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Will R1SE renew its contract? These might be the reasons why it might delay the disband!

Recently, it was revealed that the limited boy group R1SE which debuted in “Produce Camp 2019” will renew their contract after their original two-years contract (R1SE disband date is Jun.8,2021) expires.


Although it has yet to be confirmed, there is still great truth to this revelation.

So why is R1SE likely to be renewed?

First of all, from the company’s point. With the impact of the epidemic, in 1-2 years, it is difficult for artists to have a large stage or hold concerts. This has become an objective fact. R1SE has been in a group for a year. Although they have held several large-scale concerts. They have not yet reached the company’s profitability standards and may have completed the company’s initial investment, but the profit is far from enough.

And the next year, the company will continue to launch. Which means that the company will further investment. And these investments rely solely on artist advertising, platform, variety shows, two years is difficult to achieve cost recovery and make money.

No money for the capital is the same as a loss.

Therefore, if you can’t do qualitative change, you can do quantitative change. And it’s possible to relax the time and recover the profit. The company will also have more time for the artists to settle down in the business during the period of lack of a large stage.


Secondly, from the perspective of the members themselves. R1SE is a very special boy band, which is different from the existing talent groups in the Chinese market. The “Produce Camp” is different to other shows. There is no telephone, 100 people live in the bunkhouse, the conditions are very difficult; and because of this, after six months of living together, the feelings between each other are very deep.

In terms of the members’ own abilities, most of them focused on the stage. While a few of them are involved in acting and variety shows. And it is not easy to succeed in these areas in a short period of time. Therefore, the only long-term solution is to focus on the group, and then make a breakthrough in each area.


Finally, from the perspective of influence. “Produce Camp 2019” is Tencent’s new attempt on the limited group, distinctive training methods. And it didn’t try to make as much money as possible in the beginning. But by the progressive mode training, variety, concert, these operations can be seen Tencent wants to do group’s ambitions.

Once the government control talent selection methods, then the producer wants to make a profit through talent show will be difficult. And instead of doing such strenuous things but may not be able to make enough profit. R1SE have their own fans, has great potential, the team members like each other will have more sustainable development space.

And as long as this group is successful, then the next producers will be on the right path of selecting and pushing a group. And if they push the group again, they will be able to directly copy it accordingly.

In summary, R1SE’s contract renewal may be possible. Although the news is only revealed, most of the fans support it.

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  1. When were they actually supposed to disband? I don’t want them to disband. 🙁

    1. they are going to get disband at 06 08 that is only like 2 week 🙁