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Nothing But You – Leo Wu, Zhou Yutong

Nothing But You is an urban romantic drama directed by Chen Chang, led by Leo Wu Lei and Zhou Yutong, co-starring Jiang Peiyao, Zhu Yongteng, Zhang Tao, Xia Haoran, Ma Fanding, Li Qing, Ma Boquan, Gao Mingchen, with Tu Yansong and Guo Keyu in special appearances.


Nothing But You

English Title: Nothing But You
Chinese Title: 爱情而已
Genre: Urban, Romance, Sport
Tag: Older Woman/Younger Man, Age Gap, Athlete Male Lead, Tennis Player Male Lead, Hardworking Female Lead, Hardworking Male Lead
Episodes: 38
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Chen Chang
Writer: Zhang Yingji
Producer: Chen Fei, Xu Xiao' ou
Product Company: LINMON PICTURES
Released Date: 2023-03-27
Boradcast Website: WeTV, Linmon Pictures Official, Viki, iQIYI



Liang You’an, a workplace elite who has reached a bottleneck in her life, and Song Sanchuan, an athlete who is used to riding the bench, join a tennis club by chance.

One is a new club manager and the other is a badminton-turned-tennis player. They work together with their teammates to build a remarkable professional club against all odds.

In the process, Liang You’an and Song Sanchuan gradually develop an affection for each other but also face conflicts from their ideas and experience.

As the club develops, they surpass themselves and strengthen their trust as they take on challenges one after another, ultimately reaping the rewards of professional growth and beautiful love.

Episode Plot

Liang Youan, 32 years old and single for five years, is the personal assistant of Jiang Jie, the head of the marketing department of Yi Su Sports Club. She not only helps Jiang Jie prioritize his work, but also clears up the details for him. Liang Youan has devoted all her energy to being Jiang Jie’s shadow for six years, working 24 hours a day, every day.

Liang Youan is tired of being controlled by others and wants a moment of her own. She applies online to adopt a small dog named Yi Er Sha. Yi Er Sha’s owner personally comes to inspect Liang Youan, who then makes a detailed plan for taking care of the dog. Today is the weekend, but Liang Youan’s phone keeps ringing. Colleague You You, boss Ai Li Ke Si, and CEO Jiang Jie all call her to talk business. Liang Youan has to deal with them one by one. Yi Er Sha’s owner worries that Liang Youan can’t take care of the dog, so she refuses the adoption request on the spot. Liang Youan immediately decides to apply for a job transfer to Jiang Jie and then apply to adopt Yi Er Sha.

Tomorrow is the fifth Shenzhen intercity cup women’s half marathon, and Yi Su Sports Club is one of the sponsors. Liang Youan has selected the players’ gift bags, which Jiang Jie is very satisfied with. Today is Bank President Wang’s birthday. Jiang Jie personally goes to the stadium to congratulate him, but he is surprised to find that Xu Yan, the new vice president of Ku Zhi Finance, has already arrived and is having a good conversation with Wang. Liang Youan notices that Xu Yan’s seat is in front and takes the opportunity to switch Jiang Jie’s seat to the front and has her assistant keep an eye on that seat.

Yi Su Sports Club has spent money hiring several handsome lead runners and gave each of them a small bunny headband. Badminton player Song Sanchuan is one of the lead runners but doesn’t like the butterfly on top and refuses to wear the bunny headband. Liang Youan rushes over, removes the butterfly on the spot, puts on her own phone sticker, and helps him attach the number plate. Only then is Song Sanchuan satisfied and leaves.

To ensure that Yi Su Sports Club’s advertising playback reaches 10%, Liang Youan arranged for a broadcasting car to first arrive at the 5km supply station. She stood on the Yi Su Sports Club platform to serve the athletes. The sponsored athlete from Ku Zhi Finance was far ahead, and Xu Yan was feeling proud. He showed off to Jiang Jie, who secretly called Liang Youan to hold her accountable. Liang advised Jiang to patiently wait for the final results. She sponsored three athletes with her own money and hired a leading runner with the remaining funds.

Song Sanchuan led the athletes at a steady pace. Two female athletes were deeply attracted to his handsome appearance and were talking about him. Song, angry, increased his speed and charged ahead. Liang was about to go to the next supply point when she suddenly saw Song running ahead of the athletes, leaving them behind. She was anxious.

The three athletes sponsored by Yi Su Sports Club lived up to expectations and took the top three places. Jiang Jie was overjoyed, while Xu Yan was so angry that he couldn’t even recognize his own face. He could only watch Jiang Jie go up on stage to receive the award. Liang suddenly saw online that a fake model wearing Yi Su Sports Club sportswear fell on the path that the athletes must pass. She quickly went to investigate the situation and fortunately, there were no serious consequences. Liang handled it properly.

Song Sanchuan was fined for not following the instructions while leading the race. Liang Youan did not blame him and paid him as promised. Song Sanchuan was grateful to her. Liang Youan did not want any more trouble and just wanted to complete today’s work smoothly. Seeing that Liang Youan was thirsty, Song Sanchuan gave her a bottle of water.

Liang Youan hurried to pick up Luo Nian’s daughter, Luo Le. She and Song Sanchuan said goodbye in a hurry and left. Liang Youan brought Luo Le back home and secretly ate fried chicken, but Luo Nian discovered it. Recently, Luo Nian was very busy with work and wanted to send Luo Le to a boarding school. Liang Youan disagreed and decided to hire a nanny to take care of their food and daily life. Luo Nian did not insist anymore, and Liang Youan wrote a job transfer application that night.

An Cong opened a wig shop. He is warm and outgoing to people. His wife left him and abandoned their son, Song Sanchuan. An Cong raised him alone. A female cancer patient with her daughter came to buy a wig, and An Cong sold it to her for fifty yuan. When the patient last inquired about the hospital where she was receiving chemotherapy, Song Sanchuan found out and secretly sent her three hundred yuan. The patient used the money to buy a wig. Song Sanchuan recognized the wig that the stadium model wore was from An Cong’s shop and wanted to know who bought it. An Cong denied it.

The company chairman came to inspect, and Ai Li Ke Si reported the gains of this competition. The chairman was very satisfied. Gao Li, the general manager of the sales department, publicly questioned Jiang Jie’s handling of the fake person incident, which damaged the company’s image. He wanted to poach Liang Youan to the sales department, but Jiang Jie firmly refused. The chairman asked Jiang Jie and Gao Li to publicly compete to make more profits for the company. Jiang Jie was not convinced and asked Liang Youan to investigate the fake person incident thoroughly. Liang Youan took the opportunity to apply for a job transfer, and Jiang Jie was very angry, but agreed to sign her application at a later time.

Song Sanchuan went to find Liang Youan and waited for her in the lobby downstairs for two hours. He revealed an important clue to her, that the mannequin model incident was intentionally sabotaged by someone. Song suspected that the wig on the mannequin was from their store. Liang took him to the warehouse to confirm and then went home with him to check the sales records. Liang thanked Song and added him on WeChat on the spot.

Song Sanchuan brought Liang Youan to An Cong’s wig store. An Cong admitted that the wig on the mannequin was from his store, and the buyer was a man. Liang checked the contact information of the buyer based on the Alipay transfer records. An Cong called the buyer and lied that there were quality problems with the wigs. Song noticed Liang’s injured finger and helped her wrap it up. Liang was touched by Song’s action. The buyer quickly called back, and Liang recognized the call was from Yi Su Sports Club. She immediately went back to investigate the person.

There was a female customer who was a late-stage cancer patient and died because of ineffective treatment. Her brother came to the store and forced An Cong to refund the money for the wig. An Cong explained that he was not responsible for the incident and they threatened to smash the store. Thanks to Song Sanchuan’s timely arrival, he managed to drive those people away.

Liang Youan quickly found out that the man who bought the wig was Gao Li. She immediately reported to Jiang Jie. Jiang knew that this small matter could not bring down Gao Li, who was a relative of the chairman. He decided to challenge Gao Li. Liang asked Jiang to sign her transfer application, but Jiang threw her application in the shredder and made various excuses. Liang did not want to go on like this anymore. She was suffocating. Jiang promised to give her a raise and asked her to take a half-month break.

Liang Youan was upset and went to Luo Nian to complain. She worked hard and couldn’t even quit. Luo Nian advised her to shift her focus. An Cong was curious about Liang Youan’s relationship with Song Sanchuan, but he was forbidden by Song to think too much. Song advised him not to hold on to this store for Tong Lu anymore. Tong had left for seven years, but An Cong still believed that she would come back. Song was angry and left.

Jiang Jie kept calling Liang Youan, but she was upset and did not answer. He then messaged her to meet at a bar, and she reluctantly went in the rain. Jiang Jie introduced her to the top sports headhunter, Ai Li Ke Si, and asked her to assist Liang Youan in completing the “Potential Dog” project. He promised that if the project was completed, he would help her transfer to a different position. Liang Youan knew that training a potential athlete wasn’t an easy task and the transfer was unlikely to happen soon.

Song Sanchuan is a badminton player who arrives early every day to clean the gym. However, he is mocked by his teammate Le Le, and verbally attacked by Jin Yi. Nevertheless, Song Sanchuan ignores them. Ai Li Ke Si identifies a “good seed”, but doesn’t mention the player’s name. Jiang Jie brings Liang Youan to the training center.

Coach Yu brings Jiang Jie and Liang Youan to the viewing platform to carefully observe each player. Liang Youan recognizes Song Sanchuan at first glance. Jin Yi pairs with Song Sanchuan for doubles, and Song Sanchuan ignores Jin Yi’s insults. Eventually, Song Sanchuan sees Liang Youan through the window and gains his confidence, taking control of the game. Jin Yi is not satisfied and wants to challenge Song Sanchuan in a singles match.

Song Sanchuan and Jin Yi battle it out, both not giving in. Song Sanchuan gains the upper hand, and Liang Youan and Jiang Jie watch the game closely. Liang Youan looks at the information given to her by Ai Li Ke Si and recognizes Jin Yi as the player. Coach Yu briefly introduces Jin Yi’s situation, and Jiang Jie becomes interested in Song Sanchuan. Coach Yu admits he has incredible skills, but his situation is unstable.

Coach Yu accompanied Jiang Jie and Liang Youan to watch from backstage. Song Sanchuan and Jin Yi were evenly matched, playing a passionate game of tennis. Song Sanchuan played even better as he approached the score of 18, taking advantage of Jin Yi’s mistakes and successfully gaining points. However, when his score reached 18, Song Sanchuan suddenly lost control of his emotions and began making consecutive errors. Jin Yi took advantage of this and tied the score, ultimately winning the match.

Coach Yu remembered clearly that two years ago, when Jin Yi joined the team, Song Sanchuan would always lose control of his game once he reached 18 points, losing even if he had been in the lead. Jiang Jie was impressed with Jin Yi’s skills and decided to prioritize his training, asking Liang Youan to gather information on him.

Liang Youan returned to the training hall where Song Sanchuan was picking up scattered shuttlecocks. She learned that he had been playing badminton since he was ten years old and had been playing for twelve years. She pitied him but Song Sanchuan didn’t want to hear her nagging. He kicked a basket of balls away and Liang Youan offered him water to calm down, then left to play with dogs at a pet store.

An Cong used to be a stringer for the national team, but he was waiting for his beloved Tong Lu to return and spent his time at a wig shop across from the cancer hospital. Song Sanchuan couldn’t persuade him, so he silently accompanied him.

Coach Yu informed Song Sanchuan that he did not make the team for the provincial competition this year. Song Sanchuan didn’t care, but Coach Yu reminded him not to give up or he would be eliminated. Additionally, his big contract would expire next year. Song Sanchuan knew he needed to break away from the 21-game losing streak, but he couldn’t overcome his own issues.

Although Jiang Jie had high hopes for Jin Yi, Liang Youan didn’t think he was the potential player she wanted. She didn’t want to give up on Song Sanchuan, so she went to the training area to find him. Song Sanchuan was training with the women’s team and had no hope for his future. Liang Youan went to Ai Li Ke Si to learn more about Jin Yi and found out he had strong explosive power and a stable record, but his fatal flaw was his volatile temper.

Liang Youan collected all the information on Jin Yi and suggested to Jiang Jie to extend Jin Yi’s probation period. Jiang Jie was concerned about someone else taking advantage and wanted Jin Yi to achieve results quickly. He urged Liang Youan to finalize Jin Yi’s contract as soon as possible. Jiang Jie went to Shanghai to attend a supplier conference. Gao Li invited her to a departmental dinner to welcome Nai Te back from his assignment in Singapore. Gao Li once again tried to persuade Liang Youan to join his department and promised to make her a department head. Liang Youan politely declined.

New team member Jiang Chenglin started training. Jin Yi was polite to him on the surface, but when training ended, Jiang Chenglin offered to help Song Sanchuan clean the courts and pick up the balls. Song Sanchuan firmly refused. After finishing the work and returning to the dormitory, Jin Yi played cards with his teammates. Song Sanchuan saw that the other players deliberately let Jin Yi win and exposed him on the spot. Jin Yi was very angry. Liang Youan was going to watch Jin Yi play tomorrow and notified Song Sanchuan by message. Song Sanchuan and Jin Yi agreed to a bet where the loser had to be the ball boy. Jin Yi lost the bet.

Early the next morning, Liang Youan came to the training hall with her colleague Xiao Xiong to collect information. She saw Jin Yi being the ball boy for Song Sanchuan and asked him to go easy on Jin Yi. Song Sanchuan agreed to cooperate with her work. Jin Yi agreed to cooperate with Liang Youan in testing, but refused to include Song Sanchuan. He instructed Song Sanchuan to help him rent a power bank.

Jin Yi asked Liang Youan to personally test him. While Liang Youan was squatting on the ground to arrange the instruments, Jin Yi took the opportunity to peek at her breasts from under her collar. Song Sanchuan arrived in time to stop Jin Yi and exposed his despicable behavior in public. Liang Youan gave Jin Yi an ultimatum to provide her with all the other players’ test data, or she would leave immediately. Jin Yi had to agree. Liang Youan helped Song Sanchuan with his test and his data was better than Jin Yi’s. Liang Youan wanted to train You You as her successor, which made Jiang Jie very unwilling, but he could not resist her. Jin Yi suspected that Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan were plotting against him and cursed at Song Sanchuan, pouring a bucket of cold water over his head.

Nia Te invited Liang Youan to dinner. Liang Youan deliberately changed into a sexy dress, but she ended up changing into casual clothes for the date. Nia Te applied for permanent residency in Singapore and expressed his love to Liang Youan, wanting her to join him in developing their careers in Singapore. Liang Youan had a crush on Nia Te, but she didn’t want to get married yet. Nia Te was not in a hurry either and would stay in Shenzhen for two months.

The Shenyue Cup badminton challenge was held as scheduled. Liang Youan and colleague Ming Yu came to deliver Jin Yi’s jersey and shoes. Song Sanchuan sat in the audience as a spectator. Liang Youan advised him to overcome his psychological barriers and strive for good results. However, Song Sanchuan was not appreciative of her advice and responded sarcastically. In fact, Song Sanchuan acted coldly towards Liang Youan to prevent Jin Yi from causing trouble for her. After the game, Liang Youan handed over the jersey and shoes to Jin Yi and Ming Yu was asked to buy water by Jin Yi.

Jiang Chenglin has been watching Song Sanchuan win championships since childhood, so he trained hard to join the team, but Song Sanchuan was in a slump. Jiang Chenglin advised Song Sanchuan not to change his playing style because his net shot was unbeatable. However, Song Sanchuan did not want to talk about it and dismissed Jiang Chenglin with a few words. Song Sanchuan was lost in thought, recalling Liang Youan and Jiang Chenglin’s words and the defeat two years ago when his mother did not come to watch his game.

Liang Youan and Ming Yu came to the team to find Jin Yi and saw him negotiating a contract extension with Ku Zhi Finance’s boss, Oscon. Liang Youan guessed that Jin Yi was raising his price. Jin Yi boasted to his teammates that he was in high demand and insulted Liang Youan in front of Song Sanchuan. Song Sanchuan was so angry that he kicked Jin Yi into the nearby swimming pool. Liang Youan saw this and came to talk to Song Sanchuan, asking for the reason behind his psychological barriers at 18-18, but Song Sanchuan avoided the question.

Song Sanchuan thought about giving up his badminton career. An Cong sympathized with him and advised him not to give up. However, Song Sanchuan could not regain his confidence. After her parents divorced, Liang Youan and her mother depended on each other. Her father, Liang Shu, remarried and had a daughter, Liang Tao. Father and daughter often asked Liang Youan for money, and her mother felt sorry for her and reminded her not to marry and have children, fearing that she would follow in her footsteps.

Jiang Jie learned that Jin Yi and Ao Si Kang were discussing contract renewals, and called Liang Youan to warn her not to take it lightly. Liang Tao is an internet celebrity who often secretly comes to Liang Youan’s house to take pictures, despite Liang Youan’s repeated warnings. While taking selfies at a bar, Liang Tao accidentally filmed Jiang Jiaojiao, who believed that she had impure motives. Liang Tao didn’t explain and, upon seeing that Jiang Jiaojiao was driving a luxury car, tricked him into getting out of the car and took a photo with the car. Jiang Jiaojiao believed that she was a materialistic woman and forced her to delete the photo. Liang Tao was so frightened that she ran away.

Liang Youan went to negotiate with Jin Yi, promising to sign him and giving each player a year’s worth of uniforms and equipment. Jin Yi signed the contract on the spot and told the teammates to pick up their clothes and equipment. Liang Youan called Jiang Jie to report, and he knew that she didn’t have high hopes for Jin Yi. After seeing Song Sanchuan give up on himself, she also gave up. Song Sanchuan was alone practicing on the training ground, and Liang Youan personally helped him pick up the ball. Song Sanchuan made up his mind to retire and handed in his application to Coach Yu. He would leave when the contract was up. An Cong learned of this and no longer forced him to stay.

An Cong couldn’t persuade Song Sanchuan, so he brought a wig to please Coach Yu. Coach Yu already guessed his intention and handed him Song Sanchuan’s resignation application on the spot. An Cong tore up the application.

Liang Youan met An Cong and asked him about Song Sanchuan’s problem. An Cong received a call from the police station and learned that Song Sanchuan was arrested for stealing money from a patient. Liang Youan accompanied An Cong to the police station. The police insisted that Song Sanchuan stole the patient’s money. An Cong saw “labor fee” written on the envelope and immediately guessed that Song Sanchuan went to give money to cancer patients. He called the woman who bought the wig to testify. Song Sanchuan secretly sent his hard-earned labor fee to patients, and his fellow patients nicknamed him “wealth-scattering boy”. Liang Youan couldn’t help but admire him.

Liang Youan asked An Cong about Song Sanchuan’s story. An Cong told her that Song Sanchuan’s mother, Tong Lu, was also a badminton player. She accidentally became pregnant with Song Sanchuan during a love affair with a male player and retired thereafter. Tong Lu pinned all her championship dreams on Song Sanchuan and demanded strict discipline from him. An Cong was fond of Tong Lu and later married her after she got cancer.

During a competition, Tong Lu cheered for Song Sanchuan from the stands. When Song Sanchuan and his opponent reached a 18-to-18 tie, he suddenly couldn’t find his mother, which made him lose confidence and the match, leading to a chronic illness. Tong Lu passed away from cancer and left a letter for An Cong, asking him to take care of Song Sanchuan until he turned 18. Since Tong Lu’s departure, Song Sanchuan trained hard and achieved good results, but he suddenly changed in the past two years.

An Cong asked Liang Youan to help Song Sanchuan overcome his psychological problems. Liang Youan had a heart-to-heart talk with Song Sanchuan, who admitted that he didn’t like badminton and had been forced to train by Tong Lu since childhood. Song Sanchuan became demoralized after learning that Tong Lu left because of illness. Two years ago, Jin Yi joined the team and used Song Sanchuan’s psychological weakness to defeat him, causing him to fall into a slump.

Luo Nian’s ex-boyfriend, Chen Yiyang, suddenly came back and demanded custody of their daughter Luo Le, but Luo Nian refused. Chen Yiyang wanted to take legal action, so Luo Nian called Liang Youan for help. Liang Youan asked her to come home with her, and also asked Nai Te to find a lawyer to help her in court. During Luo Nian’s pregnancy, Chen Yiyang had an affair and they divorced. Luo Nian had been raising Luo Le on her own for three years, during which time Chen Yiyang had only sent 12,000 yuan in child support. Liang Youan spent two days and Nai Te gathering evidence and then accompanied Luo Nian to negotiate with Chen Yiyang. Chen Yiyang had to share the cost of raising Luo Le for three years and pay child support monthly in the future.

Liang Youan forced herself to go to the team despite feeling exhausted, using makeup to hide her tired face. She wanted to go home and rest, so Song Sanchuan offered to drive her home. After Liang Youan had a medical examination at the hospital, Nai Te invited her to dinner and again suggested taking her to Singapore, where they could live together and she could be a full-time housewife. Liang Youan was not interested.

Liang Youan received a call from the doctor at the medical center, informing her that her ultrasound had problems. She rushed over and learned that she had cysts on her ovaries. The doctor advised her to get married and have children as soon as possible, or else have surgery to remove her ovaries, otherwise they would gradually shrink. Luo Nian advised Liang Youan to be with Nai Te and offered to help her during their move.

