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TF Family Profile

TF Family

TF Family(TF家族) is under Beijing Times Fengjun Entertainment was established in 2009 to recruit and discover trainees with excellent overall conditions. After receiving professional performance training from the company, the trainees make their debut through the company’s new media operation.

Two groups TFBOYS and TNT have been launched by the company.


TF Family Official Account

Weibo: TF家族

Debuted Members

Join Date Debuted Date
2010 Karry Wang TFBOYS 2013-8-6 Leader
2011 Roy Wang
2013 Jackson Yee
2013 Ding Chengxin TNT 2019-8-25
2015 Yan Haoxiang
2015 Zhang Zhenyuan
2015 He Junlin
2016 Song Yaxuan
2016 Liu Yaowen
2017 Ma Jiaqi Leader

Leaved Members

Huang Yuhang (now known as Sun Yihang in Yi An Musical), Huang Qilin (now known as Lin Mo in Yi An Musical) and Ao Ziyi (Solo).

Current Traniees

Zhu Zhixin, Zuo Hang, Tong Yukun, Deng Jiaxin, Yu Yunhan, Su Xinhao, Zhang Ji, Zhang Zeyu, Zhang Junhao, Chen Tianrun, Mu Zhicheng, Yao Yuchen, Zhao Guanyu.

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