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Let’s enter the world of Electronic Chinese Style Music with SING!

SING Electronic Chinese Style
SING Electronic Chinese Style

When we talking about Girl Groups, many people’s first impression is Korean girl groups. The Girls’ Generation was a big hit then, and the 2009 song “GEE” was the one that made the name of the Girls’ Generation resound throughout Asia. In fact, when it comes to girl groups, there is also a group in China that can not be surpassed in the Chinese music scene, they are S.H.E.


I believe many post-80s and post-90s have heard S.H.E’s songs, at that time they were really hot. Their first album “Girls Dormitory” was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award at the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards. And later on, she was nominated for the Golden Melody Award every year.

The main character of this post is not Girls’ Generation, nor is it S.H.E, which has dominated the Chinese music scene for almost ten years, but a new group – SING, talking about this girl group may be very strange to many people. Also seems to have rarely heard of their works, rarely seen them. But if you start to touch this girl group, you will find that in fact, SING is really a girl group of both face value and strength.


They were first introduced to the group when they overheard their song “Send to Moon“(Ji Ming Yue), which was also their first work to transform into an electronic Chinese style. People listen to a lot of electronic music, but have you ever heard of “electronic Chinese music”? And what is the electronic Chinese style?

In simple terms, this is a new style of music that incorporates elements of electronic dance music on top of the elements of Chinese style, allowing the songs to embody Chinese culture while at the same time incorporating contemporary electronic dance music. Breaking the boundaries of traditional ancient music and making it more accessible to young people.

In addition to being the founding girl group of the electronic Chinese style in China. They not only have stable singing skills, but they also have good dance skills. When you’re watching their music video or live, it’s a feast for the eyes and ears. After seeing their live version of “Send to Moon” again on the stage of “New Voice, Please Teach”. You will find that Chinese culture is actually very attractive after the transformation.


Since July 2018, the SING girls seem to have started to become highly productive. Releasing at least one or more of their works every month. April 2020 saw their reprise of the electronic Chinese style version of “The World”. Which can be compared to Zhang Jie’s version of “The World” twelve years ago. Jie’s penetrating and recognizable voice gives “The World” the exclusive charm of a male singer.

The SING reinterpretation of ” The World” has not only the charm of a female voice but also the charm of an electronic Chinese style. The combination of dynamics and Chinese culture will make you feel the charm of Chinese culture as well as electronic dance music.

On May 7, the SING girls released another new album – “Tao Hua Tan“. The shyest of teenage feelings are hidden in this new album. In the depths of the peach grove, it is the waiting of a lover, sighing amid the song, sighing about the love affair of several lifetimes. The album’s short introduction reveals the inability to hide the girl’s love in the song “Tao Hua Tan”.

As the most representative flower of love in ancient China, the word “peach blossom” always makes you think of it when you see it. And a sigh in the depths of the peach blossom reveals the melancholy of girls who are trapped by love. What is love in this world, that would teach us to live and die together?

SING Electronic Chinese Style
SING Electronic Chinese Style

As a girl group that has been around for five years. They have left their own indelible mark, at least on the road to promoting Chinese electronic music. The seven or eight girls’ lively and youthfulness will always make you feel their vitality in front of the screen. Their dance may not be the best, their song is not the best either, but they are still working hard for their favorite things.

Even if the road is bumpy, I believe they will persist. The next time we meet, we will definitely see a more energetic and better SING. Because their persistent efforts have made them what they are today. And I believe their future will also create infinite possibilities! That’s the charm of the music, and that’s the charm of the treasure girl group that is SING!

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