The weekend arrived in a flash, and Liang Youan brought

The weekend arrived in a flash, and Liang Youan brought Nai Te to Luo Nian’s house. Luo Nian cooked a big table of food to entertain them, thanking Nai Te for helping her find a lawyer to sue. Nai Te praised Luo Nian’s cooking skills endlessly and talked extensively about business, repeatedly saying that he would introduce clients to Liang Youan. After dinner, Nai Te sent Liang Youan home and held her tightly while under the influence of alcohol. Liang Youan struggled to break free from his embrace and made excuses to send him away.

Luo Nian had a poor impression of Nai Te, who was too calculating. Liang Youan also did not have high hopes for this relationship. Luo Nian advised her to find someone to settle down with as soon as possible, but Liang Youan wanted to focus on her work for the time being. Jiang Chenglin heard that Song Sanchuan was going to retire, so he went to his house to settle some accounts. Song Sanchuan had already made up his mind, but Jiang Chenglin encouraged him not to leave so easily and to stand up straight and walk out.

Nai Te gave Liang Youan a set of aromatherapy oils, and their colleagues speculated that they were dating. Liang Youan saw through Nai Te’s intention and he admitted that he wanted everyone to know about their relationship.

to Luo Nian’s house. Luo Nian cooked a big table of food to entertain them, thanking Nai Te for helping her find a lawyer to sue. Nai Te praised Luo Nian’s cooking skills endlessly and talked extensively about business, repeatedly saying that he would introduce clients to Liang Youan. After dinner, Nai Te sent Liang Youan home and held her tightly while under the influence of alcohol. Liang Youan struggled to break free from his embrace and made excuses to send him away.

Luo Nian had a poor impression of

The weekend arrived in a flash, and Liang Youan brought Nai Te to Luo Nian’s house. Luo Nian cooked a big table of food to entertain them, thanking Nai Te for helping her find a lawyer to sue. Nai Te praised Luo Nian’s cooking skills endlessly and talked extensively about business, repeatedly saying that he would introduce clients to Liang Youan. After dinner, Nai Te sent Liang Youan home and held her tightly while under the influence of alcohol. Liang Youan struggled to break free from his embrace and made excuses to send him away.

Luo Nian had a poor impression of Nai Te, who was too calculating. Liang Youan also did not have high hopes for this relationship. Luo Nian advised her to find someone to settle down with as soon as possible, but Liang Youan wanted to focus on her work for the time being. Jiang Chenglin heard that Song Sanchuan was going to retire, so he went to his house to settle some accounts. Song Sanchuan had already made up his mind, but Jiang Chenglin encouraged him not to leave so easily and to stand up straight and walk out.

Nai Te gave Liang Youan a set of aromatherapy oils, and their colleagues speculated that they were dating. Liang Youan saw through Nai Te’s intention and he admitted that he wanted everyone to know about their relationship.

, who was too calculating. Liang Youan also did not have high hopes for this relationship. Luo Nian advised her to find someone to settle down with as soon as possible, but Liang Youan wanted to focus on her work for the time being. Jiang Chenglin heard that Song Sanchuan was going to retire, so he went to his house to settle some accounts. Song Sanchuan had already made up his mind, but Jiang Chenglin encouraged him not to leave so easily and to stand up straight and walk out.

Nai Te gave Liang Youan a set of aromatherapy oils, and their colleagues speculated that they were dating. Liang Youan saw through Nai Te’s intention and he admitted that he wanted everyone to know about their relationship.


Liang Youan couldn’t stand Nai Te’s way of doing things and rejected his feelings face to face. Nai Te persisted in pursuing her, but Liang Youan expressed her attitude again and advised Nai Te to give up early. Nai Te sneered at her, but Song Sanchuan arrived in time to defuse the situation and invited Liang Youan for coffee. Liang Youan was curious about his sudden appearance, and Song Sanchuan accompanied Jin Yi to the company.

Jin Yi came to make trouble for Liang Youan and specifically called Song Sanchuan. He claimed that his tennis racket was a German product, but it is now out of production, and the team only has more than twenty left. He has to change two or three rackets every month. Liang Youan promised to spare all effort to help him find tennis rackets, and Jin Yi left resentfully. Liang Youan recommended the best tennis rackets produced by Yi Su Sports to Song Sanchuan, hoping that this racket would become his weapon. Liang Youan had high hopes for Song Sanchuan and encouraged him to overcome his psychological barriers. The two proved themselves with their results a month later. Song Sanchuan’s confidence was stimulated, and he promised to train hard.

After being rejected by Liang Youan, Nai Te spread rumors in the company, accusing Liang Youan of wanting to go to Singapore with him. Jiang Jie heard this rumor and reminded Liang Youan to be careful about its impact. Liang Youan didn’t want to explain too much, so she just smiled it off. Song Sanchuan hugged his tennis racket and couldn’t put it down. An Cong guessed that it was a gift from Liang Youan and couldn’t help teasing him.

Song Sanchuan decided to train well after his painful experience. He reported to Liang Youan, who was on the phone venting to Luo Nian, and waited on the side. When Liang Youan learned about Song Sanchuan’s determination, she was very happy. The two passed by a seesaw in the park and sat down to play like children, laughing and talking happily.

Ming Yu asked around and only managed to find 62 tennis rackets for Jin Yi. Liang Youan knew that this was far from enough and wanted to persuade Jin Yi to use Yi Su Sports’ rackets. Chen Ke, Jiang Jie’s wife, invited Liang Youan for dinner and gave her a set of skincare products. She asked Liang Youan about Jiang Jie’s itinerary, and Liang Youan answered truthfully.

Liang Youan and Ming Yu came to give Jin Yi a racket, suggesting that he use the Yi Su Sports Club’s racket. Jin Yi strongly objected and even brought up the contract, but Liang Youan begged him to try it out. Song Sanchuan came to pick up the Yi Su Sports Club’s racket and openly challenged Jin Yi to a match two months later. From that day on, Song Sanchuan trained tirelessly every day until he was exhausted.

Today is Saturday, and Jiang Jie returns home as promised to have dinner with Chen Ke. Jiang Jiaojiao couldn’t help but make fun of him. Chen Zhe sent a message to Jiang Jiaojiao to go to the bar, and she went without eating. Liang Tao came to the bar to live stream, and Chen Zhe asked her to drink the still-coveted God Dragon set. Jiang Jiaojiao didn’t like it and went to the side. Liang Shu called Liang Youan early in the morning to ask for money and to help Liang Tao find a job, but Liang Youan firmly refused.

The day of the tournament arrived, and Song Sanchuan passed through the levels. Tomorrow he will compete with Jin Yi for first and second place. Jiang Jie came to the scene to watch the game himself. Song Sanchuan and Jin Yi began to play, and Song Sanchuan led by a large margin. Jin Yi was angry and wanted to win. Jiang Jie wanted Liang Youan to watch, and he left midway.

Jin Yi deliberately let Song Sanchuan win 18 points, but Song Sanchuan continued to lose. The score gradually caught up, and Jin Yi showed a smirk. Liang Youan was sweating for Song Sanchuan. Song Sanchuan lost his confidence, but suddenly saw Liang Youan standing in front of him, giving him a thumbs up and encouraging him. Song Sanchuan was inspired and threw himself into the game.


Song Sanchuan was inspired by Liang Youan’s encouragement, and his confidence doubled. He bravely broke through the previous curse and fought more and more bravely. Jin Yi faced his strong attack and was defeated in the end. Suddenly, Jin Yi slipped and fell into the field.

Jin Yi claimed to the media that he sprained his ankle due to slipping on Yi Su’s sneakers. This caused a huge uproar. Gao Li took the opportunity to create trouble for Jiang Jie in front of the chairman. Liang Youan immediately took the shoes for testing but found no defects. Liang Youan believed that Jin Yi was making excuses for losing the game. Liang Youan took the blame and resigned to the chairman.

Jiang Jie always trusted Liang Youan, but she betrayed him. He was furious with Liang Youan, and she didn’t want to explain too much. Jiang Jie forcibly drove her away. Liang Youan went back to the office to pack her things, and Jiang Jie came out and shouted at her. Colleagues looked at each other in surprise. Liang Youan couldn’t help but think of the time when Jiang Jie was ostracized, and she followed him without hesitation. Now, they have split up. Liang Youan was not feeling well.

Song Sanchuan arrived in time to help Liang Youan pack her things and encouraged her to leave with her head held high. Liang Youan followed Song Sanchuan to the garage and couldn’t help leaning on his shoulder. Song Sanchuan felt guilty for causing Liang Youan to lose her job and apologized to her repeatedly. She advised him not to bear psychological pressure and then they drove away. Song Sanchuan came to settle accounts with Jin Yi because he lied and caused Liang Youan to lose her job. Jin Yi not only refused to apologize, but also cursed at him.

After Liang Youan resigned, she had nothing to do all day and lived in a drunken state. She planned to have ovarian cyst surgery the next day and asked her mother to sign at the hospital. Song Sanchuan decided to retire, and An Cong was saddened by it. However, his mind was made up. An Cong was unwilling to let Jin Yi go, so he and Song Sanchuan went to the training ground overnight and tied a wig to Jin Yi’s racket. Jin Yi was frightened out of his wits.

Song Sanchuan disguised himself and blocked Jin Yi in the bathroom, warning him to be careful and not to take his anger out on Jiang Chenglin, otherwise he won’t let him off easily. Song Sanchuan completed his retirement procedures and Coach Yu recommended him to go play for his good friend’s club, but Song Sanchuan politely declined. He wanted to make a career for himself based on his own abilities.

Song Sanchuan originally wanted to invite Liang Youan out to eat wontons, but he didn’t expect her to be hospitalized in the tumor hospital across from his house. Song Sanchuan wanted to visit her, but Liang Youan politely declined, citing that her surgery was minor. Liang’s mother advised her to think carefully before having the surgery, fearing that it would affect her ability to have children. However, Liang Youan didn’t think much of it and firmly believed that she would meet the right man who would truly love her.

Song Sanchuan wanted to visit Liang Youan but didn’t know which department she was in. An Cong guessed that he was anxious about Liang Youan and couldn’t help but tease him. Song Sanchuan prayed for Liang Youan with his hands clasped together. The surgery was successful and Liang Youan finally breathed a sigh of relief. Song Sanchuan sent her a greeting message, and Liang Youan asked her mother to reply on her behalf.

Liang Youan recovered quickly and Song Sanchuan specially bought canned yellow peaches to see her. Liang Youan teased him, saying he was old-fashioned, and even fed him the canned peaches. Liang Youan was set to be discharged tomorrow, and Song Sanchuan promised to take her home. He was worried that they might not see each other again, but Liang Youan wanted to help him sign a contract with Easy Sports. However, Song Sanchuan didn’t want to trouble her.

Liang Youan returned home from the hospital, and her father Liang Shu was waiting for her at the door. Liang’s mother didn’t want to see Liang Shu and angrily walked away. Liang Shu wanted to seek Liang Youan’s forgiveness, but she refused, so he could only leave in disappointment.

Liang Youan called Liang Tao to her house to help clean up, gave her many gifts, and introduced her to work as an administrative officer at Yi Su Sport. Liang Tao was puzzled and secretly called Liang Shu to report. Liang Youan took the phone and made a list, recording in detail the money that Liang Shu and Liang Tao had received from her over the years, a total of 270,000 yuan. When Liang Youan went abroad, Liang Shu had supported her with 300,000 yuan. Liang Youan transferred 30,000 yuan to Liang Shu, and they were even. Liang Youan hoped that Liang Shu and Liang Tao would not disturb her again.

Liang Tao did not want to work at Yi Su Sport, but could not resist Liang Youan’s sarcastic remarks. She vowed to do better than Liang Youan. Liang Shu and his wife argued constantly, and Liang Tao couldn’t listen anymore. She left without eating. Song Sanchuan went to eat wontons every day hoping to run into Liang Youan there. An Cong encouraged Song Sanchuan to take the initiative instead of using passive methods, but Song Sanchuan was angry and ate at home.

Liang Youan invited Luo Nian to eat wontons and Luo Nian advised her to find a job as soon as possible. Liang Youan wanted to rest well before seeking greater development. Jin Yi tried to renew his contract with Oskan, but a lot of problems were discovered, including the wireless Yi Su Sport shoes. Jin Yi was dismissed by the team. The chairman found Jiang Jie to discuss the next potential player, and Gao Li recommended Jiang Jiaojiao in a strange way. Jiang Jie heard the double meaning and retorted.

Jiang Jiaojiao participated in the “Champion Cup” tennis challenge today, and Chen Ke came to cheer for her. Jiang Jiaojiao easily won a game, and Jiang Jie called Chen Ke to learn about the situation. Chen Ke wanted to celebrate for Jiang Jiaojiao, but Jiang Jie refused, using the excuse of a meeting, and asked Chen Ke to send him the video of Jiang Jiaojiao’s game.

Liang Tao reported to work at Yi Su Sport, and her supervisor asked about her relationship with Liang Youan. Liang Tao concealed that they were sisters. Liang Youan applied to work at a pet store, and the store manager asked her to take Youqi for a walk. Song Sanchuan taught physical education at Luo Le Kindergarten and quickly won the children’s favor. Luo Nian was deeply impressed by the handsome Song Sanchuan and mentioned it to Liang Youan, but Liang Youan didn’t care.

Liang Youan took You Qi for a walk, but You Qi was uncontrollable and pulled Liang Youan around, causing her to suffer. Fortunately, Song Sanchuan arrived in time to help and even taught Liang Youan the secret to walking dogs. Song Sanchuan had to leave for something and agreed to meet Liang Youan here tomorrow.

Liang Youan received a call from Ming Yu and learned that Song Sanchuan had retired from the team. Liang Youan hurriedly went to Coach Yu to learn about the situation and found out that Song Sanchuan had voluntarily retired. Coach Yu showed Liang Youan a photo of Song Sanchuan as a marathon leader and a photo of him and Liang Youan chatting off the court. Liang Youan asked for the photo.

Jiang Jie advised Jiang Jiaojiao to give up tennis and find a proper job, but Jiang Jiaojiao strongly objected. He loved playing tennis and didn’t allow Jiang Jie to interfere with his life. Gao Li spread rumors in the secretary group that Jiang Jie was supporting Jiang Jiaojiao, which made Jiang Jie very angry. He couldn’t sleep all night and met Liang Youan early the next day.

Jiang Jie asked Liang Youan to have a meal with him and sincerely apologized. Liang Youan noticed that Jiang Jie had something on his mind and he asked for her help. Luo Nian asked Liang Youan to go to the fitness center to pick up Luo Le, and reminded her to pay attention to the handsome fitness coach. Liang Youan recognized the coach as Song Sanchuan as soon as she entered.

Song Sanchuan walked the dog with Liang Youan and she expressed her regret for him. Song Sanchuan loved his current job and wanted to start doing physical training with Liang Youan from tomorrow. Liang Youan eagerly agreed. Song Sanchuan took Liang Youan for a run and even put a heart rate monitor on her, which made her blush. Liang Youan tried to hide her feelings but soon became exhausted from running. Song Sanchuan taught her how to adjust her breathing, and Liang Youan quickly grasped the essentials.

Jiang Jie used the unused resources of Yi Su Sport to set up a tennis club. The company did not expect the club to make money. However, Gao Li, because his son Jiang Jiaojiao was one of the members, kept on insisting that the tennis club should make money. Jiang Jie advised Jiang Jiaojiao to leave, but he did not listen. Jiang Jie had to seek help from Liang Youan and asked her to take over the tennis club as a proxy manager. Liang Youan did not want to have any more relationships with Yi Su Sport. Jiang Jie made it clear that the company would not interfere with her management of the club and that she had absolute control over the club. After considering it for some time, Liang Youan reluctantly agreed.

Song Sanchuan worked as a coach at a children’s fitness center. When he saw a new batch of badminton rackets, he couldn’t help but think of the days when he was dominating on the court. Liang Youan came to find Song Sanchuan and saw him swinging his badminton racket while lost in thought. She silently stood at the door and did not disturb him.

The annual Yi Su Day is coming soon. The department manager asked the employees to choose from the same old types of small gifts. Everyone thought they lacked novelty. Liang Tao suggested using hairpieces as gifts, and the manager asked her to go and choose them. Liang Tao went to An Cong’s wig shop and ordered 500 sets without hesitation. An Cong was overjoyed and called Song Sanchuan to serve tea and water to Liang Tao. Liang Tao complimented Song Sanchuan for being handsome, and An Cong promised to have the goods ready for her in three days.

Today, Liang Youan officially took her position at the tennis club. She dressed up carefully, and the head coach Wang Guochao took her to the office and briefly introduced the situation of the club to her. Liang Youan encountered a major problem as soon as she took office. The club had been losing money due to poor management, and the employees had to go to the headquarters every month to ask for their salaries. Liang Youan promised to go to the finance department to get the money.

Liang Youan asked Wang Guochao for all the players’ information, and she stayed up late to look through everything one by one. Jiang Jiaojiao was the prince of the club, and everyone revolved around him. He was a member of the team who was bought with money. Chen Ke followed his good friend Jiang Jiaojiao to the club and was at best a tennis enthusiast. Dai Yi trained very hard, and his mother accompanied him to pick up the balls every day. He saw playing tennis as a stepping stone to furthering his studies. The other team members were at different levels.

Song Sanchuan takes Liang Youan for a morning run every day, and Liang Youan feels refreshed and her physical fitness has greatly improved. Liang Youan arranged to go with the company’s financial supervisor to file for expenses today, but she was not in the office. Liang Youan waited until noon but still did not see Li, the financial supervisor, return. She had no choice but to wait in the lobby. Liang Tao saw that she had been snubbed and couldn’t help but speak up for her. It was almost the end of the day when Li finally returned to the company. She refused to reimburse her expenses due to the inadequate documentation and asked her to make up for the loss left by the previous manager before reimbursement. Liang Youan remembered that she had spoken well about Jiang Jie, the previous manager, when she was his assistant. Li was kind and even helped her paste the receipts at the time. Now she understands the loneliness of people leaving and things changing.

Liang Youan went to Jiang Jie to approve the budget, but he flatly refused and asked her to solve it on her own, using the excuse of avoiding suspicion. Liang Youan decided to start from scratch, just like when she followed Jiang Jie years ago, and left without looking back. Liang Tao couldn’t stand Li’s bullying of Liang Youan and deliberately retaliated against her, finding faults with every little detail. Li was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

Today is Tong Lu’s birthday. An Cong took Song Sanchuan to drink and asked about his worries. Song Sanchuan felt that Tong Lu didn’t love him and even saw him as a burden. Song Sanchuan thought he was the root of her problem. An Cong advised him not to overthink it.

Liang Youan went home and complained to Luo Nian. She experienced the coldness and ruthlessness of the workplace, but she wouldn’t give up easily. Liang Youan stayed up late and looked through the information of several major tennis clubs in China. She concluded that in order for a club to make a profit, its players must have good results. Liang Youan made a training plan for the players overnight.

Early in the morning, Liang Youan showed her plan to Wang Guochao. Wang Guochao asked her to talk to the players and coaches. Jiang Jiaojiao advised Liang Youan not to mess around and just pretend to do it. The other players also sneered at Liang Youan’s plan. Liang Youan was unwilling to give up. She wanted Song Sanchuan to switch to tennis and motivate the players to play their best. She asked Wang Guochao to meet with Song Sanchuan.

Wang Guochao advised Liang Youan to give up as Song Sanchuan is already 22 years old and cannot successfully switch sports. Song Sanchuan rejected Liang Youan’s request on the spot. Liang Youan believed he could do it. Although there was no precedent for switching from badminton to tennis, Liang Youan knew that he liked tennis since childhood but was forced to learn badminton by his mother. Song Sanchuan was unmoved, but Liang Youan encouraged him with provocative words, and Song Sanchuan was finally moved. His childhood dream was to play tennis and he often went to play tennis with his mother after playing badminton.

An Cong invited Song Sanchuan for a drink and took the opportunity to ask him for living expenses. Song Sanchuan was already prepared and did not want to rely on An Cong anymore. He told her his decision, and An Cong was nervous for him.

An Cong advised Song Sanchuan to think twice, as there was no precedent for the conversion of badminton to tennis internationally, and the points of force for these two games are different. Song Sanchuan wanted to try it out and was determined to fight to achieve his childhood dream. An Cong saw his determination and fully supported his decision.

Liang Youan once asked Ming Yu to take care of Liang Tao, and Ming Yu was very caring towards Liang Tao. Liang Tao took the opportunity to propose to visit the CEO’s office, and Ming Yu took her for a tour. While Ming Yu went downstairs to get something, Liang Tao took many photos and bragged about being the CEO’s assistant on social media. Jiang Jiaojiao recognized that it was Jiang Jie’s office in Liang Tao’s social media photos, so she went to Liang Tao’s live room incognito as “I Love to Eat Peaches” and mocked and attacked Liang Tao.

Song Sanchuan officially reported to the tennis club, and Liang Youan took him for a tour, assigned him to be a court supporter, briefly introduced him to the work arrangements, and had him do the most tiring and laborious work. Song Sanchuan agreed to everything. Liang Youan announced Song Sanchuan’s conversion to tennis in public and let the players abuse him. After three months, the players would vote to decide if he stays or goes.

