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WayV ( 威神V / WēiShén V) is a Chinese boy group that serves as the fourth sub-unit and China-based unit of the South Korean boy group NCT. The group is composed of seven members: Kun, Ten, Winwin, Lucas, Xiaojun, Hendery, Yangyang.


SM first announced a Chinese boy group on August 13, 2018, through NCT’s Twitter under the project name, NCT China. On December 31, 2018, it was announced that the seven-member line-up would debut as WayV in January 2019, under SM Entertainment’s China-exclusive label, Label V. WayV debuted on January 17, 2019, with their single album The Vision.

They won Best New Asian Artist award at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

WayV Official Account

Weibo: WayV_official
Instagram: wayvofficial
Facebook: Wayv.official
Twitter: WayV_official
Youtube: WayV
Bilibili: WayV_official

WayV Members


Stage Name: Kun(锟/쿤)
Birth Name: Qian Kun (钱锟)
Korean Name: 전곤
Nickname: Little Kun Kun, Xiaodan, Dandan
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Sub Rapper
Birthday: January 1, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Place of Birth: Sanming, Fujian, China.
Blood Type: B
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60KG
Instagram: @kun11xd
Weibo: 威神V_钱锟_KUN


Stage Name: Ten(텐)
Birth Name: เตนล์ ชิตพล ลี้ชัยพรกุล
Chinese Name: Li Yong Qin(李永钦)
Korean Name: 이영흠
Nickname: TNT (Ten) and Cute Devil
Position: Main Dancer, Main Vocalist, Sub Rapper
Birthday: February 27, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Place of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand
Blood Type: A
Height: 171cm
Weight: 59KG
Weibo: 威神V_TEN_李永钦
Instagram: @tenlee_1001


Stage Name: WinWin (昀昀/윈윈)
Birth Name: Dong Sicheng (董思成)
Korean Name: 동사성
Nickname: Yun Yun(晕晕)/winko
Position: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Visual
Birthday: October 28, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Place of Birth: Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Blood Type: B
Height: 179cm
Weight: 60KG
Weibo: 威神V_董思成_WINWIN
Instagram: wwiinn_7


Stage Name: Lucas (루카스)
Birth Name: Huang Xu Xi (黄旭熙)
Korean Name: 황욱희
Nickname: Du Ka(毒卡), Lucas Bieber
Position: Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Center, Visual
Birthday: January 25, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Place of Birth: Hong Kong, China
Blood Type: O
Height: 183cm
Weight: 65KG
Weibo: 威神V_黄旭熙_LUCAS
Instagram: @lucas_xx444

Xiao Jun

Stage Name: Xiaojun (肖俊/샤오쥔)
Birth Name: Xiao De Jun(肖德俊)
Korean Name: 소덕준
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: August 8, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Place of Birth: Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Blood Type: A
Height: 173 cm
Weibo: 威神V_肖俊_XIAOJUN
Instagram: djxiao_888


Stage Name: Hendery (헨드리)
Birth Name: Huang Guangheng(黃冠亨)
Korean Name: 황관형
Nickname: Donkey, Cucumber and Prince Eric
Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: September 28, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Place of Birth: Macau, China
Blood Type: O
Height: 177 cm
Weibo: 威神V_黄冠亨_HENDERY
Instagram: i_m_hendery

Yang Yang

Stage Name: Yang Yang (扬扬/양양)
Birth Name: Liu Yangyang(刘扬扬)
Korean Name: 유양양
Nickname: Xiao Yang(Small Sheep)
Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist
Birthday: October 10, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Place of Birth: Taiwan, China
Blood Type: O
Weibo: 威神V_扬扬_YANGYANG
Instagram: @yangyang_x2


Album & EP

WayV - The Vision
Album Name: The Vision
Released: January 17th, 2019
Type: EP
Genre: Pop
Sound Tracks:
1. Regular(理所当然)
2. Come Back(噩梦)
3. Dream Launch(梦想发射计划)
Three songs in various genres, including the title song “Regular”.

The debut album of WayV is high quality and accomplished album that surpasses the level of a newcomer, showcasing the unique style and the musical strengths of the seven members. The album combines hip-hop, dance music, and lyrical styles and includes three songs: “Regular”, “Come Back” and “Dream Launch”.

The title song “Regular”, is a masterpiece that combines unique vocal and RAP! The debut song “Regular” is a song that allows you to enjoy both WayV’s great vocals and RAP’s Latin Trap genre song, showing the determination and courage to become the best on stage with your dreams.

There is also the Urban dance track “Come Back”, which expresses the hurt is done by lovers as a nightmare, and the mid-tempo pop song “Dream Launch”, which sincerely describes the determination of newcomer to start their dream. These songs, with its style, showing WayV’s rich musical talent.

