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Oversize Love – Guan Xiaotong, Huang Jingyu

Oversize Love is a romantic film directed by Zhang Linzi and starring Guan Xiaotong and Huang Jingyu.

The film tells the story of a fat girl, Lin Xiaoxi, who loses herself when she chooses to rely on magic to suit other people's definitions of beauty, but then she stops being shackled to traditional beauty standards and takes the initiative to break the dream that magic has created for her and finally win true happiness.


Oversize Love

English Title: Oversize Love
Chinese Title: 月半爱丽丝
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy
Duration: 104 min.
Director: Zhang Linzi
Writer: Jin Yimeng, Sun Siyu
Producer: Liu Yang
Released Date: 2020-10-30
Broadcast Website: Huashi.tv, Prime Video, Viki, Fresh Drama



Lin Xiaoxi, a chubby girl, has a cheerful and outgoing personality. She is good friends with Han Bing, a music producer, for many years.

They are more than friends but not yet in a romantic relationship.

After a fantastical experience, Lin Xiaoxi unexpectedly transforms into a beautiful Alice and gets the chance to get close to her idol, Huang Ke.

Although she gains the attention of her idol, Lin Xiaoxi gradually realizes the complexity of being caught between her childhood friend and her idol.


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