Jiang Jiaojiao came to Liang Youan to hold her accountable and demanded that she drive Song Sanchuan away. Liang Youan retorted and mocked him for using his father Jiang Jie’s reputation to do whatever he wanted at the club. Jiang Jiaojiao claimed that he won everyone’s affection through his personal charm, and Liang Youan asked him to compete fairly with Song Sanchuan. After three months, the outcome will be revealed.

Jiang Jiaojiao went home to confront Jiang Jie, questioning him about chasing Liang Youan to the tennis club just to recruit a new assistant. Jiang Jie was in a good mood today, but Jiang Jiaojiao messed it up, and the father and son quarreled fiercely. Chen Ke was so angry that she canceled the weekly family dinner, which she had worked hard for all day, and wanted to have a reunion dinner with the whole family, but ended up getting frustrated every week. Jiang Jie felt guilty and repeatedly apologized to Chen Ke, while Jiang Jiaojiao tried hard to please Chen Ke and pretended to make peace with Jiang Jie.

Song Sanchuan arrived at the club early every day, cleaning the training ground spotlessly and counting the inventory in the warehouse. He reported the number of rackets and tennis balls to Liang Youan, and took on all the dirty and tiring work. Wang Guochao led the players to train, and Song Sanchuan followed him to learn, which Liang Youan noticed. Jiang Jiaojiao warned Song Sanchuan privately to leave as soon as possible and not to have any illusions about becoming a tennis player. Liang Youan heard about Jiang Jiaojiao’s words and advised Song Sanchuan not to take it to heart. Song Sanchuan did not care at all and wanted to impress them all in three months.

Since that day, Song Sanchuan secretly learned the serving skills of the team members while picking up balls. In addition to completing his daily work, he trained late every night. In just two weeks, Song Sanchuan had gradually mastered the essentials. Whenever she had time, Jiang Jiaojiao would leave a message on Liang Tao’s public account, discrediting her character. Liang Tao only found out after investigating that he was Jiang Jie’s son.

Wang Guochao asked Song Sanchuan to serve a few balls. Song Sanchuan served them well, and Wang Guochao was impressed. Liang Youan wanted to promote Song Sanchuan’s spirit throughout the team. Chen Ke saw that Song Sanchuan was a tough person and advised Jiang Jiaojiao not to compete with him. Jiang Jiaojiao was unconvinced and believed that Song Sanchuan was just a performance personality. Chen Ke couldn’t stand Jiang Jiaojiao’s bullying behavior and took the initiative to teach Song Sanchuan how to receive the ball. Song Sanchuan was eager to learn and practiced very hard.

Liang Youan found that Song Sanchuan had made rapid progress after being taught by Chen Ke, and recommended him to Wang Guochao. However, Wang Guochao refused and questioned Liang Youan’s scientific evidence based on data sheets. Chen Ke thought that Song Sanchuan was very loyal and wanted to be his brother, but Song Sanchuan politely declined.

Dai Yi played seriously every day and was sweating profusely. When he saw his mother picking up balls in the scorching sun, he felt uncomfortable and stopped practicing out of spite. His mother was very sad, and she spared no effort to help him during the college entrance examination. Liang Youan saw this scene and called Dai’s mother to her office. Dai’s mother vented her anger on Liang Youan, blaming the club for always changing managers, which affected Dai Yi’s training. Liang Youan kindly persuaded her and promised to make the club better and help Dai Yi achieve good results.

Song Sanchuan took the initiative to help Dai Yi pick up balls. If Dai’s mother came a few more times, she would not come again. Dai Yi taught Song Sanchuan how to play, and Song Sanchuan understood the pain in his heart because his mother had forced him to play badminton. The two sympathized with each other.

Liang Youan asked Ai Li Ke Si to recommend a good tennis coach. When Ai Li Ke Si found out that Liang Youan had turned Song Sanchuan from badminton to tennis, she thought Liang Youan’s approach was too bold. While admitting that Song Sanchuan was a talented player, Ai Li Ke Si believed that he was like a lame horse. However, Liang Youan had great confidence in Song Sanchuan and believed that he would succeed. Ai Li Ke Si recommended Coach Zhang Yan to Liang Youan.

The wigs that Liang Tao selected were very popular among the customers, and her supervisor was very satisfied with her work. He encouraged her to keep up the good work and promised to convert her to full-time staff as soon as possible. Surprisingly, Liang Tao resigned because she was already tired of the nine-to-five lifestyle after only one month of work. She had no ambition for the future and wanted to become an anchor. Liang Youan was extremely disappointed in her and decided to ignore her. Luo Nian visited Liang Youan, and Liang Youan used this opportunity to drive Liang Tao away. She believed that Liang Tao had a valid point and was glad to be free from the constraints of Yi Su Sport. She vowed to make Song Sanchuan a tennis champion and prove her own worth.

Chen Chao invited Song Sanchuan and Jiang Jiaojiao to drink and tried to ease the tension between them. However, Jiang Jiaojiao adamantly refused, saying that he would only accept if Song Sanchuan defeated him in three months. After finding out from Jiang Jie that Liang Youan had long been preparing to resign, Jiang Jiaojiao suspected that there was a conspiracy between Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan after he watched a video of Song Sanchuan’s victory over Jin Yi. Song Sanchuan made it clear that this match had nothing to do with Liang Youan and that he had come to the tennis club to play.

Song Sanchuan trained hard day and night and gradually mastered the skills. Liang Youan came to the court to watch him and revealed that she had been wanting to leave Yi Su Sport for a long time. She admitted that she had used him before, but Song Sanchuan didn’t care. He only wanted to defeat Jiang Jiaojiao in three months and hoped to go on a date with Liang Youan after that, and Liang Youan agreed.

From that day on, Song Sanchuan and Jiang Jiaojiao secretly competed against each other and refused to back down, which motivated Chen Zhe and Dai Yi to increase their training time and intensity. Wang Guochao felt overwhelmed since he had only wanted to retire peacefully at the tennis club but found that Liang Youan had made drastic changes. He resigned and wasn’t even persuaded by Liang Youan, who admitted to looking for a new coach.

Liang Youan felt that Wang Guochao’s training methods and philosophies were outdated but felt guilty all the same. She confided in Song Sanchuan, who supported her decision, which made her feel better. Jiang Jiaojiao was convinced that Liang Youan had driven Wang Guochao away and wanted to confront her. Wang Guochao thought that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the sport for much longer and encouraged Jiang Jiaojiao to play well in the future. He wanted to play one last game against Jiang Jiaojiao, so Song Sanchuan turned off the lights in the training court, which made Jiang Jiaojiao furious.

Liang Tao went to the Fu Hua company to apply for a job as a live-streaming anchor. The supervisor was very satisfied with her appearance and reminded her not to let a small blemish affect her future. Liang Tao thought of Jiang Jiaojiao, who has been leaving negative comments about her. She decided to meet with Jiang Jiaojiao to resolve their conflict. Since Wang Guochao was off work and resting at home, Jiang Jiaojiao agreed to meet with Liang Tao and asked her to bring her live-streaming equipment. Jiang Jiaojiao took Liang Tao to a yoga studio to learn aerial yoga from a coach and live-streamed the entire process.

Liang Tao had never practiced aerial yoga before and couldn’t find the right feeling, embarrassing herself many times. Jiang Jiaojiao laughed happily while watching her struggles through the live-streaming. Liang Youan wrote an invitation letter to Zhang Yan overnight, and Zhang Yan proposed an annual salary of one million yuan. Liang Youan didn’t have that much money, but she came up with a good idea to apply for a qualification to attend the Yi Su Sport’s new fiscal year oath meeting for her teammates, earning some money for the club. Jiang Jiaojiao and Chen Chao were not interested, and the other teammates refused to participate. Song Sanchuan promised to accompany Liang Youan to attend the meeting.

Liang Youan attended the Yi Su Sport’s oath meeting in formal attire. This was a good opportunity for departments to apply for budgets. Jiang Jie knew she was there to ask for money and advised her to leave early. Liang Youan refused to leave without the money. Gao Li intentionally called Liang Youan to Chairman Gao’s side, and Liang Youan explained her purpose.

Liang Youan applied for a budget with Chairman Gao, while Gao Li made sarcastic remarks and intentionally revealed that Jiang Jiaojiao was in the tennis club, making it embarrassing for Liang Youan and Jiang Jie. Liang Youan clarified this and Chairman Gao’s love for tennis led to the establishment of the tennis club. It was reasonable for Jiang Jie to choose the tennis club of Yi Su Sport to help Jiang Jiaojiao gain extra credit for her studies.

Gao Li invited Liang Youan for a drink to show his sincerity, and Liang Youan drank it all in one gulp. Just as she was about to drink a second cup, Song Sanchuan arrived and stopped her from drinking more. Chairman Gao highly praised Song Sanchuan, and everyone had a drink. Liang Youan took this opportunity to call Song Sanchuan away, leaving Gao Li gnashing his teeth in anger.

The most exciting part of the banquet was the lottery, and Chairman Gao promised to fulfill the winner’s wish. Liang Youan applied for the tennis club to participate and Song Sanchuan voluntarily played the game for her. In the end, only Song Sanchuan and another employee were left. Liang Youan had confidence in Song Sanchuan, but suddenly, Gao Li stood up and had his driver compete with Song Sanchuan for the first place. Gao Li’s driver was tall and muscular, making Liang Youan nervous for Song Sanchuan.

The competition began, and the driver did not give way to Song Sanchuan, holding him tightly with brute force. Song Sanchuan struggled hard and eventually secured the first place. Liang Youan was relieved, and Chairman Gao promised to grant Liang Youan’s wish to increase the budget for the tennis club and ensure that they would not be last next year. He also promised to give money quarterly. Liang Youan and Song Sanchuan went to find the financial manager, Li Jie, and worked together to convince her to give them the money.

Liang Youan wanted to use the money to invite tennis coach Zhang Yan, but Song Sanchuan was worried that she would overspend. Liang Youan begged Song Sanchuan to accompany her to ask for more money. She noticed that Song Sanchuan’s suit was borrowed and forcibly removed the tag, giving him money to buy it and wanting to give it to him as a gift.

Liang Youan drank too much and passed out, forgetting the password to her door. She secretly told Song Sanchuan the password, and he opened the door for her. Liang Youan leaned against his chest, and Song Sanchuan’s heart raced. Luo Nian arrived just in time to resolve the awkward situation. Liang Youan regretted her behavior the next morning, but Luo Nian assured her that nothing happened between her and Song Sanchuan.

Song Sanchuan vividly remembers Liang Youan’s shy expression, and his heart is stirred. He sends a message to greet Liang Youan, but she has already thrown herself into work, not mentioning anything about last night’s outburst. Jiang Jiaojiao invites Liang Tao to the lake to livestream fishing, but Liang Tao is complaining about mosquito bites and still insists on persevering.

The 7th “Likubei” tennis points tournament has begun, and Jiang Jiaojiao represents the club to participate. Although his opponent is clearly inferior in skill, he suffers a disastrous loss deliberately. Liang Youan sees through his intentions and directly goes to the changing room to hold him accountable, smashing his racket in front of him and forcing him to leave. Jiang Jiaojiao is dumbfounded.

Song Sanchuan comes to find Jiang Jiaojiao and advises him not to give up on himself and get over the incident of leaving Wang Guochao’s company as soon as possible. Jiang Jiaojiao thinks that Liang Youan and Jiang Jie are only interested in profit, but Song Sanchuan strongly defends Liang Youan. Liang Youan injures her hand while smashing the racket, and Song Sanchuan expresses his concern and advises her to use sincerity to gain Jiang Jiaojiao’s sincerity.

Liang Youan invites Jiang Jiaojiao, Song Sanchuan, Dai Yi, and Chen Chao to dinner, and publicly apologizes to Jiang Jiaojiao. However, Jiang Jiaojiao doesn’t accept her apology and even mocks her for drinking at the company’s oath meeting to ask for money. Liang Youan is not bothered by this and knows that Jiang Jiaojiao is loyal and principled. Because of Wang Guochao’s departure, Liang Youan points out everyone’s strengths and encourages them to play well.

Song Sanchuan is the first to express his willingness to cooperate with Liang Youan. Chen Chao and Dai Yi also speak from their hearts. Jiang Jiaojiao only wants to play high-standard games and win the championship in front of Jiang Jie. Liang Youan opens up to them and briefly tells them about her painful experiences in the first thirty years of her life. Liang Youan is lucky to have met this group of young people full of vitality and hope that they will work together to manage the club well.

Liang Youan opened up and expressed her determination before leaving, deeply touching Dai Yi, Jiang Jiaojiao, and Chen Zhe. They all took a deep breath and vowed to work with Liang Youan to completely change the current situation of the tennis club. Song Sanchuan came to find Liang Youan and promised to work harder to support her and let her be brave to be herself.

Liang Youan felt that Song Sanchuan liked her, and while she did not reject the idea of a relationship, there was a ten-year age gap between them. Luo Nian did not see the age gap as an obstacle, and Liang Youan admitted that she also liked Song Sanchuan but did not want to cause trouble for the club. Zhang Yan brought the team from Beijing to Shenzhen and sent assistant coach Xu Tan and fitness coach Lao Huo to the tennis club. Lao Huo developed a physical training plan for the players, and although they had complaints, they had to follow the plan.

Xu Tan and Lao Huo led the players in physical training for a week, but Zhang Yan did not show up. Jiang Jiaojiao took leave to protest and other players left one after another, leaving only Song Sanchuan to continue training. Liang Youan saw this and went to the hotel to find Zhang Yan, urging him to take up his position at the club. However, Zhang Yan refused and laughed at her for not understanding tennis yet wanting to be a manager. Liang Youan left in anger.

Liang Youan was infuriated by Zhang Yan’s behavior, and Song Sanchuan thought he was too much. Liang Youan suggested arranging a match for the team to force Zhang Yan to take action. To avoid Jiang Jiaojiao’s interference in her live broadcasting career, Liang Tao reluctantly followed Jiang Jiaojiao’s unreasonable demands to go to a high-end hotel and eat a large meal, but was left to pay the bill herself.

Jiang Jiaojiao watched Liang Tao’s lonely figure and felt guilty, sending a message to advise her not to be vain. Liang Tao, already angry, erupted on the phone, mocking him as a parasite who benefits without effort. Jiang Jiaojiao went to Chen Zhe for comfort and used his account to buy Liang Tao an expensive gift to repay her dinner bill. Liang Tao’s live streaming popularity continued to soar, and she thanked her fans for their gifts, although she did not know who they were.

Liang Youan chose a corporate match for the players in Shenzhen, and Zhang Yan only showed up then. Liang Youan hosted a banquet for him that evening, and Zhang Yan wanted to take the team to Shanghai for a friendly match. The players arrived at the hotel on time, and they kept their distance from Zhang Yan. Liang Youan tried hard to ease the tension, but Zhang Yan casually announced that they would participate in a friendly match in Shanghai that was sure to lose. Liang Youan suggested they play locally due to lack of funding, but Zhang Yan didn’t agree and even ridiculed her.

Chen Zhe, unable to bear it, offered to cover everyone’s travel expenses to Shanghai and promised to let everyone stay in a five-star hotel. Zhang Yan insisted on staying in a hotel that cost 180 yuan per night. Zhang Yan and the team went to Shanghai, and he made everyone take the bus to the hotel. The bus was crowded, but Song Sanchuan protected Liang Youan with his body, and Zhang Yan watched it all.

Zhang Yan and the team finally arrived at the hotel after a long journey. Jiang Jiaojiao wanted to find a better hotel but was stopped by Liang Youan. Liang Youan stayed in a room next to the elevator, and Song Sanchuan worried that she wouldn’t rest well, so he voluntarily switched rooms with her. Song Sanchuan invited Liang Youan, Jiang Jiaojiao, and Chen Zhe to eat pan-fried buns at a nearby restaurant. Liang Youan saw Zhang Yan going down the stairs and followed him. Zhang Yan checked the fire exits one by one with a flashlight and found that the safety doors on two floors were locked. He went to the front desk to negotiate, and the staff assured him that the hotel would not catch fire, but Zhang Yan insisted. Liang Youan thanked Zhang Yan, but he instead mocked her lack of professionalism.

Jiang Jiaojiao accidentally discovered that Chen Zhe had added Liang Tao on WeChat, and he became jealous. He even blocked Liang Tao and refused to go out to eat, and forbade Chen Zhe from going as well. Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan ate pan-fried buns together, and Song Sanchuan was scalded by the soup inside. Liang Youan taught him the secret to eating pan-fried buns. Song Sanchuan wanted to be her food partner. Zhang Yan accidentally saw Song Sanchuan enter the room next to the elevator and remembered that it was Liang Youan’s room. He suspected that Liang Youan and Song Sanchuan had an abnormal relationship.

The friendly match officially begins. The players take turns to play and all lose one after another. Jiang Jiaojiao is the last to play and as soon as he takes the court, he takes the lead. The team’s morale is boosted, but he is quickly surpassed by the opponent and ultimately loses. Zhang Yan asks Song Sanchuan to play, but Song Sanchuan knows his level is not good and doesn’t want to embarrass himself. Jiang Jiaojiao sneers at Zhang Yan and proposes a one-on-one match. However, Jiang Jiaojiao fails to even catch the ball and can only admit defeat.

Zhang Yan points out each player’s fatal flaw and proposes a small goal: whoever can receive his serve in two months will become the captain. Song Sanchuan also wants to participate, but Zhang Yan refuses, questioning whether Song Sanchuan only started playing badminton to impress his girlfriend. Liang Youan defends Song Sanchuan, but Zhang Yan doesn’t believe her. Only when Zhang Yan leaves the room does he realize that Liang Youan and Song Sanchuan have switched rooms, and he has misunderstood Song Sanchuan.

Zhang Yan leads the team in devil training while Song Sanchuan works and studies at the same time. He uses his spare time to practice hard, and Liang Youan quietly arranges his training schedule. Song Sanchuan is exhausted before finally leaving, determined to prove himself and silence Zhang Yan.

Liang Tao’s fan base exceeds 18,000, and Supervisor Qi Qi praises her for choosing a good live broadcast venue. She also notes that Liang Tao and Jiang Jiaojiao have the highest traffic when they interact, so she suggests they create some buzz together. Liang Tao finds out that Jiang Jiaojiao is at the tennis club and goes to the training ground to find him. Jiang Jiaojiao apologizes repeatedly, thinking she has come to criticize him, but Liang Tao explains that she thinks Jiang Jiaojiao is the most handsome when he plays. However, Jiang Jiaojiao is not interested in online broadcasting.

Liang Tao reports back to Qi Qi, who then pairs her with Su Ke, a male partner, and even takes some couple photos for them to promote online. Jiang Jiaojiao sees the photos and videos of Liang Tao and Su Ke and feels jealous. After training ends, Liang Youan helps Song Sanchuan pick up the balls and selects the bad ones for him to practice receiving serves with Zhang Yan. Song Sanchuan stands outside the court and secretly films Zhang Yan’s teaching video.

Liang Youan reports on the club’s recent situation and the next stage of work to Jiang Jie, who fully supports her work. Song Sanchuan opens Zhang Yan’s video as soon as he gets home and carefully records the serve techniques and steps. An Cong is worried and advises him to take care of his body. Song Sanchuan wants to master the serve as soon as possible. Liang Youan prepares a nutritious meal for him and notices his fingers are wrapped in bandages. She asks about his health and Song Sanchuan feels warm inside.

Two months have passed in the blink of an eye. Today is the club’s “break serve day”. Zhang Yan served the ball and asked each team member to receive it, but they all missed. Song Sanchuan carefully observed Zhang Yan’s serving action and angle, and accurately calculated the position of the serve. Just as Zhang Yan was about to leave, Song Sanchuan called him back. Zhang Yan didn’t believe he could receive the ball, so he served a ball. Song Sanchuan not only accurately received the ball, but also surprised Zhang Yan with a counter-attack, making him lose the point. Liang Youan and the team cheered for Song Sanchuan.

Zhang Yan set up his stance and served another ball. Song Sanchuan once again received it steadily. Zhang Yan was not satisfied and served several tricky balls from different angles, but Song Sanchuan accurately received them all.

Zhang Yan served a tricky ball, but Song Sanchuan, relying on his extraordinary comprehension and excellent skills, easily received it. Zhang Yan was immediately stunned, and Liang Youan and the other team members cheered for Song Sanchuan. In the past two months, Song Sanchuan carefully observed Zhang Yan’s serving angle and technique, and even watched videos of Zhang Yan playing. He summarized the receiving skills and methods, and ultimately successfully broke through.

Zhang Yan kept his promise and appointed Song Sanchuan as the team captain. Song Sanchuan proved with his strength that he did not join the club just to pursue a romantic relationship. He hoped that Zhang Yan would retract his misunderstanding of Liang Youan’s words. Zhang Yan was willing to admit defeat and publicly apologized to Liang Youan. He also invited Song Sanchuan to practice with him tomorrow, and the team members cheered for Song Sanchuan together.

Chen Zhe treated the team to barbecue to celebrate Song Sanchuan. Jiang Jiaojiao was convinced by Song Sanchuan’s abilities and considered him a brother. Liang Youan was in a great mood and took the opportunity to share her ultimate goal of turning the club into an A-level team within a year and cultivating the best and most professional players. Liang Youan had high expectations for each player, and they were all filled with confidence. After the meal, Liang Youan took a taxi home. Song Sanchuan was worried and set himself as her emergency contact, and he also planned to have a date with Liang Youan.