Take off - The 1st Mini Album
Album Name: Take Off
Released: May 9th, 2019
Type: EP
Genre: POP
Sound Tracks:
1. Take Off(无翼而飞)
2. Regular(理所当然)
3. Say It(真实谎言)
4. Come Back(噩梦)
5. Let me love u(爱不释手)
6. Dream Launch(梦想发射计划)
“Take Off”, the first mini-album from WayV, produce by many world’s top musicians and is highly accomplished. The album contains six songs, including the title song”Take Off” Compose by American musicians Mike Charles Daley and Mitchell Owens, new songs writing by LDN Noise, The Stereotypes, and other artists, as well as the highly anticipated track from the debuted album ”The Vision“.

“Take Off”, an updated version of the title song is expected to be a hit in the first half of the year.

Take Off, the title track of this mini-album, is a powerfully explosive and tense urbane dance music that combines a strong trap drum beat with a toxic club baseline.

Besides, the track “Say It” is a Future Bass-style song full of contradictory and confusing emotions about believing lies to protect love. “Let me love u” is a mid-tempo song that expresses the precious to the people who spend every moment together. The two songs in different styles showcase WayV musical talents and diverse charms.

The album also includes three popular songs from the debut digital album “The Vision”: “Regular”, a Latin trap song with a dream and a determination to be the main character on stage; “Come Back”, a rough-sounding urban dance track; and “Dream Launch”, a mid-tempo pop song expressing a new start.

WayV - Take Over TheMoon
Album Name: Take Over The Moon
Released: October 29th, 2019
Type: EP
Genre: POP
Sound Tracks:
1. Moonwalk(天选之城)
2. Yeah Yeah Yeah(黑夜日出)
3. Love Talk(秘语)
4. King of Hearts(心心相瘾)
5. Face to Face(面对面)
6. We go nanana(幸福遇见)
WayV makes a strong return with their second mini-album, “Take Over The Moon”. The mini-album “Take Off” reached No. 1 in 30 countries and regions around the world, making them become the first Chinese boy idol group to ever receive the most “No. 1” in iTunes comprehensive album chart.

The song “Take Off” reached the top of QQ Music’s popularity chart and achieved an amazing achievement.

The album title of WayV’s second mini-album, Take Over The Moon, is enough to pique the curiosity of fans. “Take Over The Moon” is a continuation of “Take Off”, is filled with the strong will of WayV, who ended his gorgeous flight, to fortify his musical world once he arrived at his destination.

The second mini-album “Take Over The Moon” contains not only the title track “Moonwalk”, which takes the novelty and toxic charm of WayV’s music to a higher level.

During this period, WayV showed its unique musical color and powerful dance through various music stages and was known as “Capability style Idol Group” in China. The second mini-album, Take Over The Moon, is enough to rock the Chinese music circles.

The title track “Moonwalk” from WyaV’s second mini-album, “Take Over The Moon” contains the meaning that WayV has reached the destination of flying after “Take Off“, they will solidify the courage and will of its music world. Besides, the song combines melodic orchestration and strong trap accompaniment, which is both innovative and toxic, making you appreciate the unique musical color of the WayV.

The energetic song “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah”, which vividly expresses the tension of getting on stage, and the R&B song “Love Talk”, which expresses the emotion and irresistible love that attracts each other even if words are not spoken, these two very different songs that showcase WayV inverse charm and musical talent.

In particular, the R&B Hiphop-based track “King of hearts” sing by WINWIN, LUCAS, HENDERY, and YANGYANG, and the “Face to Face” sing by KUN, TEN, and XIAOJUN, show the individuality of each member. In addition, there’s also “We go nanana,” a message from WayV to fans. The album’s completion is further enhanced by the inclusion of a variety of songs of special significance.

Album Name: Awaken The World
Released: June 9th, 2020
Type: Album
Genre: POP
Label: LABEL V
Sound Tracks:
1. Turn Back Time(超时空 回)
2. Bad Alive
3. Unbreakable (执迷)
4. After Midnight
5. Interlude: Awaken The World
6. Only Human
7. Domino (多米诺)
8. Up From Here (浪漫发酵)
9. Electric Hearts
10. Stand By Me
WayV, who has been in the spotlight since their debut in 2019 due to their explosive popularity at China and abroad, is making a strong comeback with their debut regular album “Awaken The World”.

“Awaken The World” is a continuation of WayV’s first mini-album “Take Off” and their second mini-album “Take Over The Moon”, and is a continuation of WayV’s strong will to strengthen their musical world after their magnificent flight to their destination, as well as their determination to go beyond Asia to the world stage and capture the hearts of their fans around the world.

