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Jasper Liu (Liu Yihao) Profile

Jasper Liu

Jasper Liu (Liu Yihao, 刘以豪), born August 12, 1986, in Taiwan, China, is a model, actor, and singer. He was the leader and guitarist of the electronic post-rock band Morning Call.

In 2008, he participated in a male model contest and won third place in the finals, thus entering the entertainment industry. In 2009, he appeared in his first TV series Magic 18. In 2019, starred in the romantic love film More Than Blue was released. On September 4, 2020, he released his first solo EP U.

Basic Info

Jasper Liu

Stage Name: Jasper Liu
Chinese Name: Liu Yuhao(刘以豪)
Nickname: Hua Ye Cai, Cun Zhang(Village Chief)
Place of Birth: Taiwan
Nationality: China
Birthday: August 12, 1986 (Age: 37)
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 180cm (5'10")
Weight: 68kg (149.6 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Fandom Name: Cun Min(Villagers)
Instagram: ryu19860812
Weibo: 劉以豪


  1. His agency is Jasper Liu Studio.
  2. Education: he studied Visual Communication Design at Dayeh University.
  3. He is good at play guitar.
  4. Likes to sing
  5. Likes to draw.
  6. Favorite food: ribs.
  7. Favorite color: blue.
  8. Likes winter.
  9. Enjoys working out
  10. Loves camping in the mountains or on the beach.
  11. Jasper Liu can speak Mandarin Chinese, Hokkien, and a little bit of English and Korean.
  12. He wanna travel around the world.
  13. He has the title Little Rain of Taiwan.
  14. Favorite Actress: Amanda Seyfried.
  15. In private, he likes to wear simple and comfortable clothes.
  16. He thinks he looks more handsome when he's sleeping and driving.
  17. He thinks his most mesmerizing body part is his dimples.
  18. His most desired superpower is teleportation.
  19. Jasper Liu will take a shower to relieve his bad mood.
  20. Likes friends who are principled.
  21. He feels happy that his smile can bring happiness and energy to people.
  22. The people he admires most are his parents.
  23. His motto: You will cross the bridge when you get to it.
  24. When he looks at a girl, he looks at her eyes first.
  25. Jasper believes falls in love at first sight.
  26. When the girl tied ponytail and running is most likely to make his heart flipped.
  27. Ideal Type Girlfriend: long hair, gentle, loves to travel, doesn't afraid of the sun.



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