The next morning, Song Sanchuan went to pick up Liang Youan in high spirits. The two of them went to the wild animal park, and Liang Youan was very happy. Song Sanchuan was also infected by her emotions. They interacted with the animals happily, like two children. While eating ice cream, they talked about the future of the club. Song Sanchuan vowed to shut out their opponents. Finally, he took Liang Youan to play the claw machine, and after much effort, he managed to grab a heart-shaped doll and gave it to Liang Youan on the spot.

The sky gradually turned dark, Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan left the zoo. Song Sanchuan took the opportunity to express his feelings to her. Liang Youan was very moved, but they were ten years apart. Liang Youan’s only goal was to run the club well, and she hoped that Song Sanchuan would concentrate on playing good football without being hindered by emotions. Liang Youan returned the heart-shaped doll to Song Sanchuan, then drove away, leaving Song Sanchuan alone in the dark night feeling sad.

Song Sanchuan returned to the wig shop with a gloomy expression. An Cong could tell he had something on his mind, so Song Sanchuan had to admit that his confession had been rejected. An Cong scolded him for being too impulsive, saying he should not reveal his cards before knowing the other party’s, or they would both suffer. However, Song Sanchuan did not want to suppress his feelings. Liang Youan remembered Song Sanchuan’s disappointed look and felt guilty. She had been hurt by her ex-boyfriend Yang Kaiqi and no longer believed in love. Moreover, Song Sanchuan had come a long way and she didn’t want him to be distracted by his feelings, so she cruelly rejected him.

Liang Youan went to the club early in the morning for work, while Song Sanchuan was fixing the gate’s light bulbs. He greeted Liang Youan as if nothing had happened. Liang Youan felt a little relieved and called for an emergency meeting to announce the recent goals. Zhang Yan publicly expressed his full support for her work, but there were too few players who could currently play in the game.

Liang Youan brought Luo Nian back to their alma mater to recruit team members, but they didn’t expect that the person in charge of tennis was Yang Kaiqi, who is now the dean of the School of Economics and Management. Liang Youan had to come up with another plan. Song Sanchuan practiced until late and saw that Liang Youan was still working overtime, so he specially bought her favorite pork chop rice. Liang Youan advised him not to waste his feelings, but Song Sanchuan didn’t listen at all.

Song Sanchuan once again expressed his sincere liking for Liang Youan. He doesn’t expect Liang Youan to agree, he just wants to maintain the current situation. He hopes Liang Youan doesn’t feel any psychological burden. Song Sanchuan knows that Liang Youan is looking for professional players everywhere, and he wants to compete for the last spot. Liang Youan promised to give him this opportunity.

Early in the morning, Song Sanchuan went to Zhang Yan’s residence and explained his intentions directly. He wanted to compete for the last spot as a professional athlete. Zhang Yan readily agreed and had high hopes for Song Sanchuan. He promised to create a training plan for him. Song Sanchuan naturally couldn’t be more grateful. Zhang Yan tailored his coaching to each player’s strengths and weaknesses. Since Song Sanchuan was agile and nimble, Zhang Yan had him practice net front shots.

Zhang Yan asked Jiang Jiaojiao to serve the ball to Song Sanchuan’s body, not only to shorten the distance but also to prevent him from dodging. Jiang Jiaojiao knew that this serve was powerful and could potentially hurt Song Sanchuan if he wasn’t careful, so he went easy and served a regular ball instead. Song Sanchuan instinctively dodged it. Zhang Yan became angry and demanded that Jiang Jiaojiao serve the ball with full force, allowing Song Sanchuan to wear protective gear on his head. Song Sanchuan knew that he had to withstand such training for his net interception skills and was willing to accept it.

Liang Youan advised Zhang Yan to give up this training program, but Zhang Yan didn’t listen and made Jiang Jiaojiao hit the ball hard. Song Sanchuan endured the severe pain in his body without moving and was finally knocked down to the ground. Song Sanchuan’s body was covered in bruises and An Cong felt very distressed. He called Liang Youan to protest overnight. Liang Youan bought Song Sanchuan some bruise ointment and medicine, which made Song Sanchuan feel warm inside.

Jiang Jiaojiao suspected that Zhang Yan was intentionally messing with Song Sanchuan and advised him to give up early, but Song Sanchuan wouldn’t easily admit defeat, so Jiang Jiaojiao had to cooperate with him. Song Sanchuan finally mastered the net shot through unremitting efforts. Liang Youan had high hopes for Jiang Jiaojiao and hoped he would achieve good results in this competition.

Luo Nian finished her work early and returned home to find a mess. Luo Le was playing with toys alone and there was a bowl of leftover food next to him. The nanny was lying on the bed making a phone call. Luo Nian immediately fired the nanny, and Liang Youan helped her clean up the room. Luo Nian decided not to hire a nanny anymore and also not to take on any more business trips.

Liang Youan arrived at the club for work and met Song Sanchuan on the way. Song Sanchuan advised her to stick to running, otherwise she would not be a qualified club manager and could not appreciate the charm of sports. Liang Youan went to the gym to exercise and tried out all kinds of equipment. Song Sanchuan was worried that she might exercise blindly and go astray, so he taught her hand in hand.

Luo Nian was watching Luo Le at home. When she went to send an email, Luo Le spilled rice all over the floor, which made Luo Nian extremely angry. Liang Youan arrived in time to help.

After Luo Nian put Luo Le to sleep, she felt guilty for losing her temper with him earlier and not controlling her emotions. Liang Youan comforted her, saying that raising Luo Le alone was not easy. However, Luo Nian could not let go of her guilt and felt sorry for Luo Le. Zhang Yan noticed that Jiang Jiaojiao was under a lot of pressure and was worried that she would have problems in tomorrow’s match. He sent a message to inform Liang Youan, but she did not take it seriously.

The sixth “Leap Cup” tennis challenge officially began, with Jiang Jiaojiao representing the club. Despite her much higher level than her opponent, she lost due to poor performance. This was already the fifth consecutive loss for Jiang Jiaojiao.

Zhang Yan complains that Liang You’an has put too much pressure on Jiang Jiaojiao. Liang You’an set small goals for Jiang Jiaojiao, which has become a burden for her instead. Liang You’an wants to find a psychologist for Jiang Jiaojiao.

Jiang Jiaojiao was feeling frustrated and confused, not knowing how to break free from the curse of losing. He sat alone on the court, lost in thought. Song Sanchuan empathized with him and kindly advised him, even sharing his own experience of losing in badminton in the past. Song and Jiang sympathized with each other, having experienced the crushing feeling of losing. Song encouraged Jiang to break free from the curse as soon as possible, otherwise he would have to switch to a different career.

Liang Youan asked Luo Nian to provide psychological counseling for Jiang Jiaojiao. Zhang Yan carefully understood Luo Nian’s situation before allowing her to consult with Jiang Jiaojiao. After receiving psychological counseling from Luo Nian and coordinating with her diet, Jiang Jiaojiao finally regained her confidence and played freely on the court, defeating her opponents. Zhang Yan wanted Luo Nian to stay in the club as a nutritionist. Liang Youan naturally agreed and Luo Nian developed energy water that the players really liked.

Jiang Jiaojiao kept a close eye on Liang Tao’s every move, feeling disgusted with Liang Tao and Su Ke’s relationship. He intentionally went to disrupt Liang Tao’s live stream at the swimming pool, causing their filming to be forced to stop. Su Ke had to leave first, and Liang Tao angrily scolded Jiang Jiaojiao, condemning him for being a wealthy young master who didn’t understand the hardships of her life. Jiang Jiaojiao felt guilty and wanted to compensate for her loss, so he took the initiative to drive Liang Tao to the next location. Liang Tao went to the wholesale market to buy a lot of clothes. Jiang Jiaojiao watched her leave with big and small bags and felt uncomfortable in his heart.

Liang Youan decided to go to the competition venue tomorrow to recruit new team members. She specially bought mosquito repellent bracelets as gifts. Song Sanchuan volunteered to stick the club’s QR code on the box, and An Cong helped Song Sanchuan until late at night to finish it. Liang Youan was worried that Song Sanchuan would be late tomorrow, so she sent him a message overnight to remind him. An Cong was curious how Song Sanchuan could like a girl ten years older than him, but Song Sanchuan couldn’t give a reason, he just had a soft spot for Liang Youan.

Early in the morning, Song Sanchuan came to the agreed location with a wristband and put it on Liang Youan. Liang Youan then applied mosquito repellent on him. Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan went to the stadium and promoted the advantages of their club to the parents. The parents were very interested and added Liang Youan on WeChat one after another. When the coach of the Desheng club heard the news, he rushed over and forced Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan to leave, not allowing them to sabotage their club’s reputation.

Zhang Yan brought the team to participate in the tennis player skill level test. Song Sanchuan also made an appointment for this test. Liang Youan cheered for them. Song Sanchuan achieved a level five and the team congratulated him. Liang Youan was happy for him. Song Sanchuan gave Liang Youan a pair of beautiful sports shoes, but she never wore them, which made Song Sanchuan very disappointed.

Luo Nian developed different energy drinks for each team member based on their physical fitness and health conditions, which was very welcomed by the team. Zhang Yan was worried that if Luo Nian resigned, it would affect the team’s morale. Luo Nian suspected that he had been hurt before, leaving Zhang Yan speechless. Liang Youan applied for funding from Jiang Jie to develop energy drinks, and he readily agreed. He felt that Liang Youan had changed, both in her clothing style and her way of speaking and handling things.

Luo Nian filmed a promotional video for the energy water, and Song Sanchuan knew that Liang Youan was very interested in this matter. He fully cooperated with Luo Nian to take pictures and came up with a good idea to incorporate the energy water into the middle of the tennis game. Luo Nian cheered him on and believed that he would win Liang Youan’s heart sooner or later.

With Liang Youan’s permission, Liang Tao brought Su Ke to the tennis training ground for a photoshoot. Jiang Jiaojiao was furious when she saw them and asked them to leave as soon as possible, but Liang Tao didn’t listen.

Jiang Jiaojiao wants to compete with Su Ke in playing tennis. Su Ke asks Liang Tao to livestream their match. Song Sanchuan is worried that Jiang Jiaojiao might win unfairly, so he suggests that they compete in drinking energy water. He wants to use this opportunity to promote the club and energy water. Su Ke and Jiang Jiaojiao both refuse to give in and end up drinking several bottles of energy water. Liang Tao live-streams the match, attracting many fans to watch. Soon, the number of viewers surpasses 50,000.

Liang Youan rushed over upon hearing the news and silently watched on the side. Jiang Jiaojiao and Su Ke were neck and neck in the first round, and in the next round, they competed to see who could hold onto the energy water with their shoulders and legs for a longer time. The loser had to crawl around the training field once. Su Ke lost first due to a pressing need to urinate, and Jiang Jiaojiao won. Su Ke was dissatisfied and hurled insults at him, urging him to give up on Liang Tao. Jiang Jiaojiao forced Su Ke to crawl around the training field, but Liang Tao took the initiative to take the punishment for him. Jiang Jiaojiao was so angry that he turned and walked away.

Through Liang Tao’s strong promotion in her livestream, the energy drink developed by Luo Nian has gained great fame. A fast-moving consumer goods agency offered to buy the production and sales rights for the energy drink for one million yuan. Liang Youan naturally accepted the offer and promised to give Luo Nian a 10% commission. Luo Nian took credit for the deal and used the opportunity to persuade Liang Youan to accept Song Sanchuan’s advances, but Liang Youan avoided the topic.

Liang Youan told Song Sanchuan the good news that the energy water had been noticed by the agency, and Song Sanchuan was also very happy. This was the first commercial contract received by the club, and Liang Youan wanted to report to the company tomorrow. The next morning, Liang Youan went to the company to find the head of the finance department, Sister Li. Sister Li immediately withheld half of the payment, and Liang Youan strongly protested, but there was nothing she could do.

Liang Youan reported her work to Jiang Jie, who agreed to celebrate by inviting the players to dinner. Liang took this opportunity to request money from him to conduct a week-long closed-door training session for the players. Jiang promised to pay half of the training fee from the company’s funds and to personally contribute the other half. Liang immediately reported this good news to the players, and Song Sanchuan was happy to see her wearing the sports shoes he gave her.

During the meeting, Chairman Gao praised Jiang Jie’s marketing plan. However, due to Gao Li’s sales department not following up in time, Yi Su Sports’ sales plummeted. Chairman Gao publicly criticized Gao Li and gave all online sales rights to Jiang Jie, leaving Gao Li only responsible for distribution. This shocking news caused discussion among the company’s top management. They all believe that Jiang Jie is the candidate for the next CEO, so Gao Li bears a grudge against Jiang Jie.

Chairman Gao hosted a banquet to celebrate Jiang Jie’s achievement, and he wanted to bring Chen Ke to the banquet. However, Chen Ke wanted to watch Jiang Jiaojiao’s important match, which would determine if she could make it to the top 100 in the country. Jiang Jie felt that his own matter was the most important, so Chen Ke had no choice but to accompany him. During the banquet, Chairman Gao’s wife praised Jiang Jie and Chen Ke as an exemplary couple. Chen Ke really wanted to watch Jiang Jiaojiao’s match on her phone, but she had to put on a smiling face and socialize. Jiang Jie and Chen Ke pretended to be affectionate, and Chen Ke had to go along with the act. However, she had made up her mind to divorce Jiang Jie.

Liang Youan and the team traveled to the beach for training on a bus, which would take four hours on the road. Song Sanchuan wanted to sit with Liang Youan but also wanted her to rest well, so he let her have a seat alone. Song Sanchuan messaged and interacted with Liang Youan, even looking at her affectionately, which made Jiang Jiaojiao notice that something was not right between them.

Based on each player’s physical condition and fitness, Luo Nian carefully prepared different nutritious meals, which impressed Zhang Yan. He listened to her suggestions, and Liang Youan noticed it.

Zhang Yan and Liang You’an brought their team to train by the seaside. The members of the D3 Club also came here to train. The two teams exchanged and learned from each other. Lu Zhichao, the owner of the D3 Club, took the initiative to chat with Liang You’an, telling him at length about the history of his club. Song Sanchuan felt a little sour in his heart and used the excuse of being sunburned to ask Liang You’an for sunscreen. Liang You’an didn’t have it with him, but the coach had sunscreen with him, so he took the initiative to help Song Sanchuan apply it. Liang You’an laughed secretly on the side.

Jiang Jiaojiao saw this scene and confirmed that Song Sanchuan was pursuing Liang You’an. She asked Song Sanchuan relentlessly, and he admitted that he liked Liang You’an. He confessed to Liang You’an but was rejected. Now he just wants to assist Liang You’an in running the club well. Jiang Jiaojiao cheered him on and promised to help keep this a secret.

Liang You’an and Zhang Yan discussed organizing a camping activity and invited the members of the D3 Club to participate. Lu Zhichao came to see Liang You’an again and talked extensively about his personal growth history. Song Sanchuan arrived in time and took Liang You’an away. Liang You’an was not interested in Lu Zhichao’s storytelling and had already wanted to escape. The two went for a walk by the seaside, and Song Sanchuan couldn’t wait to know what kind of man Liang You’an liked. Liang You’an randomly said a few things, and Song Sanchuan remembered them all.

Luo Nian arranged different recipes for each team member. Song Sanchuan remembered that Liang Youan, a man who liked to eat fish, so he gave Liang Youan the chicken legs and took the fish in her bowl to eat. As a result, he accidentally injured his throat with a fishbone. Liang Youan reminded him not to think wildly and focus on the training.

Zhang Yan led the team to undergo rigorous training, and everyone cooperated fully, not afraid of hardships and tiredness. Song Sanchuan practiced very hard and humbly asked everyone for advice. Zhang Yan couldn’t help but appreciate Song Sanchuan’s efforts and praised him in front of Liang Youan. Liang Youan watched Song Sanchuan make progress day by day and felt deeply relieved. Zhang Yan took the opportunity to capture the affectionate gaze that Liang Youan had for Song Sanchuan on camera.

Jiang Jie rarely returned home, and Chen Ke wanted to give him the divorce agreement. Jiang Jie suddenly received a call from the company and hurried back. Chen Ke had to put away the divorce agreement. Jiang Jie was reported for using his power to seek benefits for his son Jiang Jiaojiao. He funded the tennis club team members to train at a high-end holiday hotel by the sea and presented a video of Jiang Jiaojiao and Su Ke gambling as evidence.

On the last day of training, Zhang Yan put the tennis ball in water and had the team practice serving. He sat across the net as a target, but the team couldn’t hit him with the waterlogged ball. Liang Youan announced that Jiang Jiaojiao had ranked 95th in the national tennis player rankings, and the team cheered and applauded for her. Zhang Yan was also happy for Jiang Jiaojiao, and the team lifted both him and Jiang Jiaojiao and threw them into the sea to celebrate. Liang Youan treated the team to hot pot in a private room, letting them eat and drink as much as they wanted, and everyone cheered and rejoiced together.

Liang Youan encouraged the team to continue to work harder, and as long as they could enter the top ten of the national tour, the club would be upgraded to an A-level. Zhang Yan also spoke, saying that he had given up on this commercial club after leaving the D3 club, but Liang Youan and the team gave him the confidence to pick it up again. Zhang Yan promised to work hard with the team, and Liang Youan deeply bowed to thank the team for their unremitting efforts, which achieved her small goals one by one. Everyone raised their glasses and drank.

Liang Youan suddenly received a message from Ming Yu, informing her that Jiang Jie had been reported because of club issues. She wanted to drive Zhang Yan’s car back overnight, and Song Sanchuan volunteered to accompany her. Chen Zhe saw that Song Sanchuan liked Liang Youan, and he and Jiang Jiaojiao kept it to themselves. Liang Youan looked at the information Ming Yu sent her, and couldn’t help but worry for Jiang Jie, praying that the tennis club would not be shut down.

Jiang Jie returned home very late and was mentally exhausted. Chen Ke proposed a divorce to him, which made Jiang Jie very angry. He had been working hard for the family, but Chen Ke was not satisfied and constantly nitpicked at him. Chen Ke insisted on getting a divorce and Jiang Jie became furious, suspecting that she was seeing another man. Chen Ke didn’t want to explain too much.

Song Sanchuan drove for four hours and finally brought Liang Youan to the entrance of Jiang Jie’s home. Liang Youan called Jiang Jie, who reluctantly agreed to meet her. Liang Youan was eager to know if the club would be shut down. Jiang Jie didn’t want any trouble and asked her to come up with a plan. He then secretly closed the club. Liang Youan tried to negotiate, but Jiang Jie didn’t listen and ordered her to return to Yisu Sports and promised to make her the Sales Director.

Liang Youan was not willing to give up and decided to stay up all night to organize the information. If the team can achieve a top ten ranking in the tour, the club can be promoted to A-level. If the club can turn a profit next month, she can try to keep the club. Song Sanchuan disregarded the fatigue of his journey and voluntarily helped Liang Youan organize the information.

Liang You’an listed the club’s profit and loss items one by one, and Song Sanchuan helped her calculate carefully. They worked until late at night, and Liang You’an’s stomach growled from hunger. Song Sanchuan wanted to cook for her, but the fridge was empty, so he had to order takeout. Jiang Jiaojiao and Chen Zhe saw Song Sanchuan’s request for help in the group chat. They came to Liang You’an’s house overnight to help. The four of them brainstormed ideas to save the club. Liang You’an stayed up all night and dozed off on the sofa before getting up to go to work at the club.

Luo Nian and Zhang Yan learned about the current situation of the club and came to support Liang You’an one after another. They were willing to delay receiving their salaries for two months, which made Liang You’an feel grateful. Jiang Jie wanted to save his marriage and advised Chen Ke not to act impulsively, but Chen Ke didn’t want to live like air and insisted on getting a divorce. Liang You’an came to Jiang Jie for help early in the morning, asking him to give her another two months to guarantee the revival of the club. However, Jiang Jie refused to back down. He and Gao Li negotiated privately, and as long as the tennis club was closed down, they would both compromise.

Liang You’an realized that Jiang Jie was using the club as a pawn and wanted to sacrifice it to save himself. She had no choice but to leave in anger. Jiang Jiaojiao sent a message to ask Jiang Jie to come to the stadium, and he brought Chen Ke to the training hall. Jiang Jiaojiao wanted Jiang Jie and Chen Ke to watch the tour, but the club was about to be shut down. Jiang Jiaojiao wanted them to see the results of her hard work over the past few years. She displayed one brilliant move after another, sweating profusely, and Chen Ke applauded and cheered for her.

Jiang Jiaojiao encouraged Jiang Jie to face the current difficulties bravely and not to care about others’ accusations. He has confidence in running the club well and hopes that Jiang Jie can give the club a chance. Jiang Jie had a bitter heart and insisted on shutting down the club without any doubt. Jiang Jiaojiao was completely disheartened. Chen Ke told him the news of his divorce, and Jiang Jiaojiao was not surprised at all, as he had witnessed his parents’ marriage falling apart.

When the parents of the young tennis club members heard that the club was going to be shut down, they came to hold Liang You’an accountable. Liang You’an admitted that the group had withdrawn its funding, and she had been trying her best to fight for it. Liang You’an wanted to find a new venue and establish a new club. The parents, along with the newcomers Liang You’an and Zhang Yan, all demanded to follow Liang You’an in whatever decision she made. Liang You’an was deeply moved and promised to fulfill her promise within a month.

