on various occasions.


Even the dance gestures are almost identical with Hua Chenyu, the directionality seems to be a little obvious.

In G.E.M. ‘s music video, aliens were found in a small town. It is well known that Hua Chenyu was called “Martian Brother” for his song “无字歌”, and his fans were also called “Martians”.

All the details in this music video are full of deep meaning, and when strung together, netizens said: “That’s pretty obvious, right?” and “It’s almost like reporting ID number.

Back in 2015, G.E.M. Deng Ziqi was rumored to be in a relationship with Hua Chenyu. Although they never admitted it, their interaction convinced many netizens of this.

When Hua Chenyu’s baby with Zhang Bichen was revealed, his previous rumors with Deng Ziqi were mentioned. They never admitted to their relationship. So it was just a rumor.


When they were involved in the dating rumors, G.E.M. Deng Ziqi wrote a love song called “画”, the lyrics of which were based on a similar pronunciation of Hua Chenyu’s name.

This time, the new song of G.E.M. also attracted a lot of attention. The netizens are quarreling. some netizens accuse Hua Chenyu of being irresponsible in a relationship, and many others mock G.E.M. that her new song is suspected of insinuating Hua Chenyu. It makes people more sure that they would have been in love before.

Deng Ziqi Hua Chenyu

However, G.E.M. Deng Ziqi specifically chose to release her song on April Fool’s Day, perhaps because she didn’t want people to know whether the rumor was true or not.

What do you think about this matter?

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