2023 Chinese Drama List

Incomparable Beauty – Chen Xiao, Gulnazar

Incomparable Beauty is an urban romantic drama directed by Wang Ying, led by Chen Xiao and Gulnazar, co-starring Liu Yan, Chen Xiaoyun, Zhao Da, Ye Qing, Chen Xijun, Han Yuchen, and Yuan Wenkang.

The drama tells the story of several young people struggling with the "quarter-life crisis" and focuses on the reality of today's city through their lives, careers, and loves, and reflects the "youth crisis" in the workplace.


Incomparable Beauty

English Title: Incomparable Beauty
Chinese Title: 无与伦比的美丽
Genre: Urban, Romance, Life, Business
Tag: Multiple Couples, Multiple Mains, Hardworking Female Lead, Office Setting, Fashion Industry, Quarterlife Crisis
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Wang Ying
Writer: Qin Qin
Producer: Tian Tian
Released Date: 2023-08-28
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MGTV Drama Channel



The drama tells the story of Xu Yao, who lost his girlfriend after a failed business venture, Yu Jia'en, a single lady in city, Zhang Qing, a lady who has been struggling in the city for ten years, and Li Nianhuan, a good girl who suffered from cheating during pregnancy. They all experience workplace and emotional confusion and growth.


Yu Jiaen is the marketing manager of Keda Appliances. Her company collaborates with the Spectrum Marketing Team, led by Zhang Qing. Yu Jiaen has a negative opinion about the current Spectrum Marketing proposal. She had a heated disagreement with Zhang Qing, the General Manager of Spectrum, and even received a lecture from Zhang Qing in the restroom. Yu Jiaen found this unbearable and consequently criticized their proposal as worthless. Before the meeting, Yu Jiaen's colleagues reminded her that Zhang Qing is known as the Proposal Queen in the industry and has friendly relationships with many clients' top executives. Therefore, they advised Yu Jiaen to give Zhang Qing some face. Despite this, Yu Jiaen didn't regard Zhang Qing highly.

Keda Appliances was acquired by Shanghai Jianning Group, leading to the decision to lay off Yu Jiaen's entire department. Yu Jiaen deemed this decision unfair and confronted her boss, recording the conversation. The reason for the department's layoffs was to hire new employees for future management convenience. Yu Jiaen hoped that the company would provide compensation to the laid-off employees; otherwise, she would resort to labor arbitration.

On Yu Jiaen's birthday, she got laid off, causing her whole team to be affected. She intended to invite her colleagues for a meal through a workgroup message, but to her surprise, everyone left the group simultaneously, leaving her alone.

Xu Yao is Yu Jiaen's former boyfriend. Back when they both failed in their entrepreneurial venture, Xu Yao was burdened with significant debt. Not wanting to drag down Yu Jiaen, he disappeared a week before their marriage. He hadn't returned to his hometown of Chengdu for three years. Now, with the help of his partner Su Yi, they secured an investment of eight million yuan in an angel round, allowing Xu Yao to finally clear his debts. He decided to return to Chengdu, feeling grateful for Su Yi's assistance. However, Su Yi didn't reveal that the investment came from her own father, Su Xianshan, as she was worried that Xu Yao might feel uncomfortable knowing this.

After losing her job, Yu Jiaen returned to her hometown in Chengdu. Her best friend Li Nianhuan welcomed her at the airport. Li Nianhuan is Xu Yao's cousin and was the one who introduced Yu Jiaen to Xu Yao initially. Given the current situation, Li Nianhuan only considers Yu Jiaen her best friend and ignores her cousin. Li Nianhuan is pregnant, and her husband Xu Wensong rewarded her with 100,000 yuan. However, Yu Jiaen dislikes Xu Wensong and hopes that Li Nianhuan won't be influenced by him. The term "reward" makes Yu Jiaen uncomfortable. Despite this, they avoid discussing Xu Wensong too much to prevent straining their friendship, as mentioning him inevitably leads to arguments.

Xu Yao returned home and had dinner with his father. Although his father eagerly awaited his return, he didn't show it in front of Xu Yao. Li Nianhuan brought Yu Jiaen to a class reunion, and Xu Yao saw the messages in the group. He decided to join them. Yu Jiaen was at a loss for words upon seeing him, and they started drinking. After the gathering, Xu Yao retrieved a bag he had bought for Yu Jiaen from his car. Back in the day, Yu Jiaen liked this bag a lot, but he couldn't afford the genuine one, so he gave her a fake version as a birthday gift. Now that Yu Jiaen is thirty, Xu Yao can finally afford to buy her the real bag. However, Yu Jiaen cannot accept it; after all, the bag can't compensate for all those years of youth.

