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BOY STORY Members Profile


BOY STORY is a Chinese HipHop boys group that debuted on September 21, 2018, by Beijing Xinsheng Entertainment(Under TME and JYPE China) and consists of six members: Han Yu, Zihao, Xin Long, Ze Yu, Ming Rui, and Shu Yang.


In 2017, BOY STORY had a one-year warm-up project, called “Real Project”. And released their first single “HOW OLD R U” on September 1. They awarded the Best Hip-Hop New Group Award at the Asian Music Festival on November 29, won the FEIA Award for Fashion Vitality Group of the Year on January 19, 2018.

They official debut with the single “Enough” on September 21, launched “IDOL 2.0 Growing Project” in March 2019, returned with the single “Oh My Gosh” on March 29, released the single “Too Busy” on July 26, and released the self-composed collection “I=U=WE: Preface” on January 6, 2020.

The official fandom name is “BOSS”. The word “leader” symbolizes the growing relationship with fans, and the hope that they will become good models and leaders for each other. Looking forward to working with the fans and striving to be the best at whatever they do, to be a general “BOSS”. In addition, “boss” and “both” are similar pronunciation, meaning that BOY STORY and boss are together all the time.

BOY STORY Official Account

Youtube: BOY STORY Official
Twitter: BOYSTORY_Official
Instagram: official_boystory
Weibo: BOYSTORY_Official
Bilibili: BOYSTORY


Jia Hanyu

Stage Name: Jia Hanyu
Chinese Name: 贾涵予 / Jia Han Yu
Nickname: Jia Bao
Nationality: China
Birthday: May 20, 2004 (Age: 20)
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 175cm (5'8")
Weight: 60kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: -
Weibo: BOYSTORY_贾涵予

Jia Hanyu Facts

  1. He started to learn dance at the age of 9 and is good at all types of dance except jazz.
  2. Favorite Color: blue.
  3. Favorite food: bread.
  4. Doesn’t likes banana and winter jujube.
  5. Likes rap.
  6. Pet Phrase: What are you doing?
  7. He felt he is most like the lion.
  8. Favorite No.: 6.
  9. He likes PE course in school.
  10. Marvel superheroes he most wanted to become Thor.
  11. Travel with one Boy Story member he will choose Li Zihao for his study is good.
  12. Likes both dogs and cats.
  13. He is afraid of the girls crying.
  14. He takes care of the members.
  15. He is cheerful but introverted to people he doesn’t know.
  16. His teammate likes to call him Jia Bao Ge.
  17. He was the latest to go to bed in the group because he had to make sure other members sleep well.
  18. He is good at cooking.
  19. Likes to draw.
  20. He has an older sister.
  21. He didn’t know Jackson Wang when he first met him, but he pretended he did.
  22. Jackson Wang said his dance style is similar to JB(Got7 leader).

Li Zihao

Stage Name: Li Zihao
Chinese Name: 李梓豪 / Li Zi Hao
Nickname: QIQI, Lizi(Chestnut), Li Daye(Uncle Li)
Place of Birth: Tianjin
Nationality: China
Birthday: -
Height: 175cm (5'8")
Weight: 55kg (121 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: -
Weibo: BOYSTORY_李梓豪

Li Zihao Facts

  1. He learned to dance at the age of 3, has learned 8 types of dance(Hip-Hop, Popping, Breaking, Locking, Boogie, Boogaloo, K-Pop, Urban Dance), good at freestyle
  2. Favorite Color: Red
  3. Favorite Food: french fries.
  4. Pet Phrase: bro.
  5. He felt he is most like the monkey.
  6. Favorite No.: 666.
  7. He likes the English course in school.
  8. Marvel superheroes he most wanted to become Spiderman.
  9. Favorite Animotion: One Piece.
  10. He often entertains everyone in the group.
  11. He likes dogs.
  12. Travel with one Boy Story member he will choose Hanyu for his reliability.
  13. He played the Rubik’s Cube very well.
  14. Zi Hao and Zeyu came from the same dance club.

He Xinlong

Stage Name: He Xinlong
Chinese Name: 贺鑫隆 / He Xinlong
Nickname: Long Long, He Liaoliao
Position: Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, B-BOX
Place of Birth: Taiyuan, Shanxi
Nationality: China
Birthday: March 11, 2005 (Age: 19)
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 175cm (5'8")
Weight: 54kg (118.8 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: -
Weibo: BOYSTORY_贺鑫隆

He Xinlong Facts

  1. In 2016, he participated in the program “Guaishushu is coming” and was selected as a trainee and trained at JYP in Korea for one year.
  2. He started to learn dance at the age of four, especially good at breaking.
  3. He likes BBOX.
  4. Favorite Color: Black, White, Grey
  5. He doesn’t like plum candy.
  6. Favorite No.: 1.
  7. He likes Chinese course in school.
  8. Favorite Movie: Coco.
  9. Travel with two Boy Story members he will choose Zihao and Zeyu.
  10. He is afraid of dogs.
  11. He’s scared of roller coasters.
  12. He is afraid of high, water, ghost, dark, and everything!
  13. Good at breaking.
  14. When he is in a bad mood, he will listen to songs to change his mood.