Ming Yu was fired for revealing the news to Liang You’an, but she welcomed him to work at the club. Zhang Yan promised to give Liang You’an two months to find a venue and investors. With the support of her team members, Liang You’an’s confidence increased instantly. She designed several sets of team uniforms, but none of them were satisfactory. Song Sanchuan gave her some advice, and they quickly settled on the design of the team uniforms. In the following days, Liang You’an and Song Sanchuan worked separately to find venues and investors. Liang You’an asked for Alex’s help but still faced setbacks everywhere. She refused to give up and continued to run around.

Liang You’an couldn’t sleep at night, and Song Sanchuan sent her a message. Liang You’an confided her frustrations to Song Sanchuan, and he came over by taxi to accompany her. He brought all the ingredients from home and personally cooked a sumptuous midnight snack. Liang You’an watched his busy figure and felt warm in her heart.

Song Sanchuan prepared a large table of dishes carefully, and Liang Youan enjoyed the food. After dinner, Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan played games together. They both played well, but Liang Youan finally won. Song Sanchuan took the opportunity to capture her brilliant smile and gave her a necklace with a pendant that featured the design of the team uniform they had designed together. Song Sanchuan encouraged Liang Youan to face the difficulties ahead with strength and believed that she could revive the club.

Liang Youan took the team to rent venues for training everywhere. Due to the limited time, the team members were not slack at all and did not want to waste a single minute. Liang Youan wanted the team members to join the East Flying Horse Club, which was once run by her ex-boyfriend Yang Kaiqi, for the tour. Yang Kaiqi had once let her down and caused her to be expelled from school. She wanted to use this opportunity to make Yang Kaiqi compensate for his actions. Luo Nian suggested to first talk to Yang Kaiqi about it.

Jiang Jie hired someone to investigate Chen Ke, suspecting that she had an ambiguous relationship with a restaurant chef. Frustrated by the lack of concrete evidence, Jiang Jie went home to confront Chen Ke. Chen Ke made it clear that she did not have an extramarital affair, but was tired of her current life and did not want to pretend to be loving in front of others. She scorned Jiang Jie’s actions and made up her mind to divorce him.

Yang Kaiqi met with Liang Youan, and she explained the purpose of the meeting. Yang Kaiqi readily agreed and talked endlessly with Liang Youan about past events. Song Sanchuan arrived in time and claimed to be Liang Youan’s boyfriend. Yang Kaiqi’s expression suddenly changed, and he made various excuses to avoid the situation. Liang Youan explained that this could be a win-win situation, with her team qualifying for the competition and Yang Kaiqi’s club earning points. Yang Kaiqi cited his team members’ unwillingness to agree, and Liang Youan had to bring up the matter of Yang Kaiqi owing her a favor from years ago. Eventually, Yang Kaiqi reluctantly agreed to have the two teams play against each other the following afternoon at 5 o’clock.

Song Sanchuan forcefully called out Liang Youan and accused her of wearing heavy makeup to meet her ex-boyfriend, forbidding her from begging Yang Kaiqi again. Liang Youan explained the pros and cons to him. That night, Song Sanchuan called on Chen Zhe, Jiang Jiaojiao, and Dai Yi to discuss countermeasures. Without knowing the opponent’s player list, the battle plan they devised became worthless.

Song Sanchuan, Jiang Jiaojiao, Dai Yi, and Chen Zhe arrived on time to meet Yang Kaiqi. Yang Kaiqi unexpectedly asked both teams to use volleyball to play soccer, and if they win, they can affiliate with his club. Song Sanchuan, Jiang Jiaojiao, Chen Zhe, and Dai Yi have never played soccer before, but they were unwilling to give up easily and reluctantly played in the game.

The opposing team launched a fierce attack against them from the start. Song Sanchuan and his team barely coped and were pushed back. Chen Zhe’s nose was injured. Song Sanchuan delegated tasks based on each person’s strengths, and they cooperated seamlessly, quickly turning the tide and gaining the first eleven points. Yang Kaiqi made an excessive demand, asking Song Sanchuan and his three teammates to drink a whole bottle of red wine. They agreed to let them join the club and play basketball. Song Sanchuan, Chen Zhe, Dai Yi, and Jiang Jiaojiao each picked up a full glass of wine.

Liang Youan arrived in time to defuse the situation. Yang Kaiqi insisted that they finish the large bottle of alcohol, and Liang Youan poured herself a large cup and drank it all with her teammates. Yang Kaiqi was immediately shocked by this.

Liang Youan complained that Song Sanchuan shouldn’t act impulsively. Song Sanchuan wanted to let Liang Youan leave here with dignity. He wrote with lipstick on the college bulletin board that Liang Youan is the best. Liang Youan couldn’t help but kiss Song Sanchuan. Song Sanchuan held Liang Youan tightly and didn’t let go, and the two of them had intimate contact in the heat of the moment.

Liang Youan woke up early and regretted what happened last night when she lost control after drinking. She explained to Song Sanchuan that it was just a momentary impulse. This was the first time that Song Sanchuan was hurt, as he deeply loved Liang Youan. However, Liang Youan didn’t take him seriously. Song Sanchuan vowed not to entangle with her anymore and left angrily, slamming the door behind him.

Song Sanchuan didn’t come home last night, and An Cong couldn’t get through to his phone. Song Sanchuan returned to the wig shop in a dejected mood early in the morning. An Cong persistently asked him about his whereabouts last night, but Song Sanchuan didn’t say a word and went back to his room. An Cong quickly made him some food.

Liang Youan realized that she had said something wrong when she saw Song Sanchuan leave angrily, and she sent a message to explain to him. However, Song Sanchuan had already blocked her. After sobering up, Jiang Jiaojiao called Liang Youan to share good news that they were going to register at Huadong Feima. Liang Youan reminded him to invite Song Sanchuan, but he couldn’t reach him by phone.

Liang Tao and Su Ke worked very hard to form a CP, but their number of fans never made it into the top twenty. Manager Qi Qi was very unhappy and reminded them to change the situation quickly, otherwise they would be eliminated sooner or later. Qi Qi suggested that Liang Tao undergo plastic surgery, but Liang Tao firmly refused. Qi Qi gave her an ultimatum.

Liang Tao gives her mother a monthly allowance of 2,000 yuan, but her mother is not satisfied and compares her with Liang Youan. The mother and daughter often argue and end up not on good terms. In a fit of anger, Liang Tao rode her bike out and her slipper broke. She had to sit on the roadside and sulk. Jiang Jiaojiao was training nearby and came over to ask about her. Liang Tao vented her frustration to him, and Jiang Jiaojiao shared the difficulties that the club was facing. Liang Tao couldn’t help but tease him.

Liang Youan came home to visit her mother, who was leisurely painting at home. She impulsively decided to add a shrimp to her mother’s painting. Her mother advised Liang Youan not to trust men, or else she would get hurt again. Liang Youan felt her mother was too pessimistic but couldn’t persuade her. Song Sanchuan locked himself at home and refused to eat or drink. An Cong was worried about him and watched him for three days before he finally got up.

Liang Youan came to see Song Sanchuan and ran into him on the way home with a box of cigarettes. Liang Youan wanted to explain the harsh words she said to Song Sanchuan that night, but he didn’t want to listen and shut her out. Liang Youan went home and complained to Luo Nian, regretting what she said to Song Sanchuan. Luo Nian was happy for her and encouraged her to be brave and face her feelings for Song Sanchuan. Liang Youan had been deeply affected by her mother’s love-hate relationship since childhood and couldn’t face her own feelings.

Liang Tao accidentally discovered that Su Ke and Sister Qi Qi were affectionate in the car. She couldn’t help but blame Su Ke for getting involved with someone who was already married. Su Ke, who wanted to climb up by relying on Sister Qi Qi, instead mocked Liang Tao for being hypocritical. Liang Tao, feeling resentful, stopped filming videos with Su Ke. That night, Liang Tao tossed and turned in bed and couldn’t sleep because her mother was loudly scolding her father. Overwhelmed, Liang Tao went to an internet cafe to escape and unexpectedly, Jiang Jiaojiao was playing games next to her.

Jiang Jiaojiao and Liang Tao empathized with each other as they both didn’t want to go home. Jiang Jiaojiao invited Liang Tao for dinner and shared her troubles with her. Liang Tao thought that she was the one who had it worst and her problems were not worth mentioning. Liang Tao immediately decided to terminate her partnership with Su Ke, while Jiang Jiaojiao went home to confront her parents. Chen Ke discussed the possibility of divorce with Jiang Jiaojiao, who rushed home and pressured Jiang Jie to sign the divorce agreement before running away and seeking refuge with Song Sanchuan.

Jiang Jiaojiao urged Song Sanchuan to rejoin the team for the tour, but Song Sanchuan couldn’t express his bitterness. Jiang Jiaojiao scolded him for lacking ambition, saying that if he gave up now, his previous efforts would be in vain. Song Sanchuan didn’t want to listen to him and stormed back to his own room. Jiang Jiaojiao called out to Song Sanchuan to go to training early in the morning, but Song Sanchuan ignored him.

Liang Youan went through great lengths to find a venue in the suburbs, and Zhang Yan led the team through rigorous training. Song Sanchuan was restless at home, wanting to go to training with Jiang Jiaojiao, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Liang Tao made unfavorable remarks and actions against Xin Xing Media on the public account. She also wanted to terminate the contract. Qi Qi notified her to pay a penalty of three million yuan according to the contract. Liang Tao had no money. Qi Qi asked her to apologize publicly, otherwise she would resort to legal means. Liang Tao left angrily after slamming the door. Su Ke saw this scene and secretly sent a message to Jiang Jiaojiao. Jiang Jiaojiao promised to help her resolve this matter.

Jiang Jiaojiao went to find the boss of Xin Xing Media under the banner of Jiang Jie. The boss gave Liang Tao a way out and only needed her to come up with 200,000 yuan. Liang Tao wanted to borrow money from her father. Jiang Jiaojiao took the initiative to help her repay the money and she was very grateful to Jiang Jiaojiao. Liang Tao came to find Liang Youan. Jiang Jiaojiao accidentally hit a man’s ice cream with a ball on the side of the road. The man demanded compensation. Liang Tao called the man aside and persuaded him with eloquence. She paid him one hundred yuan before it was over. Jiang Jiaojiao added Liang Tao’s WeChat account under the pretext of repaying money.

Today, the “Elite Cup” tennis club tour was held. Jiang Jiaojiao came early to invite Song Sanchuan to participate in the competition, but Song Sanchuan refused decisively. No matter how Jiang Jiaojiao tried to persuade him, it was of no avail. Alex was very satisfied with Liang Youan’s operation plan and wanted to invest in her club. She introduced investor Daniel and the boss who could provide free training venues to her. Alex came to watch the players’ game in person and she was particularly optimistic about Song Sanchuan.

Jiang Jiaojiao and others arrived at the scene of the game on time for the draw, but Song Sanchuan had not yet arrived. Liang Youan was anxious. Song Sanchuan was absent-minded at home and cut his wig into a mess. An Cong was angry and wanted to destroy his tennis racket. Song Sanchuan tried his best to stop him. An Cong took the opportunity to persuade him to participate in the competition. Song Sanchuan finally woke up like a dream. He quickly drove An Cong’s car to the competition.

Liang Youan anxiously waited for Song Sanchuan. Yang Kaiqi couldn’t help teasing her, and Liang Youan retorted. It was almost nine o’clock. The inspectors packed up and prepared to leave. Liang Youan begged them to wait for two more minutes. Song Sanchuan hurriedly arrived and immediately joined the game. Liang Youan and Zhang Yan stood on the sidelines praying for him silently.

As soon as Song Sanchuan took the court, he was full of energy. He played with the advantage of net interception and made his opponent retreat step by step. He easily won the game. Liang Youan was happy for Song Sanchuan, and Zhang Yan praised him endlessly. He also proposed several precautions for tomorrow’s game. Song Sanchuan lived up to expectations and won again.

Alex accompanied Daniel to watch Song Sanchuan’s two games. They were very satisfied with Song Sanchuan. Song Sanchuan won the championship in group D, and Jiang Jiaojiao performed even better. She won the championship in group B of the tour. Yang Kaiqi wanted Song Sanchuan and Jiang Jiaojiao to stay in his club, but Liang Youan had already raised funds and insisted on building her own club. Song Sanchuan arrived in time to resolve the situation. He handed the trophy to Liang Youan, then took her hand and left.

Song Sanchuan drove Liang Youan home. Liang Youan held the championship trophy tightly in her hand and fell asleep due to exhaustion. Song Sanchuan didn’t want to disturb her, so he parked the car in the garage. Liang Youan woke up after dark. Song Sanchuan wanted to be her club’s first signed player. Liang Youan asked Song Sanchuan to add her back on WeChat. Song Sanchuan gave the trophy to Liang Youan and promised to put playing tennis first.

Liang Youan felt deeply relieved in her heart. She gradually developed feelings for Song Sanchuan and wanted to express her feelings to him during this tour. Unexpectedly, Song Sanchuan spoke first. Jiang Jiaojiao took the trophy home. Jiang Jie and Chen Ke did not go to watch his game. They will go through divorce procedures tomorrow. Jiang Jiaojiao was feeling mixed emotions.

Jiang Jie and Chen Ke went to get a divorce early in the morning. After the procedures were completed, Jiang Jie couldn’t wait to know about her relationship with the chef. Chen Ke made it clear that they were innocent and that she was just tired of her current life. Chen Ke packed up and left home. Jiang Jiaojiao moved back in with Jiang Jie.

Chen Ke came to watch Jiang Jiaojiao’s training. She saw Jiang Jiaojiao picking up balls for her teammates and thanked Liang Youan for changing Jiang Jiaojiao. She took the initiative to propose investing in Liang Youan’s club.

Chen Ke has high hopes for Liang Youan. She wants to be the club’s major shareholder. Liang Youan promised not to let her down. Liang Tao helped Liang Youan find three training venues. Liang Youan was very satisfied with one of them, but Song Sanchuan played badminton on the opposite side of that venue. Liang Tao took the opportunity to propose working at the club, and Liang Youan agreed.

Liang Youan came to talk to Song Sanchuan about the venue. Suddenly it started raining heavily. Liang Youan’s clothes were all soaked by the rain. Song Sanchuan let her change into his clothes. Liang Youan explained her intentions, and Song Sanchuan was very moved. He didn’t care about these things and thanked Liang Youan for thinking of him.

An Cong hurried back home and saw Liang Youan wearing Song Sanchuan’s clothes. She thought they had something going on. Song Sanchuan explained repeatedly. Liang Youan quickly changed into her own clothes and left. Song Sanchuan asked a courier to deliver cold medicine to Liang Youan. Jiang Jiaojiao lent Liang Tao 200,000 yuan. Liang Tao used the money to terminate her contract with New Star Media. She thanked Jiang Jiaojiao by inviting her to dinner and even spent all her money booking a sea-view room for her. Jiang Jiaojiao misunderstood that Liang Tao wanted to have sex with her, but Liang Tao let him enjoy the sea view alone and returned the room card. They only ordered two bowls of noodles. Jiang Jiaojiao also reminded Liang Tao not to book hotels casually to avoid misunderstandings.

After Liang Youan’s unremitting efforts, her tennis club was officially established and named “Top Smash”. Liang Youan has launched a new business model – the public-funded livelihood plan. The club will sign up with the top ten ranked players and bear their training fees, coaching fees and tournament fees. The prize money won by the players in the game will also be shared with the club. This greatly reduces the cost of training players and can attract more people to play tennis. When interviewed by media reporters, Liang Youan hoped to promote the public-funded livelihood plan throughout society.

Jiang Jiaojiao, Chen Zhe, Dai Yi and Song Sanchuan officially signed a contract with Liang Youan’s top club. Liang Youan arranged a collective dormitory for them and explained the club’s rules in detail. Liang Youan also recruited a group of female players. Due to the large investment in the public-funded livelihood plan in the early stage, Liang Youan reported to Chen Ke about the work arrangements for the next step. Chen Ke trusted her ability and gave her full authority to manage it.

Liang Youan worked hard for the club. Jiang Jiaojiao and Chen Zhe were very satisfied with the dormitory selected by Liang Youan. Zhang Yan encouraged the players to train hard and everyone was full of energy. Song Sanchuan invited Liang Youan to dinner. Liang Youan talked about her worries. She was worried that the club would lose money and let down the new investors. Song Sanchuan felt that her public-funded livelihood plan was feasible and believed that she could manage the club well. Song Sanchuan promised to help her with all his might, and Liang Youan felt warm in her heart.

Dai Yi sent a message to invite Song Sanchuan to the training ground overnight and asked Song Sanchuan to teach him badminton skills. Song Sanchuan taught him hand in hand. Zhang Yan found that Song Sanchuan used the wrist advantage of playing badminton to kill the serve continuously and reminded him not to be too eager to achieve success in order to avoid wrist injury. Liang Youan arranged a tournament schedule for each player according to their situation, and Zhang Yan had no objection.

Liang Youan’s efficient plan was quickly confirmed. Jiang Jiaojiao, Song Sanchuan and Dai Yi participated in different competitions respectively. They improved quickly and their scores continued to rise. Zhang Yan was worried that the space for improvement of the players would become smaller. He questioned Liang Youan. Luo Nian supported Liang Youan, and Zhang Yan was very unhappy.

Jiang Jiaojiao, Song Sanchuan, Dai Yi and Chen Zhe came to Luo Nian to apply for instant noodles. Luo Nian agreed readily. Liang Youan ate instant noodles with them. Luo Nian served a bowl of instant noodles to Zhang Yan and took the opportunity to apologize to him. Zhang Yan never ate instant noodles. He reluctantly ate them under Luo Nian’s persuasion.

Song Sanchuan will go to Nanjing tomorrow to participate in the competition for five days. Before leaving, he and Liang Youan said goodbye and vowed to win back all the championship trophies. Liang Youan also hoped that he would take herself and the club with him.

Song Sanchuan came to Nanjing to participate in the competition. The opponent was strong and Song Sanchuan could only barely cope with it. He quickly lost the first game. Zhang Yan reminded him to be mentally prepared. As the score gets higher and higher, the opponents he encounters will become stronger. Song Sanchuan feels a lot of pressure and thinks he is incompetent. Zhang Yan persuades him with all his heart but he still can’t let go of it.

Liang Tao and Ming Yu are doing their best to help Liang Youan manage the club and public account. Liang Youan sees it all and wants to invite them to dinner to express her gratitude. Liang Tao took the opportunity to suggest tonight but Liang Youan had already made an appointment with Jiang Jie and promised to invite them another time. Jiang Jiaojiao is fighting in the training ground and Liang Tao records the whole process. Jiang Jiaojiao feels uncomfortable being filmed and is asked to follow other team members, but they are all busy elsewhere.

Liang Youan arrived on time for the appointment and thought Jiang Jie would congratulate her. Unexpectedly, Jiang Jie advised her to give up the club and welcomed Liang Youan back to Yi Su Sport at any time. Jiang Jie thought that Liang Youan and Chen Ke were both angry with him and deliberately demonstrating against him. Liang Youan retorted that he was too self-centered and narrow-minded. Liang Youan made it clear that she and Chen Ke were working together and did not need to prove anything to anyone. She finished speaking her mind in one breath and left.

Liang Youan was always thinking about Song Sanchuan. She couldn’t sleep or eat well, so Luo Nian couldn’t help but tease her. Liang Youan missed him too much, so she booked a plane ticket to Nanjing and went straight to the competition venue to see Song Sanchuan. Song Sanchuan saw Liang Youan appear in the stands and fought with all his strength against his opponent, but still lost miserably. Zhang Yan scolded him severely.

Liang Youan took Song Sanchuan to meet with investor Boss Xu. Boss Xu was very interested in the public-funded student plan and was willing to share resources with Liang Youan. Boss Xu encouraged Song Sanchuan to play well and not be discouraged. Zhang Yan brought Song Sanchuan’s luggage to the airport, and Liang Youan and Song Sanchuan rushed directly to the airport.

Song Sanchuan invited Jiang Jie and Chen Zhe to dinner. Two members of the Yi Su Sports badminton team also came here. They ridiculed Song Sanchuan and spoke harshly to him. Jiang Jie and Chen Zhe stood up for Song Sanchuan and severely scolded the two badminton players. Song Sanchuan was ashamed and couldn’t sleep at night.

Zhang Yan found that Song Sanchuan was not in good condition recently and asked Liang Youan to talk to Song Sanchuan. Zhang Yan found that Song Sanchuan was difficult to recover from a bad start. Liang Youan came to talk to Song Sanchuan and advised him to rest for three days. Song Sanchuan didn’t want to rest. He admitted that he had a memory of losing and promised that he would get over it soon.

Liang Tao went to take personal photos of Song Sanchuan, but he avoided her. Jiang Jie deliberately took off his shirt to show his muscles and let Liang Tao take pictures of him. Liang Tao couldn’t look at him directly and quickly found an excuse to escape. Liang Youan wanted to help Song Sanchuan get out of the curse of losing. She went to consult with Coach Yu and went to find An Cong to understand Song Sanchuan’s situation. An Cong felt that Song Sanchuan’s knot was his mother Tong Lu. Liang Tao wanted to tell the story of Song Sanchuan and Tong Lu on the public account and wanted to use the network to find Tong Lu. Liang Youan did not want to disclose Song Sanchuan’s privacy. Song Sanchuan was deeply trapped in the shadow of losing and couldn’t extricate himself. He couldn’t find the state of playing all along and felt very depressed. Liang Youan had to help him apply for giving up the next game.

