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Don't Forget I Love You – Gulnazar, Jasper Liu

Don't Forget I Love You is a romantic film directed by Huang Zhenzhen, led by Gulnazar and Jasper Liu Yihao, with special appearances by Zhang Xinyi and Ma Zhiwei, co-starring Zhang Yang and Luo Ji.

The film tells the story of Lu Yao, a composer whose life is completely disrupted by a cognitive shock he experiences every day after a brain disorder following an operation; a counselor, Xing Yue, provides Lu Yao with special psychological counseling and her presence brings about a dramatic change in Lu Yao's life, allowing him to find himself again.


Don't Forget I Love You

English Title: Don't Forget I Love You
Chinese Title: 不要忘记我爱你
Genre: Romance, Drama
Duration: 126 min.
Director: Huang Zhenzhen
Writer: Huang Zhenzhen
Producer: Lin Xiaoqiang, Gao Ying, Yang Hai
Released Date: 2022-02-14
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频, 爱奇艺



Star Yue fell in love with a special person: her boyfriend Lu Yao wakes up every day with no memory of what happened the day before.

Yesterday's intimate lover became a stranger in the blink of an eye, repeating this cycle over and over again.

Is this an unbearable pain and suffering or a fortunate opportunity to experience the excitement of a first encounter with life? Can the intuition of love truly not be hidden and not be forgotten?


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