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SING – Ji Ming Yue(寄明月)

Ji Ming Yue — Official MV

Ji Ming Yue — Official MV Dance Ver.

Ji Ming Yue — Dance Practice Video

Single Name: Ji Ming Yue(寄明月)(To The Moon)
Singer: SING
Genre: POP
Language: Chinese
Released Date: 2017-09-26
Label: Qigu Culture
Type: Single
Lyricist: Li Maoyang (T2o)
Composer: Li Maoyang (T2o)
Arranger: Ji Cuixi(G-Tracy)
Instruction: As the lead single of the EP “SING”, “To The Moon” is a strong EDM song that incorporates elements of traditional Chinese culture, depicting a young girl’s pining under the moonlight night. Unlike the previous mid-autumn festival songs, “To The Moon” expresses the youthfulness and purity of a young girl’s first love with the euphemism of folk music instruments, and highlights the depth of love with the rhythmical electronic synthesizers. In the previous Mid-Autumn Festival Party of Oriental Satellite TV, the SING has publicly performed “To the Moon”, using the red and white fan dance to give a visual impact, and the extraordinary performance of the members also showed the determination to experiment with new styles.

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