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Zhenan Zhou’s absence from live broadcasts and the disappearance of variety show has reduced his chances of repaying his father’s debts

zhou Zhennan

R1SE -Zhou Zhennan’s parents have been condemned by the netizens for their huge debts, but the key is that they cheated the people out of their money, how can this be tolerated? It is obvious that Zhou Zhennan has nothing to do with the incident, but because he is a public figure, people will naturally point the finger of blame at him.

In an effort to put the matter to rest, Zhou Zhennan broke his silence on October 26 to respond to the incident. However, he was ended up creating complications that made the whole matter even more difficult.

zhou zhennan's parents

Guilt, apology, and commitment are all included in the statement. Unfortunately, a wise man with a thousand worries must have a loss, “through the difficult times, through the difficult times” just eight words unexpectedly provoked dissatisfaction.

ZhouZhennan’s father – Zhou Yong has been characterized as a deadbeat, what is a deadbeat? In short, people who have money and don’t pay it back. There is every indication that Zhou Zhennan’s family still lives a privileged and even luxurious life.

zhou zhennan's father debets

A kite worth 68,000 RMB, a guitar worth 100,000 RMB, and a gold watch worth 600,000 RMB are all visible luxuries, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. As a matter of fact, Zhou Zhennan has always been labeled as a rich second generation and a landlord’s son.

On the matter of parents being a deadbeat, Zhou Zhennan said in a statement that he was too well protected by his parents, so he didn’t know about it. In order to show his commitment, Zhou Zhennan promised to work even harder to help his parents.

zhou zhennan

Unfortunately, Zhou Zhennan’s career has been severely damaged, including but not limited to: missing live broadcasts, no gala, and a new variety show scene was cut.

The world is so cruel, although Zhou Zhennan is not a deadbeat, but as the son of a deadbeat, how can Zhou Zhennan be immune? This will inevitably lead to a bad outcome: a damaged career, even if he has the good intentions of repaying the debts, he can only sigh with sorrow.

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