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Twelve Legends – Gulnazar, Jasper Liu

Twelve Legends is a romantic drama co-produced by Youku and Tangren Media, starring Gulnazar, Jasper Liu Yihao, Gu Jiacheng, Liu Chang, Zhou Junwei, and Yang Zhiying, co-starring Deng Enxi, Chen Zheyuan, Bian Cheng, Zhang Leyun, Liu Yuhan, Zhao Shunran, Ding Qiao and Zhang Lei.

The drama is adapted from author Nile's novel of the same title. The drama tells a funny story of various small demons, which is either funny, hot, touching, or sweet.


Twelve Legends

English Title: Twelve Legends
Chinese Title: 十二谭
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Tag: Interspecies Romance, Demon, Multiple Couples, Tragedy, Enemies to Lovers, Chinese Republican Era
Episodes: 32
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Chen Shuliang, Jia Fang
Writer: Zhang Chao, Ni Luo
Producer: Cai Yinong, Li Nan, Su Min
Product Company: Youku, Tangren Media
Released Date: 2021-03-27
Broadcast Website: Viki, Tang Ren Theater, youku.tv



During the Republican era, the famous seal expert Jin Xingjian (played by Liu Yihao), who was originally transformed from Nvwa’s mending stone in ancient times, has been cultivating to be a human being and coming to earth for thousands of years.

He is in love with Yeming (played by Gulnazar), and in order to help her survive the thunderstorm, he starts a fantasy journey to find the seal.

The plot is based on the hero and heroine’s search for eight seals, which opens up a funny story that is either hilarious, or hot, or touching, or sweet.

The story revolves around the word “love” and shows the love-hate relationship of all kinds of living beings.


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