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Hua Chenyu’s Plastic Surgery And Cheating Events Reversed? The Exposer Apologised

Hua Chenyu

Recently, a netizen named “Fa Fa Ai Wo 2021/发发爱我2021” posted an article and several videos of Hua Chenyu, claiming to be Hua Chenyu’s girlfriend and referring to Zhang Bichen as the third party intervened in their relationship.


She said it was Zhang Bichen who led to their breakup. She also exposed “plastic surgery” photos of Hua Chenyu.

plastic surgery photos of Hua Chenyu.

On the afternoon of July 16th, 2021, Hua Chenyu Studio released a lawyer’s statement, responding that the “plastic surgery” photos of Hua Chenyu were taken during the treatment of skin diseases in the early years, while angrily denouncing the rumor-monger’s infringement.

They have commissioned a law firm to collect evidence to sue and posted screenshots of the lawsuit have been filed.

The same, Zhang Bichen Studio also formally sued the netizen, denying the fake speech on Zhang Bichen, and said: they will defend the rights resolutely with legal means, refuse all defamation, they will pursue the end, and never condone.

Zhang Bichen Studio

Later, “Fa Fa Ai Wo 2021/发发爱我2021” posted an apology, claiming that the photo of Hua’s hair transplant was posted privately by a friend of his former agent.

plastic surgery photos of Hua Chenyu.

Netizens were divided on the apology. Some thought the “Fa Fa Ai Wo 2021/发发爱我2021″‘s apology was a dig at Hua Chenyu.

While some people think it is malicious provocations and rumors carried out by people who with purposes through netizen “Fa Fa Ai Wo 2021/发发爱我2021”.

To respond to the apology, Hua Chenyu studio posted again: Reject any malicious rumor mongers without repenting of an apology, also refuse to people with purposes provoke the relationship between Hua Chenyu and his former agent and refuse the exposer push his fault to others.

They finally said resolutely maintain Hua Chenyu’all the rights and interests by legal means.

It is clear that Hua Chenyu is determined to sue this user, and Zhang Bichen also has the same attitude.

On July 17th, 2021, Wang Guihong, the former agent of Hua Chenyu, responded that she had never seen or shot any pictures or videos related to Hua Chenyu. She said: “Fa Fa Ai Wo 2021/发发爱我2021″, your words and deeds have seriously violated my right of reputation, see you in court.”

Is this the end of the story or it will have further development?

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  1. Bad guys want to destroy Hua Chenyu,they spread rumor about him.On the time Hua Chenyu is looking after his mother, his mother pass way for cancer in Jul.2021.