In addition to the title track “Turn Back Time,” the album includes 10 songs that showcase the colorful charm of WayV’s music. Yoo Young-Jin, DEEZ, Mike Daley, Moonshine, LDN Noise, several world-renowned producers are involved, as well as the members HENDERY and YANGYANG participated in lyrics written. The new album is a great success and will give fans a chance to see the exclusive of WayV’s wonderful charm.

WayV has released 3 albums in a row since they debut a year ago, and has been featured on QQ Music in China and major music charts overseas. It was also the first Chinese boy group to reach the top of the US Billboard and worldwide iTunes charts. Just one year after debuting at the 2019 MAMA Awards, WayV has won the “Best New Asian Star” award and was named the “Asia’s Strongest New Artist”, confirming their superlative global popularity. This time, WayV will further strengthen its position with this regular album.

The title track “Turn Back Time” is an Urban Trap track that features a fast-paced bass and rhythm, and contains WayV’s determination to move forward to a bigger world stage.

The powerfully energetic “Bad Alive” has a confident attitude with aggressive lyrics, while “Unbreakable” is a new take on the traditional music style with trap elements and lyrics that express the feelings of a sad man who has been scarred by love.

In the upbeat pop song “After Midnight”, the song is about the end of the party. The lyrics show everything is perfectly romantic at midnight after spending time alone with the precious person are charming. “Interlude: Awaken The World” is a complete expression of the album’s concept. it’s also a track that shows WayV’s determination to move forward in the future.

In “Only Human,” which the members HENDERY and YANGYANG participated in the creation and sang by WINWIN, LUCAS, HENDERY, and YANGYANG, convey the message of ‘Even in the moment of anxiety and fatigue, there is a future full of hope in my heart’.

Domino” expresses that in love, you can’t control yourself even when you feel the unfairness of your feelings. The lyrics that compare this unstoppable relationship to domino are fascinating.

Also, in “Up From Here”, the lyrics are used to upgrade the friendship to love. The heartbeat and happiness sweetly conveyed, is impressive.

Members HENDERY and YANGYANG participated in the rap creation of “Electric Hearts”! Also showcasing WayV’s new foray into a broader musical realm, member HENDERY participated in the rap creation of Stand By Me” expresses the precious friendship of the members.

The album is composed of 10 songs that showcase the colorful sound and individuality of WayV.

Kick Back

Album Name: Kick Back
Released: March 10, 2021
Type: Album
Genre: POP
Label: LABEL V
Sound Tracks:
1. Kick Back (秘境)
2. Action Figure
3. Horizon(天空海 )
4. All For Love(梦尽)
5. Good Time
6. Kick Back (Korean Ver.)
The third mini-album “Kick Back” by WayV was released worldwide!

The album includes 6 songs, including the Progressive R&B style title track “Kick Back”. And other 5 tracks with various styles including “Action Figure”, “Horizon”, “All For Love”, “Good Time”, and “Kick Back (Korean Ver.)”.


Title Year
Regular(理所当然) 2019
Come Back(噩梦)
Dream Launch(梦想发射计划)
Take Off(无翼而飞)
Say It(真实谎言)
Let me love u(爱不释手)
Yeah Yeah Yeah(黑夜日出)
Love Talk(秘语)
King of Hearts(心心相瘾)
Face to Face(面对面)
We go nanana(幸福遇见)
Turn Back Time(超时空 回) 2020
Bad Alive
Unbreakable (执迷)
After Midnight
Interlude: Awaken The World
Only Human
Domino (多米诺)
Up From Here (浪漫发酵)
Electric Hearts
Stand By Me



WayV LIVE-Beyond the Vision (2020.5.3)

WayV Fan Meeting Tour

  • We Are Your Vision – Wuhan, China(2019.11.23)
  • We Are Your Vision – Bangkok, Thailand(2019.12.14 & 2019.12.15)
  • We Are Your Vision – Seoul, South Korea(2019.12.22)
  • We Are Your Vision – Shenzhen, China(2019.12.28)

Reunions And Short Videos

  • WayV-ehind(2019.1-Now)
  • WayV-ariety(2019.2-Now)
  • WayV-log(2019.8-Now)
  • Huya Gaming Live(2019.11)

Variety Shows

  • WayVision(2020-09-21)
  • The way to your heart EP09, EP10(漫游记)(2020-02-18)
  • Dream Plan(少年威计划)(2019-08-18)
  • TORE! EP06(疯狂的麦咭)(2019-08-11)
  • Day Day Up(天天向上)(2019-06-23)
  • Happy Camp(快乐大本营)(2019-03-16)
  • All For One EP03, EP04(以团之名)(2019-01-31)

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