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Into the Rainbow – Leo Wu, Joe Chen, Willow Shields

Into the Rainbow is a family fantasy film directed by Norman Stone, co-directed by Wing-Lun Mak, led by Willow Shields, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Wu Lei, and Joe Chen, co-starring Zhou Minran (Jacqueline Joe), Archie Kao and Christy Chung.


Into the Rainbow

English Title: Into the Rainbow
Chinese Title: 源·彩虹
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Family, Sci-fi, Action
Duration: 86 min.
Director: Norman Stone, Wing-Lun Mak
Writer: Robert Sidaway
Producer: Richard Fletcher
Released Date: 2019-04-05
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Two children encounter a strange rainbow in Auckland and travel to China through the energy fluctuations of the rainbow.

Because of their reckless actions, they cause an imbalance of energy in the world. With help from China, they eventually overcome many obstacles to restore the world to its original form, and at the same time gain growth and friendship.


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