2023 Chinese Drama List

Duckweed – Deng Chao, Zhao Liying

Duckweed is directed and written by Han Han, starring Deng Chao, Peng Yuyan, and Zhao Liying.

The film tells the story of Xu Tailang, a race car driver who is not understood by his father, who goes on a fantastic adventure.



English Title: Duckweed
Chinese Title: 乘风破浪
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Duration: 102 min.
Director: Han Han
Writer: Han Han
Producer: Li Wenwen, Yu Meng
Released Date: 2017-01-28
Broadcast Website: Tubi, Viki



In the year 2022, race car driver Xu Tailang has always harbored resentment towards his father's disapproval of his racing career. In the process of proving himself to his father, Tailang unexpectedly becomes involved in a marvelous adventure.

In the town of Tinglin in 1998, he meets a group of close friends A Zheng, the owner of a video hall; Xiao Ma, a programmer; Liu Yi; and A Zheng's girlfriend Xia Hua. Tailang, together with his "Zhengtai Gang" (gang of righteous youth) brothers, drinks, sings, punishes evil, promotes good, and dominates the town of Tinglin, experiencing many fantastic adventures together.

Through these experiences, Tailang gains a deeper understanding of his own identity and origins.


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