Yu Zeyu

Stage Name: Yu Zeyu
Chinese Name: 于泽宇 / Yu Ze Yu
Nickname: Xiao Yu, Sweat Yu, Man Yu
Position: Main Vocalist, Visual
Place of Birth: Tianjin
Nationality: China
Birthday: December 24, 2005 (Age: 18)
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 172cm (5'7")
Weight: 52kg (114.4 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: -
Weibo: BOYSTORY_于泽宇

Yu Zeyu Facts

  1. He learned to dance at the age of 7.
  2. The only Chinese was selected in the JYP non-public audition in 2016.
  3. He is the first one who started training in JYP.
  4. Favorite Colors: grey and blue.
  5. He doesn’t like bitter gourd.
  6. Likes durian.
  7. He is afraid of snakes.
  8. Using an animal to describe himself, he chose the cat.
  9. Favorite No.: 12.
  10. He likes math and science course in school.
  11. Marvel superheroes he most wanted to become Iron Man.
  12. He likes dogs.
  13. He wants to travel to New York.
  14. Travel with one Boy Story member he will choose Shuyang.
  15. He is afraid of snakes.
  16. Zeyu and Zihao are best at girl group dance.
  17. He likes cakes.
  18. Favorite Juices: Mongo Juice, Strawberry Juice, Orange Juice.
  19. Favorite Animes: Ultraman and Detective Conan.

Gou Mingrui

Stage Name: Gou Mingrui
Chinese Name: 苟明睿 / Gou Ming Rui
Position: Main Vocalist, Rapper
Place of Birth: Sichuan
Nationality: China
Birthday: August 28, 2006 (Age: 17)
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 172cm (5'7")
Weight: 52kg (114.4 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: -
Weibo: BOYSTORY_苟明睿

Gou Mingrui Facts

  1. Favorite Color: red.
  2. Favorite Food: hot pot.
  3. He doesn’t like bitter gourd.
  4. He is afraid of spiders.
  5. Using an animal to describe himself, he chose the Bichon.
  6. Favorite No.: 3.
  7. He likes math courses in school.
  8. Superheroes he most wanted to become Green Lantern.
  9. Favorite Movie: Wolf Totem.
  10. Travel with one Boy Story member he will choose Hanyu.
  11. He likes football and basketball.
  12. Can play the piano.
  13. He likes dogs.
  14. He is afraid of spiders.
  15. He likes to stay in bed the most among the members
  16. He eats the most, can eat twice as much as Hanyu.
  17. His favorite burger is the spicy chicken leg burger at McDonald’s.
  18. He has a younger sister.
  19. The first time he met Shuyang, he thought Shuyang is a girl.

Ren Shuyang

Stage Name: Ren Shuyang
Chinese Name: 任书漾 / Ren Shu Yang
Nickname: Yang Yang, Count Sheep(Shu Yang)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Youngest, Dancer
Place of Birth: Shanxi
Nationality: China
Birthday: April 24, 2007 (Age: 17)
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 170cm (5'6")
Weight: 50kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: -
Weibo: BOYSTORY_任书漾 ​

Ren Shuyang Facts

  1. When he was eight years old he started to sing and dance.
  2. Favorite Color: red.
  3. He doesn’t like bitter gourd.
  4. Using an animal to describe himself, he chose the antelope.
  5. Favorite No.: 1.
  6. He likes PE courses in school.
  7. Travel with two Boy Story members he will choose Hanyu and Zihao. Because Zihao’s English is good, and Hanyuis strong.
  8. He likes golden retriever.
  9. His idol is Michael Jackson.
  10. He is good at locking.
  11. Likes sweet and spicy foods.e
  12. He has a younger sister.
  13.  He is easily amused.


A: BOY STORY is a Chinese boy group, their company NCC is a joint venture between South Korea’s JYP and TME(Tencent Music Entertainment). They receive training from JYP.

Q: Did BOY STORY disband?/ Is BOY STORY still together?
A. They aren’t disbanded. All the members are studying in school, and they will be together to practice at weekend.

Q: How Many Fans Does Boy Story Have In China?
A: Up to December 2020, BOY STORY have 1,167,393 followers on Weibo, and 125,000 subscribers on Why BOY STORY Has Fewer Fans in China Compare to Aboard.

Q: What language do Boy Story Members Speak?
A: They can speak Chinese, English, Korean.

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  2. Xinlong- I am also scared of everything ?✌?
    Mingrui- I also thought Shuyang is a girl but just because I saw just his hair and he had pretty long hair when I first saw him so. Oops ?.

