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Hua Chenyu’s team denied that Hua And Zhang Bichen have got married

Hua Chenyu

The news of Hua Chenyu has a baby with Zhang Bichen makes many fans confused. They are wondering that whether Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen have got married?


However, It exposed by Hua Chenyu’s team worker that Hua Chenyu is still single. They will raise the child together without marriage and participate in the development of the child together.

Zhang Bichen

Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen love timeline: (two years ago they were exposed to live together).

2015, Hua Chenyu, Zhang Bichen went abroad together to record “Be the idol”.

2017, Zhang Bichen was exposed to be in love with Hua Chenyu.

2018, Zhang Bichen, Hua Chenyu were exposed to live together.

2018.10, Zhang Bichen disappeared for half a year and was suspected to have a child abroad. During the period Hua Chenyu, Zhang Bichen was encountered by netizens. While netizens found that they have the same hat, ring, suit, etc. So they were exposed to be in love.

2019.2.14, Zhang Bichen post roses on net on Valentine’s Day

2021.01.21, They were exposed to have a child.

2021.01.22, Zhang Bichen Hua Chenyu admitted to have a child, the child is currently one year old.

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