Will TFBOYS Be Disbanded?

As a boy group, TFBOYS has grown up under the attention of the public. The three members(Karry Wang, Jackson Yee, Roy Wang) have been in the spotlight since their debut, and each of them is very popular with excellent grades, good appearance, and good business ability. The group was officially established on August 6, 2013, …

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TF Family

TF Family Profile

TF Family(TF家族) is under Beijing Times Fengjun Entertainment was established in 2009 to recruit and discover trainees with excellent overall conditions. After receiving professional performance training from the company, the trainees make their debut through the company’s new media operation. Two groups TFBOYS and TNT have been launched by the company. TF Family Official Account …

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Jackson Yee

Jackson Yee (Yi Yangqianxi) 易烊千玺 Profile

Jackson Yee(Yi Yangqianxi, 易烊千玺), born on November 28, 2000, in Huaihua, Hunan, is a Chinese singer, dancer, actor, and member of TFBOYS. He is under Times Fengjun Entertainment. Basic Info Stage Name: Yi YangqianxiBirth Name: Yi YangqianXi (易 烊 千 玺)English Name: Jackson YeeNicknames: Yang Yang, Qian Qian, Xi Zi Ge, Xi BaoBirthday: November 28, …

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Karry Wang (Wang Junkai) 王俊凯 Profile

Karry Wang(Wang Junkai, 王俊凯), born on September 21, 1999, in Chongqing, is a Chinese pop singer, actor, leader of TFBOYS. He studies at the Beijing Film Academy. Basic Info Stage Name: Wang JunkaiBirth Name: Wang Junkai (王俊凯)English Name: Karry WangNicknames: Xiao Kai, Jun Jun, Kai Bao, Kai YeBirthday: September 21, 1999Place of Birth: Chongqing, ChinaZodiac …

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TFBOYS Members Profile

TFBOYS, also known as The Fighting Boys is a Chinese boy group formed by Beijing Times Fengjun Entertainment on August 6, 2013. It consists of three members, Karry Wang(Wang Junkai), Roy Wang(Wang Yuan), and (Jackson Yee) Yiyangqianxi.Official Fandom Name: CloverOfficial Fandom Color: Orange Fanchant:chéng hǎi bú huì àn, wǒ bo bú huì sàn. 橙海不会暗,我啵不会散。kǎi yuán yì …

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