Song Sanchuan was very depressed. He tried his best but couldn’t get rid of his knot. He has been afraid since the last game and is afraid of losing. He doesn’t want to be a burden to the club, but he still failed in the end. Liang Youan advised Song Sanchuan not to have psychological pressure and relax to play every game well. Song Sanchuan decided to get out of himself and wanted to find his mother Tong Lu to open his knot. Liang Youan promised to help him find her with all her strength.

Liang Youan accompanied Song Sanchuan to his hometown to find Tong Lu. She specially bought a green leather car that lasted 22 hours, hoping that Song Sanchuan could think about it carefully during this opportunity. Song Sanchuan also notified An Cong to return to his hometown. Jiang Jie took out all his private money to help Liang Tao and the former company terminate the contract. He had no money and wanted to ask Jiang Jie for money. Liang Tao transferred all her salary for the month to him. Jiang Jie found that the club’s public account was full of videos of Song Sanchuan and asked Jiang Jie to take more videos of him.

Liang Youan and Song Sanchuan ate instant noodles on the green leather car. Song Sanchuan took the opportunity to ask about their intimate contact that night and wanted to know if Liang Youan was impulsive or really liked him. Liang Youan admitted that he liked Song Sanchuan. Song Sanchuan was so happy that he wrote the word “afraid of losing” and posted it on his forehead. Liang Youan also followed suit. The train stopped at a small station for a few minutes. Song Sanchuan got off the train with two notes, tore them to pieces on the spot, and then threw them into the trash can. He wanted to say goodbye to his fear of losing completely.

Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan went around to find Tong Lu in his hometown and learned that Tong Lu had been dead for six years. Tong Lu had made an appointment with the funeral home during her lifetime. If no one came to claim it during this period, her ashes would be scattered into the sea. Song Sanchuan remembered his mother’s appearance before her death. Now they are separated by yin and yang. He regretted coming late. Song Sanchuan clearly remembered that his mother often urged him to hurry up, but he did not expect that his mother would say this before she died. Song Sanchuan was so sad that he was almost desperate, and Liang Youan silently accompanied him.

Song Sanchuan came to the beach with Tong Lu’s ashes in his arms, and An Cong arrived later. He took over Tong Lu’s ashes and cried sadly. Song Sanchuan persuaded An Cong to start a new life and not to be trapped in a wig shop anymore. Song Sanchuan sprinkled Tong Lu’s ashes into the sea with sadness, praying that she would have a good journey. An Cong brought the remaining ashes over and expressed his lovesickness to Tong Lu, blaming her for not giving them a good farewell. An Cong sprinkled Tong Lu’s ashes into the sea with tears in his eyes and threw the medal left by Tong Lu into the sea as well, which moved Liang Youan deeply. An Cong wanted to break up with Song Sanchuan and go back to clean up Tong Lu’s house so that Song Sanchuan could move in.

As soon as Song Sanchuan returned to Shenzhen, he came directly to the former badminton hall and sat there in a daze. Liang Youan rushed over when he heard the news and sat beside him. Song Sanchuan urged her to go back early. Liang Youan told him a picture book story called “Hole”. The story tells about a little boy named Haozhi who dug a big hole. Others questioned him, only his father often came to see him. He looked at the blue sky in the hole and finally filled it up. Song Sanchuan was deeply inspired and thanked Liang Youan for accompanying him all the time. Song Sanchuan asked Liang Youan to play badminton with him, and Liang Youan agreed readily. Song Sanchuan waved his racket and gradually regained his confidence. Liang Youan was happy for him. Song Sanchuan went to see An Cong, and An Cong invited him to eat seafood buffet.

From that day on, Song Sanchuan was full of confidence and devoted himself to training. He passed one level after another and quickly became the first in the club’s points. Liang Youan had high hopes for him. Liang Tao found that Liang Youan and Song Sanchuan’s relationship was unusual, lied that Song Sanchuan had already confessed, and Liang Youan did not know whether it was a fraud or not, so she had to admit her romantic relationship with Song Sanchuan. Liang Tao threatened her with a video of Liang Youan helping Song Sanchuan tidy his hair. Liang Youan begged her hard to help keep it secret, and Liang Tao reluctantly agreed. Liang Youan deliberately kept a distance from Song Sanchuan and reminded him to pay attention to the impact.

Liang Youan accompanied Song Sanchuan to take care of Tong Lu’s affairs and also played badminton with him. Song Sanchuan’s fear of losing was completely opened up, and he was grateful to Liang Youan and more certain of Liang Youan’s feelings for him. Song Sanchuan felt very relieved, and An Cong was happy for him.

Liang Tao regularly took short videos of each team member and vigorously promoted them on the public account. She also made many tennis peripheral products as fan benefits. After Liang Tao and Ming Yu’s unremitting efforts, the number of fans of the club’s public account has been rising steadily. Song Sanchuan’s state is getting better and better. His points soon surpassed Jiang Jiaojiao to become the first in the club, and he has the most fans. Many members also came for Song Sanchuan. Liang Youan asked Liang Tao to take more short videos of Song Sanchuan. Jiang Jiaojiao was sour in her heart and spoke coldly to Liang Tao.

Song Sanchuan found that Jiang Jiaojiao had been busy recently and took the initiative to talk to her. Jiang Jiaojiao vented all her anger on Song Sanchuan. He gradually developed feelings for Liang Tao. Liang Tao surrounded Song Sanchuan every day, ignoring his feelings. Song Sanchuan thought he was sulking because of the ranking, but he didn’t expect it to be because of jealousy. Song Sanchuan didn’t want to explain too much, just smiled and passed it. Jiang Jiaojiao secretly vowed to surpass Song Sanchuan and let Liang Tao focus on him.

Female fans came to the club to visit by name. Liang Youan took them around. Huang Yike applied for a membership card on the spot and paid a membership fee of 100,000 yuan. Liang Youan arranged private lessons for her. Huang Yike couldn’t wait to see the training schedule of professional players, but Liang Youan refused under the pretext of inconvenience.

Whenever Song Sanchuan was training, many female fans came to watch. They were dizzy by Song Sanchuan’s charm. Luo Nian reminded Liang Youan to be careful. Recently, many half-hearted female members joined the club. They all came for Song Sanchuan, but Liang Youan didn’t care at all. Jiang Jiaojiao was depressed and often late, and was reprimanded by the coach Lao Huo, but he didn’t care at all. Liang Tao noticed that Jiang Jiaojiao was not right and asked him about it, but Jiang Jiaojiao avoided talking about it.

Huang Yike took the initiative to approach Song Sanchuan and even asked him to be her private coach. Liang Tao found that Huang Yike’s class schedule coincided with Song Sanchuan’s training time and suspected that Huang Yike was coming for Song Sanchuan. Song Sanchuan came to Liang Youan to report that Huang Yike asked him to be her private coach, and Liang Youan agreed.

In order to generate revenue for the club, Song Sanchuan became Huang Yike’s private coach. He taught very seriously and Huang Yike learned very well. She deliberately revealed that she played badminton in high school. The two became more and more familiar with each other. Huang Yike even added Song Sanchuan’s WeChat. Liang Youan came to the small shop next to the training ground and kept an eye on every move of Song Sanchuan and Huang Yike. As a result, he was discovered by Song Sanchuan and ran away in fright.

Jiang Jiaojiao used his spare time to practice ball games, and Liang Tao accompanied him and encouraged him not to be discouraged. She also briefly talked about the relationship between herself and Liang Youan. Liang Tao and Liang Youan are half-sisters with different mothers. Liang Youan has been excellent since she was a child, but she feels inferior to her sister. She doesn’t want to compare with Liang Youan, but just wants to live her own wonderful life. Liang Tao advised Jiang Jiaojiao not to compare himself with Song Sanchuan. The Gemini is the most shining star. Jiang Jiaojiao felt a little relieved in his heart. His life has always been smooth, and he has never encountered any setbacks. Liang Tao gave him a candy to relieve his stress. Jiang Jiaojiao kissed Liang Tao impulsively, then turned around and wanted to run away. Liang Tao grabbed Jiang Jiaojiao back and questioned him whether he was joking with her. Jiang Jiaojiao admitted in person that he liked Liang Tao, but Liang Tao didn’t buy it. She posted a note on the bedside to remind herself of Jiang Jiaojiao’s money at all times.

An Cong vigorously promoted Liang Youan’s club to customers and reminded Song Sanchuan to be more active towards Liang Youan. Song Sanchuan found that Liang Youan had been avoiding him recently. An Cong thought that they had reached a period of fatigue and came up with many ideas. Liang Youan specially invited Ai Li Ke Si to consult her on how to develop Song Sanchuan into a tennis star. Ai Li Ke Si suggested that Song Sanchuan should play in an international event.

Saturday was Song Sanchuan’s birthday. Song Sanchuan invited Liang Youan to celebrate with him. Jiang Jiaojiao and Chen Zhe wanted to celebrate Song Sanchuan’s birthday, but Song Sanchuan declined with the excuse that he didn’t have the habit of celebrating his birthday. Liang Tao suggested that everyone play frisbee together. Song Sanchuan invited Liang Youan to participate, but Liang Youan lied that she had something else to do on Saturday.

Liang Tao brought Song Sanchuan and others to a friend’s frisbee club, and everyone had a great time. Song Sanchuan had been waiting for Liang Youan all the time, but he was disappointed when she didn’t show up. Luo Nian urged Liang Youan to attend Song Sanchuan’s birthday party so that he wouldn’t be taken away by Huang Yike. Huang Yike had just paid 20,000 yuan for Song Sanchuan’s private coaching fee, which made Liang Youan dumbfounded. She was sitting restlessly at home.

Liang Youan hurriedly rushed to the frisbee club and bought a birthday cake for Song Sanchuan. Song Sanchuan was very happy. Huang Yike took the initiative to show off to Liang Youan and tried to take Song Sanchuan away from her. Liang Youan refused to lose and openly declared war with Huang Yike. Huang Yike thought she had the upper hand and easily hit the target with a frisbee. Unexpectedly, Liang Youan was even better. She used to play frisbee frequently when she was studying abroad, which made Huang Yike dumbfounded.

Liang Youan had to go back to the club to deal with business and let Song Sanchuan and his friends celebrate his birthday. Huang Yike gave Song Sanchuan a 20,000 yuan course card as a gift, but Song Sanchuan declined politely. Huang Yike expressed her feelings to Song Sanchuan, but he clearly stated that he already liked someone else. After saying this, he took the cake and went back to the club to find Liang Youan.

Liang Youan was arranging things when Song Sanchuan came back to celebrate his birthday with her. He confessed his love for Liang Youan and bought back the frisbee as a gift for her. Liang Youan was very moved and was about to express her feelings for Song Sanchuan when she suddenly received a call from Ai Li Ke Si. Ai Li Ke Si revealed that Easy Sports had obtained the naming rights for Shenzhen’s largest tennis tour, so Liang Youan decided to let Song Sanchuan participate in it.

Jiang Jie wanted to give the wildcard to tennis player Zheng Luoyi so that he could beat the company’s spokesperson. Gao Li wanted to give the wildcard to the son of a Beijing distributor. The two of them were at odds and argued with each other. Chairman Gao asked them to compete in fishing. Whoever caught a fish first would get the wildcard.

Jiang Jiao was determined to get the wildcard and expressed his determination to Liang Youan. Jiang Jiao went home to ask Jiang Jie for the wildcard. Jiang Jie was sick from fishing all day and had fired his nanny. He didn’t even have anyone to pour him water. Jiang Jiao felt sorry for him and poured him tea. Jiang Jiao explained his intentions, but Jiang Jie asked him to earn the wildcard with his own ability. Jiang Jiao was angry and decided to ask his mother Chen Ke for help.

Chen Ke asked Jiang Jie for the wildcard, but Jiang Jie was eager to know where she lived now. Chen Ke didn’t say a word, so Jiang Jie left in anger. Chen Ke had no choice but to ask Liang Youan to ask Jiang Jie for the wildcard. Liang Youan specially bought a bottle of good wine and took Song Sanchuan with her to see Jiang Jie. Liang Youan reminded Song Sanchuan in advance to be nice to Jiang Jie, and Song Sanchuan reluctantly agreed.

Liang Youan explained her intentions and asked Jiang Jie to give the wildcard to Song Sanchuan. She believed that Song Sanchuan would not let the company down. Jiang Jie was still upset that Liang Youan didn’t help him with his work and kept apologizing to him. Jiang Jie didn’t buy it and even mocked Liang Youan for being led astray by young people. Song Sanchuan stood up for Liang Youan, and Jiang Jie was very angry. He had to admit that the wildcard was in Gao Li’s hands. That day, Gao Li caught a fish first, and Chairman Gao kept his promise and handed the wildcard over to Gao Li.

Song Sanchuan felt fooled and despised Jiang Jie’s actions. Jiang Jie instead ridiculed him for getting the wildcard which was useless. Liang Youan was angry and accused Jiang Jie of being a selfish person in both work and life, asking others to be loyal to him forever. Liang Youan cursed him with retribution and left with Song Sanchuan after saying this.

Liang Youan was still angry and regretted not scolding Jiang Jie enough just now. Song Sanchuan kindly advised her, but Liang Youan only wanted to fight for this international event for Song Sanchuan and vowed to earn this point by his own ability. Gao Li came to watch Song Sanchuan play and made sarcastic remarks about Jiang Jiao. Jiang Jiao didn’t back down and retorted.

Jiang Jiao went to find Liang Tao, who asked him to dress up as a polar bear and shoot a promotional video. Jiang Jiao did as he was told. Gao Li and Song Sanchuan played a game of tennis, and Gao Li praised Song Sanchuan endlessly. Gao Li wanted to buy Liang Youan’s top smash club and promised to give the wildcard to Song Sanchuan. Liang Youan refused decisively. She had different ideas from Gao Li and didn’t want the club to become a bargaining chip for power and interests. Gao Li had no choice but to leave in frustration.

Jiang Jie revealed to Jiang Jiao who Gao Li wanted to give the wildcard to. Jiang Jiao immediately called Liang Youan to inform her. Liang Youan asked him to find out what resources Gao Li wanted in exchange.

Jiang Jiao quickly found out that Gao Li wanted to give the wildcard to Qi Qiao, the son of Qi Zong from Yuanshan Real Estate. Liang Youan went to negotiate with Gao Li. Zhang Yan had been Qi Qiao’s coach before. Qi Qiao was extremely introverted and didn’t like tennis at all. If Qi Qiao failed in the tour, Qi Zong and Qi Qiao would not only be grateful to Gao Li but also hate him. Liang Youan presented her plan and promised to make the most of this wildcard.

After much consideration, Gao Li agreed to give the wildcard to Song Sanchuan. Liang Youan rushed back to the club excitedly to tell Song Sanchuan the good news. Unexpectedly, there was news on the internet that Liang Youan had used her power for personal gain and fought for a wildcard for her young boyfriend Song Sanchuan. The photo of them embracing each other affectionately on the training ground was also uploaded. This matter soon spread widely, and Liang Youan was stunned. Song Sanchuan went to practice under pressure.

Jiang Jiao and Chen Zhe advised Song Sanchuan not to care about the rumors on the internet. It was certain that he would lose this game. This confirmed the rumors on the internet. Song Sanchuan was unwilling to admit defeat and vowed to do his best in the game. Zhang Yan advised Liang Youan to put the overall situation of the club first and not let her emotions affect Song Sanchuan’s performance. Liang Youan admitted that she was not professional enough and should not have fallen in love with her player. After weighing the pros and cons, Liang Youan decided to find a manager to replace her after Song Sanchuan finished the tour.

Song Sanchuan trained hard day and night until he was exhausted. Lao Hu advised Song Sanchuan to reduce his training volume, otherwise he would break down his body. Song Sanchuan knew very well that he was facing a game that he was sure to lose. He didn’t want to disappoint everyone and asked Luo Nian to rearrange his diet to meet his body’s high exercise needs. Luo Nian explained the pros and cons to him, but he didn’t listen. Luo Nian couldn’t persuade Song Sanchuan, so she had to ask Liang Youan to persuade him.

Liang Youan advised Song Sanchuan not to put too much pressure on himself. Song Sanchuan witnessed Liang Youan’s efforts for this wildcard. He must win this tour. Liang Youan doesn’t have to leave the club. Song Sanchuan wanted to know if Liang Youan really liked him. Liang Youan admitted that she liked Song Sanchuan very much. Song Sanchuan vowed to win this game and urged Liang Youan to rest as soon as possible. He would leave after he finished these two sets of equipment.

Song Sanchuan increased his exercise volume and accidentally sprained his knee. He secretly went to see a Chinese doctor. The doctor found that his meniscus was severely damaged and reminded him that he could no longer do high-intensity training, let alone participate in the game. Song Sanchuan was determined to win the tour and asked the doctor to temporarily relieve the pain with acupuncture and give him a closed needle.

The “Yisu Cup” Tennis International Tour was held on time at the Central Stadium. Liang Youan, Chen Ke, Ai Li Ke Si, Jiang Jie, Gao Li, and Chen Ke came to watch. Coach Yu also came to the scene. Lao Hu and the players watched the live broadcast at the club. The first focus of the game was Song Sanchuan vs Japanese player Ito Okitsu. Ito Okitsu was an old tennis player, and Song Sanchuan was much weaker than him in strength. Everyone didn’t think much of Song Sanchuan.

The game began, Ito Okitsu launched a fierce attack, and Song Sanchuan was unable to fight back and could only barely support it. He quickly lost the first set. Liang Youan was sweating for Song Sanchuan. Zhang Yan saw that the opponent looked down on Song Sanchuan and prayed that he could turn defeat into victory. In the second set, Song Sanchuan won a point with his serve. He became more and more brave and led all the way, smoothly winning the second set. Everyone applauded for Song Sanchuan. Ito Okitsu threw his racket on the ground in anger.

In the final deciding set, Song Sanchuan and Ito Okitsu did not give in to each other. They played hard and were difficult to solve. Song Sanchuan played with ease. He played a beautiful net interception and hit the ball to the opponent’s boundary. Song Sanchuan challenged the ball on the other side of the net. The video replay showed that he won that point. Ito Okitsu stabilized his mind and showed his ultimate skill. This was a tactic that Liang Youan had studied many times before the game. Song Sanchuan took out the racket tied by An Cong.

Ito Okitsu played steadily, and Song Sanchuan calmly fought back with a snake-like play style. He suddenly felt severe pain in his knee and had to stand up straight with his racket supported on the ground. Liang Youan was so nervous that she dared not breathe. She knew that Song Sanchuan had been overtrained recently. Song Sanchuan gritted his teeth and hit the ball despite the pain. Ito Okitsu adjusted his tactics and deliberately hit a ball with a large bouncing amplitude, quickly tying the score. The next one is a deciding game.

Song Sanchuan fought with injuries. He adjusted his tactics and hit a beautiful spin ball. Ito Okitsu was caught off guard and Song Sanchuan gained the initiative in this game. Liang Youan held her breath and worried about Song Sanchuan’s leg injury. Song Sanchuan became more and more brave. Ito Okitsu hit the ball out of bounds and Song Sanchuan won this game. He won glory for the country. Everyone present applauded for Song Sanchuan. Liang Youan was excited and moved to tears.

Song Sanchuan walked towards Liang Youan with great joy, suddenly his knee injury flared up and he fell to the ground. He gritted his teeth in pain. Liang Youan felt sorry for him and blamed him for not exchanging his leg for the victory of this game. Song Sanchuan felt it was worth it. Liang Youan took Song Sanchuan to the hospital and received many congratulatory calls in a row. Liang Youan only hoped that the media would vigorously publicize Song Sanchuan’s victory in the game and not focus on his injury.

The doctor checked that Song Sanchuan’s ligament was torn and suggested surgery as soon as possible. Song Sanchuan wanted conservative treatment and said he would wait until after this round of games before deciding. The doctor was worried that exercising the ligament during the game would completely ruin his sports career. Liang Youan did not want to take risks, but Song Sanchuan was worried that his knee would be ruined and he could not play again, so he insisted on finishing the game before deciding.

Song Sanchuan is worried that he won’t be able to play basketball because of his knee injury. He has no value in Liang Youan’s heart. Liang Youan persuades him to sign the consent form on the spot and promises not to leave Song Sanchuan even if the surgery fails.

Song Sanchuan’s surgery was very successful, but the recovery process that followed was long. Song Sanchuan was very depressed, and Liang Youan wanted to stay and take care of him. Song Sanchuan made an excuse that he needed a male nurse, so Liang Youan had to leave in tears. Song Sanchuan struggled to get up and wanted to get the urinal under the bed. Liang Youan came in with a lot of daily necessities. Song Sanchuan didn’t want Liang Youan to see his current situation. He finally understood how his mother Tong Lu felt when she was terminally ill. Liang Youan confessed her love to Song Sanchuan, who was very moved and promised to be her boyfriend.

An Cong was going to accompany Song Sanchuan. Liang Youan saw that Song Sanchuan wanted to be convenient, so she took out the urinal and put it beside Song Sanchuan’s bed. Then she found an excuse to leave first. Before leaving, Liang Youan reminded Song Sanchuan to cooperate with the doctor for treatment and even kissed Song Sanchuan. Song Sanchuan was happy and couldn’t close his mouth.

