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So Long For Love – Yan Ni, Tan Songyun

So Long For Love is a life film directed by Wang Xiaolie, led by Yan Ni and Tan Songyun, with Wu Jing in a special appearance, co-starring Jiang Long, Zhao Xiaotang, Feng Lei, Li Hucheng, Yu Jinwei, Gao Lu, Liu Yajin, Liu Yapeng.

Based on Wang Xiaolie's novel "Ba Ba Shi Zhi Gou / 爸爸是只'狗'", the film presents a unique perspective of Chinese family's expression of affection, friendship and love, and tells a warm and healing story with laughter and tears.


So Long For Love

English Title: So Long For Love
Chinese Title: 再见,李可乐
Genre: Life, Drama
Duration: 105 min.
Director: Wang Xiaolie
Writer: Wang Xiaolie, Wu Yi, Liu Qian
Released Date: 2023-12-01
Boradcast Website: -



In the 11th grade, Li Yan lost her father in a skiing accident, and she harbors resentment towards her mother for deciding to give up on her father's treatment.
Li Yan adopts a little dog named Cola, who becomes her companion as she grows up. Cola's birthday coincides with the anniversary of her father's death, and Li Yan sees it as a reincarnation of her father.

Through conflicts, growth, and loss, Li Yan comes to understand her mother's choice through the farewell with Cola.


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