  3. I just got to know them, thanks for your information. Can I ask your permission if I want to use it to promote them on my social media because I am not a professional, I just want people to know more about them. They deserve it.

      1. Do boy story use Facebook, Instagram……etc…
        And do they have account….

  4. ne tür çince konuştuklarını biliyor musunuz mesela mandarin çincesi gibi
    Turkish Boss 🙂

    1. Hanyu:Carson
      Zihao:Zhyper (something like that I’m not sure)
      Mingrui:unknown but on kprofiels it says mark

    1. 5 members in Beijing, and Zeyu in Tianjin, on weekend, Zeyu will go to Beijing for training.

  5. Are they studying in the china ? All of them . And were they study? I mean they are in special private company classes or in normal schools? Do you know what is their type b for example mine is *infj*

    1. Yes, Hanyu, Zihao, Xinlong, Shuyang, Mingrui study in Beijing, and Zeyu studies in Tianjin. Some of them study in private schools, and some in public schools. All of them are in good schools, they take additional courses outside of the school. We don’t know they type b because they’ve never released any info.

      1. Even if they wana date with an idol? Or can’t they date without saying that to the other?

  6. Are they all single? And there’s another question
    What is their personality type?

    1. Jia Hanyu as the leader and older brother has to take on more. Han Yu’s personality is shy, but he is always gentle, smiles, and takes on responsibilities. His internal want to be a naughty lively and free boy. But his role is destined to make him calm and mature.

      Zi Hao’s thoughts just like the random jumping fish. He seems careless, but nothing escapes his attention. In fact, he is a very delicate boy inner. He has great leadership in the group and always gives Han Yu help. Zi Hao talked that he felt he is too funny to be an idol in an interview. But isn’t this exactly what a hot-blooded teenager should look like.

      He Xinlong has clear self-awareness and is very clear about what he wants. He knows that he likes to dance and loves music, so he learns it very hard, not afraid of hard work. His speech decently and generously. He is bent on being a cool guy that he will not be play cute, but actually, he often does it when he’s in a hurry.

      Zeyu is the only non-publicly selected member of the Boy Story. He has a very strong inner being and is the most well-behaved member of the group. He is very grateful, kind to his relatives and fans, and good at showing love. But this sweet bean also has a little bit of evil inside, such as roast his bros.

      To be continued.

  7. maaf sebelumnha, saya hanya ingin bertanya. Bukan membeda-bedakan atau apapun.
    Apa agama meeeka masing-masing?

    1. Mereka belum mengungkapkan keyakinan agamanya, tetapi sebagian besar remaja China hanya mempercayai sains, jadi kemungkinan besar mereka tidak memiliki keyakinan agama.

        1. Mengenakan kalung salib tidak dapat menentukan apakah dia percaya pada agama, karena beberapa orang di China hanya menggunakan kalung salib sebagai aksesori.

  8. Aku BOSS dari Indonesia??????
    Mereka benar-benar mengagumkan
    Ku harap mereka sering konser di Indonesia, supaya mereka semakin terkenal❣❣

  9. When they will come to India for there Concert soo many fans are waiting for them????

  10. So ,In what grade does each member are studying? ?can you tell me in what grade they have been reached so far? ?School name ?

        1. Senior high school: Han Yu, Xinlong, Grade 1, Zi Hao, Grade 2.
          Junior high school: Ze Yu, Ming Rui, Grade 3, Shu Yang, Grade 2.

          1. If they are in grade 1 or 2 something then that’s mean they are age 7 or 6 only..
            That means they are small oh no..i mean like class 8 or 9 something. Sry for asking again. .

    1. Sorry for we don’t understand what exactly you want to know. But in China, the school grade is different from the other country.

      Before you enter college, you should first study at Primary School(6 grade), Junior High School(3 grade), and Senior High School(3 grade).

      So, Senior High School Grade 2 equal to some countries’ Grade 11.

      1. Oh thank you i understood. In china grade 1 means in other country garde 12th ,grade 2 means 11th and grade 3 means 10 oh well. ..

    1. We also don’t know but they act hetero but let’s not make their sexuality a guessing game

  11. I think we should u know like support them all the way and also stop saying about them like they were just kid you dj not know maybe they will be next bts or will beore better then all the group.

  12. My bias is zeyu❤ and My bias wrecker is shuyang? and xinlong? (✨nagsimula akong maging boss ngayong 2021 lang dahil ngayon ko lang sila nakita at nakita ko sila sa TikTok✨)

  13. MY fave member is Yu Zeyu because we are the same age. i love you BOY STORY ??

  14. Ahhh
    BOSS Frome Indonesian ??
    31 Desember 2020 AM di Indonesia jam 18:19

    Berapa usia Boystory untuk yang tertua?
    Dan apakah mereka akan bubar?

    1. yang tertua berusia 16 tahun(the oldest is 16)
      mereka tidak punya rencana untuk membubarkan boystory(they have not plan to disband the boy story)????