Liang Youan was busy for the club and An Cong sent her messages at any time to report Song Sanchuan’s condition. Liang Youan was relieved when she learned that Song Sanchuan was getting better day by day. Jiang Jiaojiao, Chen Zhe and Dai Yi sent a video greeting to Song Sanchuan, encouraging him to recover as soon as possible and return to everyone.

Song Sanchuan tried to get out of bed despite the pain, but he couldn’t move at all. He suspected that An Cong had concealed his condition and questioned him. An Cong answered incoherently in his sleep. Song Sanchuan thought that his leg would never recover again. He was anxious to get out of bed and stand up, but he fell heavily on the ground. An Cong was awakened by the noise and advised him kindly. Song Sanchuan decided that he could no longer return to the court and was completely disheartened.

Luo Nian selected a very reliable rehabilitation center and asked Liang Youan to take Song Sanchuan there for treatment. Liang Youan carefully selected a rehabilitation center in Chengdu. Song Sanchuan will be discharged tomorrow. Liang Youan came to see him after finishing her work and brought him a large bouquet of flowers. Song Sanchuan welcomed her with crutches. Liang Youan hugged him tightly and planned to take him to Chengdu for a month of rehabilitation training after discharge. An Cong packed Song Sanchuan’s luggage and came to the hospital. Liang Youan hurried home to pack.

Liang Youan carried two large suitcases to the airport and specially chose first class. Song Sanchuan could only sit in a wheelchair and watched Liang Youan busy with procedures. He felt sorry for her. Liang Youan tried hard to make him happy and even sought help from the stewardess. When Song Sanchuan heard Liang Youan introduce him as her boyfriend to the stewardess, he was overjoyed.

Liang Youan booked a homestay closest to the rehabilitation center. Song Sanchuan wanted to sleep with Liang Youan, but she was afraid of pressing his leg and insisted on sleeping in separate rooms. Song Sanchuan had to give up. That night, Song Sanchuan was excited and couldn’t sleep. He sent messages to Liang Youan coquettishly. Liang Youan reminded him to rest well and do rehabilitation tomorrow. Song Sanchuan tried to lift his leg, but his knee was unbearable. Liang Youan couldn’t sleep and came to Song Sanchuan’s room with a quilt. The two hugged each other and slept.

Song Sanchuan got up early to take a shower. Liang Youan took the opportunity to call Luo Nian and share her love for Song Sanchuan. Luo Nian couldn’t help teasing her. Song Sanchuan heard Liang Youan’s conversation and was very happy. Liang Youan took Song Sanchuan to the rehabilitation center. The doctor developed a 16-week rehabilitation plan for him. Song Sanchuan heard that this center was very expensive and wanted to know who would pay for it. Liang Youan lied that she had bought insurance for every player and the money would be paid by the insurance company. In fact, this is a rehabilitation center beyond the scope of claims, and the insurance company only bears 30% of the cost, and the rest must be paid by oneself.

Liang Youan held a video conference. Liang Tao and Ming Yu reported to her about the club’s situation. The public account gained 50,000 fans overnight. Many professional players wanted to join their club to fill Song Sanchuan’s vacancy.

Liang Tao wanted Liang Youan to take some videos of Song Sanchuan’s rehabilitation training as material, but Liang Youan refused. She didn’t want this matter to be exposed. Jiang Jiaojiao used the excuse that his parents didn’t give him living expenses and asked Liang Tao to treat him to a meal. Liang Tao couldn’t refuse and had to invite him to eat the cheapest tofu. Jiang Jiaojiao thought that Liang Tao looked down on him for being poor and couldn’t stand it. He decided to change his strategy and pretended to be poor in front of Liang Tao, asking her to eat with him every day. Liang Youan accompanied Song Sanchuan for rehabilitation training every day and bought puzzles to pass the time. Song Sanchuan taught her how to do puzzles, and the two worked on the puzzle together.

Liang Tao took the bus home, and Jiang Jiaojiao accompanied her on the bus and asked Liang Tao to give him the money for the return ticket. Jiang Jiaojiao bought her favorite snacks for Liang Tao and listened to the song he sang together with her. It was the most played song in Liang Tao’s playlist, and she was very moved. Song Sanchuan actively asked to add some training content, and Liang Youan happily accompanied him.

Someone exposed online that Liang Tao was not a rich second generation but a private daughter born out of wedlock. This matter caused a sensation, and netizens criticized Liang Tao harshly. She hid at home and dared not see anyone. She lay on the bed crying loudly. Jiang Jiaojiao was the first to stand up for her and promised to help her delete those negative comments. Jiang Jiaojiao tried his best to make Liang Tao happy, and Liang Tao felt a little relieved.

Liang Youan learned about Liang Tao’s situation from Luo Nian and called Liang Tao to stop updating the public account for two days and temporarily hand it over to Luo Nian. Liang Youan took the initiative to help Liang Tao solve her problems. Liang Tao was grateful to her and called her sister. Liang Youan had severe menstrual cramps and did not bring painkillers. Song Sanchuan warmed her stomach and massaged acupoints to relieve pain for her. Song Sanchuan was curious about the first time Liang Youan had a crush on him. Liang Youan clearly remembered that it was when they were swinging together. Song Sanchuan also truthfully answered every scene when he fell in love with Liang Youan. The two had endless sweet talk.

Song Sanchuan woke up early and found that Liang Youan was not at home. He saw a note at the head of the bed and learned that Liang Youan had gone to buy breakfast. When he got up to wash his face and brush his teeth, he found that the shampoo at home was used up, so he went downstairs to the supermarket to buy it. He also bought balloons and followed the video to learn how to make patterns. He accidentally burst the balloon.

Liang Youan was having a video conference with Zhang Yan and Luo Nian to report Song Sanchuan’s rehabilitation situation when she suddenly heard movement upstairs. She hurriedly went up to see what was going on. Song Sanchuan lied that he dropped the shampoo on the ground, and Liang Youan didn’t ask much either. Luo Nian wanted to go home to cook, and Zhang Yan wanted to drive her there. Luo Nian politely declined and exposed his trick of using a mineral water bottle to hold white wine in front of him.

Song Sanchuan used a balloon to make a flower and gave it to Liang Youan. Liang Youan loved it and happily took a picture of it as a souvenir. Song Sanchuan used his rehabilitation time to make colorful balloon flowers for Liang Youan, which moved her deeply. Song Sanchuan cooperated with the doctor to do rehabilitation exercises with all his strength. He wanted to return to the training ground as soon as possible, but the doctor advised him not to be too anxious. Liang Youan also advised him to relax and used balloons to make cute animal shapes to make him happy.

Song Sanchuan completed the first stage of rehabilitation training. The doctor handed the bill to Liang Youan. When Liang Youan went to pay the bill, Song Sanchuan took the opportunity to ask the doctor about the cost and learned that the insurance company only reimbursed 30% of it. Song Sanchuan was very unhappy about it. Liang Youan packed her luggage and prepared to return to Shenzhen. She and Song Sanchuan completed a puzzle together.

Liang Youan liked the picture she and Song Sanchuan put together. Song Sanchuan wanted to take it back to Shenzhen. Liang Youan also brought the balloon flowers made by Song Sanchuan with her. After a month of rehabilitation treatment, Song Sanchuan’s condition improved significantly. Although he no longer needed a wheelchair, he could not return to the court in a short time. Liang Youan was worried that he had psychological burden and advised him kindly.

As soon as Song Sanchuan returned to the wig shop, he told An Cong about his worries. Liang Youan not only paid for most of his treatment costs at the Chengdu Rehabilitation Center, but also paid for his daily expenses and accommodation. He couldn’t make money from competitions for the time being and felt guilty about it. But Liang Youan didn’t mention anything about money, which made Song Sanchuan even more uneasy. An Cong asked Song Sanchuan to bring up this matter first.

Zhang Yan and Luo Nian developed a detailed rehabilitation training plan for Song Sanchuan, hoping that he would return to the competition as soon as possible. Song Sanchuan asked Liang Youan about the rehabilitation costs. Liang Youan did not hide anything and told him that the insurance company only paid 30% of it. Song Sanchuan wrote an IOU to her, promising to pay her back as soon as possible. Liang Youan did not refuse.

Jiang Jiaojiao asked Chen Zhe to treat Song Sanchuan. Song Sanchuan publicly announced his relationship with Liang Youan. Jiang Jiaojiao, Chen Zhe and Dai Yi all supported them and advised Song Sanchuan not to take online rumors to heart. Liang Tao took the initiative to apologize to Liang Youan. Her previous vanity videos brought shame to the club, but she made up for it in time. Now her fans have increased again. She promised not to show her face in public videos again, but Liang Youan encouraged her to work hard.

Liang Youan bought toys that boys like for Luo Le. She wanted Luo Le to be strong like a boy. Luo Nian casually said that she would have a boy after she got married. Liang Youan was worried that it would be difficult for her to get pregnant after her cyst surgery, so Luo Nian quickly changed the subject. Liang Youan and Song Sanchuan spent a month together. Now she is not used to sleeping alone. Liang Youan couldn’t sleep and called Song Sanchuan. Song Sanchuan read her the book about rehabilitation treatment and Liang Youan gradually fell asleep.

Zhang Yan strictly followed the plan to conduct rehabilitation training for Song Sanchuan. Song Sanchuan practiced very seriously and completed it very well. He quickly returned to his state before he was injured. Zhang Yan conducted a special test for him, and his performance in each item met the standard. Zhang Yan agreed that Song Sanchuan could return to the training ground. His teammates cheered him on, and Liang Youan was excited with tears in her eyes. Their long-term efforts finally paid off.

Luo Nian looked at Zhang Yan with admiration. He selflessly considered the players. Zhang Yan admitted that he had brought waste players and divorced. Luo Nian and he sympathized with each other and opened their hearts to each other, producing different feelings for each other. Jiang Jiaojiao and Liang Tao have been secretly in love for a hundred days. Jiang Jiaojiao took her to buy a ring, and the salesperson recommended a diamond ring. Jiang Jiaojiao bought it on the spot and gave it to her, and proposed to Liang Tao. Liang Tao agreed with joy.

The number of club members has been increasing steadily, causing a shortage of venues and coaches. Liang Youan and Zhang Yan discussed the expansion of the venue. Xu Lexi, his ex-wife, suddenly came to seek refuge with Zhang Yan. Her ID card was confiscated by her boyfriend and she was also threatened and intimidated by her boyfriend. Zhang Yan couldn’t resist her softness and had to agree to temporarily take her in.

Luo Nian hurried back to the club and met Zhang Yan and Xu Lexi head-on. Xu Lexi claimed that she came to visit relatives and deliberately coquettishly asked Zhang Yan to stay at the club. Zhang Yan resolutely refused. Luo Nian couldn’t stand Xu Lexi’s behavior and left after saying a word to Zhang Yan. The players who came to play against them were very good. Chen Zhe knew that he would definitely be replaced, so Lao Huo reminded Song Sanchuan to hold his position. Song Sanchuan was not sure about it, but Liang Youan cheered him on.

Jiang Jiaojiao went home to confront Jiang Jie. He wanted to marry Liang Tao, but Jiang Jie strongly disagreed. He didn’t like Liang Tao and Jiang Jiaojiao was not qualified to get married yet. Even the diamond ring was bought with his card. Jiang Jiaojiao had made up his mind. As long as Jiang Jie helped him with a wedding, they would rent a house after the wedding. Jiang Jie couldn’t persuade him and had to call Chen Ke. Chen Ke thought Liang Tao was good and supported Jiang Jiaojiao. Jiang Jie was very angry and refused to let go.


Tomorrow Song Sanchuan will participate in his first game after rehabilitation. Liang Youan encouraged him not to be nervous. An Cong helped him pack his luggage and took the opportunity to persuade him to move in with Liang Youan. Song Sanchuan wanted to win the game and take back the position of the welfare player.

Before the game, Zhang Yan helped Song Sanchuan with warm-up training, and Luo Nian came to cheer for Song Sanchuan. Xu Lexi sarcastically mocked Zhang Yan and brought up his drinking after teaching waste players. Luo Nian supported Zhang Yan and retorted Xu Lexi. Song Sanchuan was in high spirits when he took the court. He played steadily and won the first ball. Liang Youan breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, Song Sanchuan felt pain in his knee. He gritted his teeth and continued playing despite the pain, but he lost repeatedly.

At halftime, Song Sanchuan was full of thoughts. Liang Youan applied an ice pack to his knee while Zhang Yan and Liang Youan were worried for him. Song Sanchuan did his best but ended up losing, feeling disappointed. Liang Youan comforted him with kind words.

Ai Like Si called Liang Youan to discuss the expansion of the venue, but she was worried about Song Sanchuan. Song Sanchuan told her to meet Ai Like Si without worry, and Liang Youan promised to have dinner with him tonight. Song Sanchuan asked Zhang Yan to accompany him to the hospital, where the doctor found no problems with his knee but diagnosed him with phantom pain, a type of psychological suggestion.

The doctor suggested covering the injured knee. Song Sanchuan asked Zhang Yan to keep it a secret and didn’t want Liang Youan and his teammates to worry about him. Zhang Yan believed that Song Sanchuan would win.

Liang Youan ordered takeout and ate with Song Sanchuan. Song Sanchuan specially bought a big watermelon. They ate while admiring the puzzle hanging on the wall and reminiscing about the good times in Chengdu. Liang Youan painted Song Sanchuan’s nails and took pictures as a keepsake. Liu Yuemei, Liang Youan’s mother, suddenly came to visit him. Liang Youan wanted Song Sanchuan to meet his mother, but Song Sanchuan was not ready yet, so Liang Youan asked him to hide first.

Liu Yuemei went to pick some waxberries with an old friend and sent some to Liang Youan. When Liu saw a large watermelon on the table, she suspected someone was hiding in Liang’s house but didn’t say anything. Liang quickly went to wash the waxberries to cover up her nervousness. Liu made an excuse and left. Song Sanchuan saw Liang sorting out his competition information and felt uneasy, vowing to perform well in the competition. That night, Song suffered from phantom pain again but didn’t tell Liang, not wanting her to worry about him.

Although Luo Nian wrapped a knee pad for Song Sanchuan before the game, Song Sanchuan was not in a good state due to too much psychological pressure. Liang Youan was very anxious. Zhang Yan was in a heavy mood, and Xu Lexi was sarcastic and pushed all the responsibility onto Zhang Yan. After the game, Liang Youan asked about Song Sanchuan’s condition. Song Sanchuan had to admit that he often had phantom pain and didn’t know when he would get better. Song Sanchuan was worried that he could not repay Liang Youan’s money on time and felt guilty.

Song Sanchuan’s urine test result was abnormal, and the drug supervision department asked him to re-examine. Song Sanchuan remembered that he had asked the doctor for a placebo. Zhang Yan repeatedly confirmed that the medicine was not illegal. Every time Song Sanchuan had phantom pain, he would take one. He had taken it before the game, and the result of the re-examination had not come out yet. Liang Youan stood by Song Sanchuan’s side and encouraged him. Song Sanchuan felt more confident. Xin Liu secretly vowed to face the difficulties ahead positively, and Liang Youan wanted to face them together with him.

Luo Nian came to see Zhang Yan. Zhang Yan drank to drown his sorrows and was drunk and unconscious. He had seen the doctor prescribe that placebo. He felt that he was the culprit and had harmed Song Sanchuan. He wanted to leave here. Luo Nian scolded Zhang Yan for being too cowardly and was furious with him. Liang Youan took out the photos in his phone. She took every unforgettable moment of Song Sanchuan’s life. Song Sanchuan felt that he was a fool. Liang Youan liked him to move forward bravely, like a hot-blooded fool.

Song Sanchuan heard that Zhang Yan was leaving and tried to keep him. Song Sanchuan thanked Zhang Yan for his training and help all the time and asked him to stay. Zhang Yan asked Song Sanchuan to drink a bottle of wine. Song Sanchuan drank it all at once and found that it was mineral water inside. Zhang Yan promised to stay and never back down again. Song Sanchuan immediately took Zhang Yan to training.

Song Sanchuan’s re-examination results were normal. He devoted himself to training with Liang Youan and Zhang Yan taking turns to accompany him. Song Sanchuan’s condition improved day by day. He was going to participate in the competition. Liang Youan gave him a gift and asked him to open it before the game. It was a small tip written by Liang Youan according to Song Sanchuan’s characteristics. Song Sanchuan treated it as a treasure and won the game.

Liang Youan came to the wig shop to find Song Sanchuan and casually mentioned that Jiang Jiaojiao and Liang Tao were going to get married. Song Sanchuan took the opportunity to ask her about her views on marriage, and Liang Youan felt that she should let nature take its course.

Jiang Jie asked Liang Youan to persuade Jiang Jiaojiao and Liang Tao not to get married. He felt that Liang Tao’s family background was too complicated. Liang Youan made it clear that Liang Tao was not an illegitimate child as rumored on the internet.

Jiang Jiaojiao came to Song Sanchuan for help and wanted Liang Youan to intercede for her. Song Sanchuan also felt that Jiang Jiaojiao could not get married temporarily. He had no ability to support his family at all. Jiang Jiaojiao did not want Liang Tao to continue waiting. Song Sanchuan reminded him to let Jiang Jie see his efforts. Liang Youan called Liang Tao to her house and asked her about her true thoughts on marriage. Liang Tao told her parents about the marriage, and her parents wanted her to get married as soon as possible. Liang Tao also didn’t want to miss Jiang Jiaojiao and even urged Liang Youan to get married with her. However, Liang Youan did not want to start a family yet. Liang Tao stayed at Liang Youan’s house that night, and after hearing what she said, Liang Youan also had the urge to get married. She sent a message to Song Sanchuan, but he didn’t understand what she meant.

Jiang Jiaojiao brought Liang Tao to meet her parents. Chen Ke gave Liang Tao a set of coffee cups. Jiang Jie did not prepare a gift and promised to make up for it next time. Jiang Jie agreed that Jiang Jiaojiao and Liang Tao could get married, but the condition was that Jiang Jiaojiao would find a job to support his family immediately and could play tennis in his spare time. Jiang Jie also promised to give them a set of wedding houses. Jiang Jiaojiao was caught in a dilemma.

Liang Tao didn’t want to exchange marriage and tennis in case Jiang Jiaojiao regretted it in the future. Jiang Jiaojiao didn’t want to give up tennis either. Liang Tao gave the diamond ring to Jiang Jiaojiao to sell so that he could continue playing tennis. Jiang Jiaojiao was very moved. In order to earn more money and marry Liang Tao as soon as possible, Jiang Jiaojiao tried his best and did not miss any opportunity to play tennis. He won ten consecutive games.

Liang You’an found that the relationship between Zhang Yan and Luo Nian became very subtle, deliberately creating opportunities for them to be alone. Lao Huo also found an excuse to take Xu Tan away. Zhang Yan gathered the courage to express his feelings to Luo Nian. Xu Lexi had already returned to Beijing, and he also made up his mind to quit drinking. Luo Nian was not interested at all and even ridiculed him. Zhang Yan was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

Jiang Jiaojiao participated in the corporate-sponsored tournament today. He notified Jiang Jie and Chen Ke to watch the game. They arrived at the venue on time. Liang Tao recorded the whole process next to him. Jiang Jiaojiao launched a fierce attack as soon as he took the stage. He easily defeated his opponent. Jiang Jie and Chen Ke applauded for him. Jiang Jiaojiao took out his recent game account book. Although there were only 122 yuan, Jiang Jiaojiao was very happy and wanted to use this money to invite his parents to eat ice cream. Jiang Jiaojiao took the opportunity to express his attitude to Jiang Jie. He wanted to get married and didn’t want to give up tennis either. Jiang Jie agreed to their marriage and cancelled the wedding house.

Jiang Jiaojiao and Liang Tao got their marriage certificate. They were happy like children. Chen Ke saw the photos in the circle of friends and felt deeply relieved. Liang Tao took the marriage certificate back to show her parents. Liang Shu and Wang Xuerong were happy and couldn’t close their mouths. Wang Xuerong compared herself with Liang You’an. Liang Tao advised her not to treat Liang You’an as an imaginary enemy anymore. Liang Shu took out all his savings and asked Liang Tao to give it back to Jiang Jiaojiao. Liang Tao was moved to tears. Wang Xuerong invited them father and daughter to a restaurant for a big meal, which Liang Shu naturally agreed to.

Liang You’an saw Jiang Jiaojiao and Liang Tao’s wedding photos and was also happy for them. She was worried that the cyst surgery would affect her fertility. Song Sanchuan had no concept of having children. He was just very happy. This proved that Liang You’an really wanted to be with him. Song Sanchuan only wanted to be with Liang You’an every day. Everything else was a gift. If Liang You’an really couldn’t have children, he didn’t care. Liang You’an was relieved.

Jiang Jiaojiao and Liang Tao’s wedding is approaching. The team specially compiled a set of tennis promotional videos. Chen Ke invited Jiang Jie and Liang Shu to visit and discuss the details of the wedding. Jiang Jie only wanted to give Jiang Jiaojiao a decent wedding. Jiang Jiaojiao and Liang Tao are ready to get married today. Liang You’an helped Liang Tao with makeup and took the opportunity to ask about her relationship with Song Sanchuan. Liang You’an felt very happy.

