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Fall In Love With A Scientist – Jasper Liu, Zhou Yutong

Fall In Love With A Scientist is an urban romantic drama directed by Chen Jialin, starring Jasper Liu and Zhou Yutong, co-starring Dai Jingyao, Cao Xiyue, Wu Chongxuan, Li Linfei, Zhang Ke, Fu Yunzhe, and Wang Junhao.


Fall In Love With A Scientist

English Title: Fall In Love With A Scientist
Chinese Title: 当爱情遇上科学家
Genre: Urban, Romance
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Chen Jialin
Product Company: iQIYI,  Huace Film & Tv
Broadcasted Website: iQIYI
Release Date: September 25, 2021


Jasper Liu Jasper Liu as Yang Lanhang
Zhou Yutong Zhou Yutong as Bai Lingling
Dai Jingyao Dai Jingyao as Ouyang Yifan
Cao Xiyue Cao Xiyue as Guan Xiaoyu
Wu Chongxuan Wu Chongxuan as Zheng Minghao
Zhang Ke Zhang Ke as Zhang Yian
Fu Yunzhe Fu Yunzhe as Zhai Qingyi


Bai Lingling, a college girl who only wants to graduate successfully, have a stable job, and live an ordinary life, encounters a dark moment in her life at the graduation thesis defense.

A stranger man led to the defeat of her defense, and eventually led to the delay of her graduation. With the appearance of this man called Yang Lanhang, her bad luck came one after another.

She finally learns that he is actually a doctoral student of her university, and he is her senior, and she vows to be at odds with him, but she never expects that Yang Lanhang is her online friend “How far is forever” whom she has been secretly crush on for six years.

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