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WayV’s popularity is re-proven! The title track “Turn Back Time” is occupying the #1 of the charts.

“Awaken The World”, the first regular album by WayV (Label V), has been dominating the music charts in China since its release.


The album’s title track of “Awaken The World”, “Turn Back Time” was released on the 9th of June. The song has been ranked #1 on the QQ Music Popularity charts within 10 minutes after released. Besides, the title track “Turn Back Time” is also a hit on the QQ Music popularity Weekly Top charts.

Awaken the world - wayv

The news of the release of WayV’s new album has also sparked hot topics on the Internet. on 9th, #WayV New Album # successfully entered the Weibo topic list. At the same time, the news of the release of the first regular album “Awaken The World” has also appeared on the Weibo hot search chart.

Also, WayV will debut “WayV THE STAGE” through the official Weibo and various domestic and international official account on the 11th at 11:00 a.m. (Beijing time), and will debut a new stage with multiple versions of the amazing performance of the hit song “Turn Back Time”.

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  1. I loved the video and the song the group is very handsome ☺️