Jiang Jiaojiao changed into a brand new suit. Song Sanchuan, Chen Zhe and Dai Yi came to congratulate him. Jiang Jiaojiao wanted to give Liang You’an a bouquet of flowers, but Song Sanchuan didn’t want Liang You’an to be embarrassed in public. Liang Tao and Jiang Jiaojiao are ready for everything and have invited both parents to attend the wedding. Jiang Jie felt that the wedding was too hasty and too simple. He was very dissatisfied, and Liang Shu was also puzzled.

Jiang Jiaojiao apologized to her parents in public. She had relied on them since she was young. Since meeting Liang Tao, she realized that she needed to rely on her own abilities to live her life well. Jiang Jiaojiao and Liang Tao completed their wedding amidst the blessings of their relatives and friends. Liang Tao threw her bouquet of flowers into the sky. Jiang Jie witnessed Jiang Jiaojiao’s simple and lively wedding and felt mixed emotions. He felt that he was getting old and that Jiang Jiaojiao no longer needed him. Chen Ke saw through his thoughts and advised him to let go of Jiang Jiaojiao.

Jiang Jie thanked Liang Youan for cultivating Jiang Jiaojiao into a responsible person. Zhang Yan and Luo Le got along well. They laughed and joked with each other and even called each other brother and sister. Zhang Yan wanted to teach Luo Le how to play tennis, but Luo Nian firmly refused.

Wang Xuerong sarcastically mocked Liang Youan and joked that she still hasn’t gotten married. Song Sanchuan arrived in time to help her out. Liang Youan introduced Song Sanchuan as her boyfriend and made fun of their age difference. Liang Youan retorted back at Wang Xuerong. Liang Shu hurried over to please Liang Youan, but she ignored him and pulled Song Sanchuan away. Liang Youan thanked Song Sanchuan for his support and he took the opportunity to suggest that they live together. Liang Youan was already thinking about it.

In the following days, Song Sanchuan flew around the world to participate in competitions and earned a lot of prize money. He paid back the rehabilitation center fees to Liang Youan and gave her a bank card. He wanted to give her all his future prize money to keep safe, but Liang Youan asked him to keep it himself. She also took him to visit a new venue she had found.

Liang Youan invited Song Sanchuan to celebrate her mother Liu Yuemei’s birthday over the weekend. Song Sanchuan carefully prepared a neck pillow and even chose a paperweight that Liu Yuemei would like. Liang Youan bought personal accident insurance for her mother. Song Sanchuan personally cooked a large table of dishes and Liu Yuemei praised his cooking skills. She asked Liang Youan to stay with her tonight.

After Song Sanchuan left, Liu Yuemei accused Liang Youan of attending Liang Tao’s wedding. When she went to find Liang Youan last time, Song Sanchuan hid and didn’t show up. Liu Yuemei was also worried that Song Sanchuan would betray her sooner or later and that Liang Youan would follow in her footsteps. Liang Youan explained everything one by one, but Liu Yuemei was still not satisfied and refused to let her associate with Song Sanchuan. Liang Youan was very angry and blamed her mother for using her own misfortune to speculate about her life. She then slammed the door and left in anger.

Liang Youan was walking aimlessly on the street when she suddenly received a message from Gao Li asking her to fulfill her promise. Liang Youan took a taxi home and Song Sanchuan was preparing to go out to pick her up. The two of them hugged each other and went home together. Jiang Jiaojiao packed her bags and went to Xiamen to participate in the competition. She wanted to go on a honeymoon with Liang Tao. Jiang Jie urged him to rent out his house as soon as possible. Liang Tao came to pick up Jiang Jiaojiao and they went to the airport together. Jiang Jiaojiao wanted to rent a house, but Liang Tao thought it was not cost-effective. Jiang Jiaojiao flies around the world to participate in competitions during the competition season and they spend less than ten days together each month. It’s better to stay in a hotel, which Jiang Jiaojiao thinks makes sense.

Gao Li wants to sign Song Sanchuan at the lowest price, but Liang Youan refuses. Gao Li claims that everything Song Sanchuan has now is due to that wildcard. Liang Youan promised to discuss it later. An found out the result of Song Sanchuan’s visit to Liang Youan’s mother. Song Sanchuan saw that Liang’s mother cared about their age difference. An advised him not to take it to heart. Liang Youan went home with a sad face. Song Sanchuan learned about the situation and wanted to sign with Easy Sports as long as it could relieve Liang Youan’s pressure. Liang Youan thought this was a bullying clause and didn’t want Gao Li to take advantage of the situation. Song Sanchuan also thought that the wildcard game was very important to him.

Liang Youan rented a training ground and investor Li suddenly changed his mind and wanted to add operating rights. Liang Youan refused to let go. Jiang Jie called Liang Youan and told her that Easy Sports wanted to invest in a top-notch kill club. Liang Youan didn’t want to compromise for money or let go of the operating rights. Liang Youan went home and complained to Song Sanchuan. Jiang Jiaojiao and Liang Tao suddenly called Liang Youan and told her an important piece of news. Gao Li was spreading rumors outside and saying a lot of bad things about the top-notch kill club.

Liang Youan suspected that Jiang Jie and Gao Li were plotting against her. She called Jiang Jie directly to hold him accountable. Jiang Jie had only heard that Gao Li had promised to sign Song Sanchuan with the company and knew nothing about it. Song Sanchuan wanted to compromise with Gao Li, but Liang Youan refused. Jiang Jie guessed that Gao Li was up to something behind his back and came to him to settle accounts. Gao Li wanted to cooperate with Jiang Jie. He could sign Song Sanchuan and Jiang Jie could invest in the top-notch kill club. Jiang Jie sneered at what he had done.

Song Sanchuan took the initiative to negotiate with Gao Li and signed a contract as a spokesperson. He reminded Gao Li not to obstruct Jiang Jie’s investment in the club. Liang Youan learned of this and complained that Song Sanchuan was too impulsive. This played right into Gao Li’s hands. Song Sanchuan would rather suffer personally than let Liang Youan be wronged. Liang Youan didn’t buy it at all. The two of them quarreled and parted ways.

Song Sanchuan went back to his dormitory and Chen Zhe happened to come back too. He came to help Liang Tao water the peach trees. Chen Zhe went out to buy wine and food and wanted to drink with Song Sanchuan to relax.

Mr. Li heard that Song Sanchuan signed a contract with Yi Su Sport, and he called Liang Youan to invest in her top-tier start-up club. However, she was not happy. She felt that Song Sanchuan was being treated unfairly in that contract. Luo Nian noticed that Liang Youan was influenced by her mother and had a defensive attitude towards Song Sanchuan. Luo Nian advised her to adjust her mindset. Liang Youan regretted making Song Sanchuan angry.

Jiang Jiaojiao and Liang Tao went to Xiamen for their honeymoon and had a great time. Liang Youan called to urge Liang Tao to come back and be the manager of the top-notch kill club. Liang Tao didn’t want to miss this opportunity and forcibly dragged Jiang Jiaojiao back to Shenzhen to take up the position. He even bought a manager’s jersey online. Jiang Jiaojiao’s honeymoon was ruined. He came to find Song Sanchuan as soon as he returned to the club and blamed him for not fighting with Liang Youan at this time. Song Sanchuan had a lot on his mind but couldn’t say anything.

Liang Youan publicly announced Liang Tao’s appointment. Jiang Jiaojiao and Chen Zhe congratulated her. Liang Youan wanted to cook instant noodles to satisfy her hunger. Song Sanchuan took the initiative to cook. Everyone sat together and ate plain instant noodles without any side dishes. Liang Youan claimed that she loved eating plain instant noodles the most. Jiang Jiaojiao and Chen Zhe cheered loudly and teased them both. Everyone sat together and enjoyed their meal. Liang Youan took the opportunity to reconcile with Song Sanchuan. The two of them made up and went home happily together. Liang Youan apologized to Song Sanchuan for listening to her mother’s words and being wary of his progress. Song Sanchuan also criticized himself for signing a contract with Yisu Sports without permission. The two of them made a pact to never leave each other.

Thanks to Liang Tao and others’ unremitting efforts, the top-notch kill club was quickly prepared. The opening ceremony will be held tomorrow. Zhang Yan, Chen Zhe, Song Sanchuan, Liang Youan and others came to the club to help prepare. Dai Yi announced that he would no longer study abroad and wanted to attend university in China as a sports student. Everyone cheered him on. Dai Yi didn’t want to leave the club and Jiang Jiaojiao promised to stay with him.

Yisu Sports arranged various promotional activities for Song Sanchuan. Liang Youan has been with him all the time. Song Sanchuan held Yisu Sports’ sports equipment and shoes in his hand, posed in various poses for photos and makeup until he was exhausted. Liang Youan felt very distressed and helped him remove his makeup on the way home. He couldn’t help but tease him.

Song Sanchuan has not completed his training today. He returned to the training ground and Liang Youan stayed by his side. Song Sanchuan sweated profusely on the field and felt much better. He felt uncomfortable when taking photos for Yisu Sports, and Liang Youan didn’t like these photo shoots either. She wanted to play two games with Song Sanchuan. Liang Youan and Song Sanchuan set up their positions and fought against each other. They played happily and vigorously.

Liang Youan caught a cold and fever due to overwork. Song Sanchuan had to go to Guangzhou for a competition and couldn’t take care of her at home. Liu Yuemei came to take care of Liang Youan at home. Liang Youan clearly stated that she and Song Sanchuan are truly in love and she has confidence in this relationship. However, Liu Yuemei doesn’t think highly of this brother-sister relationship.

Liang Shu was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Liang Tao learned of this and hurriedly notified Liang Youan. Liu Yuemei repeatedly emphasized that Liang Shu’s life and death had nothing to do with them and did not allow Liang Youan to intervene in this matter. She forcibly drove Liang Tao away. Liu Yuemei reminded Liang Youan not to be confused and resolutely ignore Liang Shu. Liang Youan didn’t want to answer, so she pretended to sleep.

Liang Youan secretly came to the hospital to visit Liang Shu without telling her mother. She hid aside and did not enter the door. The doctor found that Liang Shu had stage II kidney cancer and suggested that he undergo partial kidney removal. Liang Tao and Jiang Jiaojiao came to the wig shop to discuss countermeasures with Liang Youan. Jiang Jiaojiao advised Liang Youan to go to the hospital to see Liang Shu. Liang Youan asked Liang Tao not to care about the club’s affairs for the time being and focus on taking care of Liang Shu in the hospital.

Liang Youan was mixed with feelings and didn’t know how to face Liang Shu. She didn’t want to pretend to be a filial daughter in front of Liang Shu. Song Sanchuan supported Liang Youan’s decision and she could do what she wanted. Liang Youan clearly remembered that Liang Shu secretly went to school to see her until Liang Tao was born. After that, Liang Shu never came to see her again. Faced with life and death, Liang Youan wanted to let go of all the grievances, but she didn’t have the courage.

An Cong and Song Sanchuan came to the hospital to visit Liang Shu. Liang Shu was worried that he would not be able to come down from the operating table alive. An Cong tried his best to comfort him and Song Sanchuan promised to accompany Liang Shu. Liang Shu guessed that Liang Youan didn’t want to come and see him, which made him feel uncomfortable. An Cong tried his best to make him happy.

An Cong and Song Sanchuan came back from the hospital. Liang Youan was waiting for them at the door and complained that Song Sanchuan shouldn’t have delayed training. Song Sanchuan regretted that he couldn’t accompany his mother Tong Lu at the last moment. He didn’t want Liang Youan to have any regrets and just wanted to do something for her. Liang Youan was very grateful to him.

Liang Shu was pushed into the operating room. Liang Youan, Song Sanchuan, Liang Tao, and Jiang Jiaojiao were waiting outside the operating room. After the Youhu people made every effort to rescue him, Liang Shu’s surgery was very successful. Liang Youan went home to explain the situation to her mother Liu Yuemei. When Liu Yuemei learned that Song Sanchuan was taking care of Liang Shu in the hospital for Liang Youan, she looked at Song Sanchuan with new eyes.

Liang Youan and Liu Yuemei had a long talk. Liang Youan detailed her love story with Song Sanchuan. They were determined and their love was as strong as gold. Liu Yuemei also thought they were a good match. She decided to completely let go of the hatred that had been weighing on her heart for many years towards Liang Shu. She wanted to invite her old friends out for a trip. Liang Youan was overjoyed.

Dai Yi scored 97 points in the tennis test and can choose any university that recruits tennis players. Jiang Jiaojiao, Chen Zhe and Song Sanchuan celebrated with him. Chen Zhe was leaving the club to take over his family business and could be a strong backing for the club in the future. Jiang Jiaojiao was reluctant to let him leave. Chen Zhe wanted to leave after being demoted, but he couldn’t make up his mind for a long time. Dai Yi was about to go to school, so he proposed to leave. Although Song Sanchuan was reluctant, he respected his choice. The four of them drank and talked happily until they were drunk.

Liang Youan accompanied Song Sanchuan to participate in a competition. The staff of Yi Su Sport asked her to take a few sets of sportswear promotional photos before going on stage. Liang Youan strongly protested and did not allow them to disturb Song Sanchuan. Unexpectedly, Song Sanchuan agreed to cooperate with them for the shooting. When it was almost time for the competition, there was still one jacket that had not been photographed. Liang Youan quickly stopped them and wanted to wait until after the competition to finish it. The staff was worried about being scolded by their boss and begged Song Sanchuan to continue shooting. Song Sanchuan had to change into a sports coat. As a result, the sleeve suddenly tore open and the shooting was forced to stop.

Today’s opponent was far inferior to Song Sanchuan in both strength and ranking. Song Sanchuan fought against his opponent for four hours due to his poor physical and mental state before winning. The staff came to find Song Sanchuan to take additional photos with a jacket. Liang Youan asked them to bring the clothes to the club tomorrow. The staff refused and not only accused Song Sanchuan of deliberately tearing his clothes but also brought up the sponsor to exert pressure. Song Sanchuan gritted his teeth and finished the shoot. Liang Youan promised not to let these messy things affect Song Sanchuan’s mood in the future. Song Sanchuan regretted not listening to Liang Youan’s advice and signing with Yi Su Sport.

In order to let Song Sanchuan focus on playing, Liang Youan went all out to reduce his commercial activities. However, the company still arranged a full schedule for him. Liang Youan wanted to hold a farewell party for Chen Zhe and Dai Yi, and Song Sanchuan agreed to take time out of his schedule to attend. Since learning that Chen Zhe and Dai Yi were leaving, Jiang Jiaojiao seemed like a different person. She spent all day at the club and returned home late. Today, a group of new members reported for training. Jiang Jiaojiao arrived at the club early and arranged training content for each member. Zhang Yan and Luo Nian saw it all and felt that Jiang Jiaojiao had matured.

Apart from playing matches, Song Sanchuan participated in various commercial activities. Zhang Yan reminded Liang Youan not to overuse Song Sanchuan’s energy, but Liang Youan was helpless. Gao Li asked Song Sanchuan to deliberately lose to a player sponsored by the company, but Song Sanchuan refused to play a fake game. Gao Li explained the interests involved and even brought up the contract, but Song Sanchuan refused to budge. Gao Li left after making a harsh remark. Liang Youan was worried and promised not to let Song Sanchuan play fake games. Liang Youan asked Xu Lu to help review the contract signed between Song Sanchuan and Yi Su Sport and found many unreasonable clauses.

Liang Youan held a farewell party for Dai Yi and Chen Zhe. They went camping and barbecuing in the suburbs. Dai Yi was not feeling well and vowed to come to the club to compete after graduating from college. Chen Zhe publicly stated that he had always supported the club. Liang Youan gave a farewell speech, and Zhang Yan remembered his past coaching experience from Beijing to Shenzhen with mixed feelings.

After dinner, there was a bonfire party. Dai Yi and Chen Zhe sang and danced happily. Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan sat by the bonfire and talked sweetly. They accidentally discovered that Zhang Yan and Luo Nian were getting close and getting along well. Song Sanchuan prepared carefully for this farewell party. He even built a tennis court model. Liang Youan suggested that Song Sanchuan go abroad to play tennis. She contacted TMG, one of Europe’s top clubs, in advance. They were very satisfied with Song Sanchuan and promised to pay Yi Su Sport’s breach of contract fee. Song Sanchuan didn’t want to be separated from Liang Youan and would be gone for two years. Liang Youan promised to fly over to see him whenever she had time.

Liang Youan arranged for Song Sanchuan to go to Spain to play tennis. First, he terminated his contract with the club and then helped him with various procedures. Before leaving, Song Sanchuan bought two walkie-talkies. The distance was only eight hundred meters. The next time they talked would be the day he returned to China.

Three months passed in a blink of an eye. Song Sanchuan went to language school when he wasn’t playing tennis. He gradually adapted to life in Spain. Whenever he had time, he would video chat with Liang Youan and confide his longing for her. Liang Youan saved screenshots of Song Sanchuan’s videos every day, and they never ran out of sweet nothings to say. Luo Nian and Liang Youan went to practice yoga together. Liang Youan was like a girl in love, taking out Song Sanchuan’s photos and talking endlessly about her longing for him. Luo Nian couldn’t help teasing her. Liang Youan wanted to save up her vacation time to visit Song Sanchuan.

When Liang Youan couldn’t sleep, she video chatted with Song Sanchuan. Even though there was a seven-hour time difference, Liang Youan felt that Song Sanchuan hadn’t gone far and was still by her side. Liang Youan was busy with tennis school and didn’t contact Song Sanchuan for three days in a row. Song Sanchuan was worried and called Jiang Jiaojiao to find out what was going on. Jiang Jiaojiao claimed that the club had brought in handsome players and coaches and that Liang Youan was getting more and more beautiful. Song Sanchuan felt a little uneasy.

Liang Youan’s walkie-talkie suddenly rang. She was pleasantly surprised to find that Song Sanchuan had returned. Song Sanchuan came back to China to participate in a competition and spent two days with Liang Youan. Liang Youan was very happy. The team members recognized Song Sanchuan and ran over to take a group photo with him. Liang Youan captured this unforgettable moment and noticed that Song Sanchuan had matured and had the temperament of a star. She became even more attached to him.

Song Sanchuan drove Liang Youan to the beach for a day trip. Liang Youan dressed up carefully. The two of them sat by the sea, cuddling and occasionally gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. Liang Youan felt lost at the thought of their separation in two days. She became more and more infatuated with Song Sanchuan and they kissed passionately.

Song Sanchuan was going back to Spain. Liang Youan didn’t want to part with him and refused to go to the airport to see him off. She even deliberately hid his razor, computer, and passport. Song Sanchuan was deeply moved by her childish and cute behavior and vowed never to leave her again after returning home. Liang Youan reluctantly went to the airport to see Song Sanchuan off, and they parted with reluctance.

When Liang Youan returned home, she discovered that Song Sanchuan had given her a surprise. Song Sanchuan adopted a puppy named Elsa and gave it to Liang Youan. Liang Youan was overjoyed. After researching Spanish tennis schools for several months, Liang Youan decided to have the students complete one-stop training at the club to cultivate more international tennis stars for China. Chen Yan supported Liang Youan’s decision.

Jiang Jie signed a contract with Easy Sports and Top Smash Club. He and Chen Ke signed on behalf of both parties. Jiang Jie invited Chen Ke to dinner, but she politely declined. She was going to Jingdezhen to learn pottery from her boyfriend. Jiang Jie inquired about her situation in detail and even wanted Chen Ke’s address in Jingdezhen, but Chen Ke made an excuse that it was inconvenient and didn’t give it to him. After saying goodbye to each other, they left.

Liang Tao didn’t want to live in a hotel anymore and wanted a home of her own. Jiang Jiaojiao deliberately refused to leave. When Liang Tao got married, she refused to rent a house and they continued to live in a hotel. Liang Tao tried hard to please him and admitted that she wasn’t ready before. She watched Jiang Jiaojiao become more and more responsible and wanted to have a home with him as soon as possible and live happily together. Only then did Jiang Jiaojiao agree to leave.

Gao Li and Liang Youan went fishing together. They didn’t give in to each other and showed off their lives and families. Gao Li and his wife agreed to have a family dinner on Saturday to anger Jiang Jie, which made Jiang Jie so angry that he chased after Gao Li.

Sixteen months passed in a flash. Song Sanchuan returned home two months early, and Chen Zhe and Dai Yi also returned to the club. Jiang Jiaojiao brought Liang Tao, who was pregnant, to follow them. Zhang Yan collected basil as an apprentice, and his relationship with Luo Nian gradually warmed up. An Cong continued to run his wig shop. Song Sanchuan helped An Cong register on a dating website and urged him to find a suitable woman to get married as soon as possible.

Liang Youan and Song Sanchuan agreed to meet at the tennis court. After Liang Youan arrived, she called Song Sanchuan with a walkie-talkie. Song Sanchuan had been waiting for a long time. The two sat on the rooftop and talked about their separation. They remembered their sweet past from acquaintance to love and couldn’t help but kiss each other passionately.

Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan began their happy life together. Song Sanchuan wanted to cut Liang Youan’s hair, but she was very resistant. So Song Sanchuan put a mask on her face. He was clumsy and made a mess of it. Liang Youan couldn’t bear to look at him and yelled at him. Song Sanchuan tried his best to make her happy.


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