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We Are Blazing 1v1 Group Battle, R1SE adaptation of “Black Cat Sheriff”

China’s first music group competition show “We Are Blazing”, produced by Tencent Video, officially kicked off. In the first show, R1SE, SNH48 GROUP, Penicillin, SING, BlackACE, SIS, six Chinese A-list music groups appeared, bringing wonderful debuts.


Under the squeeze of the 1v1 Extreme Race system, each of the six starting groups showed their abilities and started a fierce battle. Diversified team performance, explosive group battle stage, make the netizens excite.


As we approach June 1st Children’s Day, R1SE brings an adaptation of “Black Cat Sheriff” to put the best childhood into the wings of energy; SNH48 Group chooses the rock song “Do you want to dance” to ask others and challenge yourself; Penicillin joins the battle with a song “guerrilla song”, “break the wall” duel is even more unexpected.

SING, BlackACE, sis each group also completed a “divine adaptation” of classic songs in the first show as if to send the most explosive music stage assembly declaration this summer.

Takedown Halo, Creative First, R1SE’s adaptation of “Black Cat Sheriff” and it’ll blow up!


As a music competition show with the concept of “group battle”, the six debut groups bring different styles of stage performances is the biggest attraction of “We Are Blazing”. In the interview session, the six groups made no secret of their desire to perform on stage and based on this desire, they shed their aura and started from zero in the show, incoherently comparing it to creativity. Of these, the biggest surprise was R1SE’s new adaptation of “Black Cat Sheriff”.

R1SE has been very popular since their formation last year, and they hope to break out of their old “safe space” and explore their potential and express their musical ideas more. Captain Zhou Zhennan said that the first reason why he chose to adapt “Black Cat Sheriff” is because it is our common childhood memories and is a powerful challenge.

At the same time, “Black Cat Sheriff” is an image full of positive energy and represents the quality of perseverance. During the performance, all R1SE members, dressed in black uniforms with a sense of design, took to the stage with neatly organized dance steps, from paying homage to the original song of the cartoon to adding new creative elements, and finally ending with a set of tricks. Netizens lamented, “How can you play an animated song in your memory like this”, but also felt the soul of the 11 big boys through this performance.

Especially before the June 1 Children’s Day, it is believed that this performance has ignited many audience members’ childhood hopes, and R1SE’s perfect fusion of classic and new-age atmosphere has also played a key role in its “catch-all” post-80s, 90s and 00s online review and won its first “sofa seat”.


In addition to the “Black Cat Sheriff”, SNH48 GROUP’s rendition of “Do You Want to Dance” and the Penicillin band’s cover of “Guerrilla Song” in the first episode also greatly “broke the wall”. The energetic SNH48 GROUP not only adapted the rock song “Do you want to dance” into a youthful song and dance version, but also inserted a cool WOTA dance performance to the fans “reverse response”, full of vitality.

The Penicillins also take red songs like “Guerrilla Song” and make them even more feverish, full of the hormones of youth. Also, the girl group SING’s electronic Chinese style version of “Big Bowl Thick Noodles”, BlackACE’s one-take version of “Bad Guy”, and the SIS opera version of “Beautiful New World” all caught the attention of the audience.

1v1 Competition Rules and the girl group is fighting back

As early as the official announcement of “We Are Blazing”, many people were curious, the music groups participating in the show come from different platforms, have different music styles and are at different stages of development, how to compete? This suspense was also lifted after the first episode aired.

The show takes a 1v1 competition format, where all groups have the right to choose an opponent or be chosen by an opponent. The winner of the competition will be decided by a panel of public judges covering three age groups: 80, 90, and 00.

peniclilin vs snh48

In such an extreme competition system, brought a lot of unexpected duels – three girl groups, coincidentally chose with three men’s groups, so the first program appeared on such a scene: the trendy route of R1SE called out by the Electronic Chinese Style group – SING, the BlackACE with the full power of dance met sis which all the members are big Vocals.

The full of energy SNH48 GROUP and rock youth penicillin band. such a competition, all the music sub-dimensional wall broken at the same time, but also created the amazing stage by the top music groups.

The SING performed a chivalrous version of the Chinese style “Big Bowl Thick Noodles”, with a “women’s spirit”.SNH48 GROUP adaptation of the rock work “Do you want to dance?” drive the whole atmosphere, can not help to dance with them.

SIS opera version of “beautiful new world” let the audience to see the three little girls in the body of the great energy, although the three girl groups showed their skills to perform, still were defeated by R1SE’s”Black Cat Sheriff”, BlackACE’s “Bad Guy” and penicillin’s “guerrilla song”, three male groups stage with super-comb and full of the power of the stage effect, won more public review recognition.

In the next episode, what will the three girl groups that lost in the first episode fight back as a “killer”? And how will the men’s team respond to the battle to keep their coach seats? We’ll see what happens then!

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