Xu Yao and his father visited his aunt and uncle, and coincidentally, Li Nianhuan was there too. Li Nianhuan deeply regrets introducing Yu Jiaen to Xu Yao. He left a week before their wedding. Yu Jiaen never looked down on his financial difficulties, yet he still abandoned her. Li Nianhuan hopes he can act like a man, even if they're going their separate ways, and bid a proper farewell.

Yu Jiaen was arranged for a blind date, and the other person was someone who had experienced being dumped before marriage, just like her. As a "veteran," Yu Jiaen had plenty of experience, and with a few words, she convinced the other person that being dumped was just that – being dumped. Thankfully, it happened before marriage; otherwise, she would have had to split the house, which wouldn't be worth it. She found Yu Jiaen's words reasonable.

Yu Jiaen had dinner with her best friend Li Nianhuan. Li Nianhuan didn't want Yu Jiaen to be influenced by Xu Yao and hoped that she could find her old self again. Yu Jiaen witnessed some unclear interactions between Li Nianhuan's husband, Xu Wensong, and the company's accountant. They shared the same milk tea, and he even skipped accompanying Li Nianhuan to a prenatal check-up to be with the accountant. Yu Jiaen intentionally knocked the milk tea from Xu Wensong's hand, hinting to the accountant not to touch other people's belongings.

While on the plane, Yu Jiaen encountered Xu Yao again. They were on the same flight back to Beijing. However, in the parking garage, when she was calling her driver, Xu Yao's partner Su Yi accidentally knocked her phone out of her hand, breaking the screen. Xu Yao happened to appear, picked up the phone, and without much exchange, Yu Jiaen left. After arriving in Beijing, Li Nianhuan contacted Yu Jiaen. She told Li Nianhuan about seeing Xu Wensong at the airport sharing a drink with another girl through the same straw, advising her to be cautious. Despite avoiding discussing Xu Wensong for years to prevent arguments, Yu Jiaen couldn't stand by and watch Li Nianhuan end up with nothing. She had already given up her job, her dreams, and became Xu Wensong's housekeeper. She was even pregnant, yet Li Nianhuan remained steadfast in her belief in Xu Wensong.

Yu Jiaen's landlord needed her to move out due to her son's upcoming wedding. If she didn't move, the rent would increase. Though Yu Jiaen reluctantly started looking for a new place, the high rent worried her. She received an interview opportunity, but the HR person was concerned about her age and unmarried status at thirty. Additionally, Yu Jiaen was resistant to answering questions about her future relationships, which led the HR person to reject her application. Yu Jiaen faced consecutive failures in her job interviews – either companies thought she lacked experience or she wasn't the right age.

On social media, Yu Jiaen saw someone offering a spare bedroom for rent. She brought flowers to see the place and unexpectedly found her former boss Zhang Qing there. It turned out that the one renting the room was Zhang Qing. Despite their previous conflicts, Yu Jiaen understood that Zhang Qing wouldn't rent to her, so she turned to leave. Zhang Qing, a clear-minded woman, advised Yu Jiaen not to be too stubborn sometimes, as it wouldn't make people care about her. She suggested learning to compromise is not embarrassing. However, Yu Jiaen remained stubborn, not heeding Zhang Qing's advice. She left, throwing the flowers in the trash, and ended up cutting her hand on the thorns. Unable to hold back her emotions, she cried as she looked at her bleeding fingers.

Yu Jiaen's landlord came with a renovation team to inspect the house. Though Yu Jiaen was angry, she wasn't set on staying there. She decided to move out quickly, and they agreed that the landlord would refund the current month's rent and deposit. Unlike Yu Jiaen, Xu Yao started a new company called Fading Stars and became the boss, leading very different lives.

Xu Yao found Yu Jiaen's phone number in his old phone and called her, arranging to meet at their old spot at 8 PM. Just after hanging up, Yu Jiaen received an interview invitation from Fading Stars' HR.

Learning that Su Yi's father, Su Xianshan, was one of Fading Stars' investors, Xu Yao asked Su Yi to arrange a meeting with him. He thanked Su Xianshan for the investment but found his phone dead and couldn't check the time. As a result, he missed the appointment, and Yu Jiaen left without waiting, leaving behind the notebook he had given her without any writing.

Zhang Qing, despite being an independent and strong woman in the workplace, had an unhappy upbringing. Her parents treated her like a "supporting younger brother demon." Her younger brother works in their hometown, earning a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan. He's in a relationship and wants to buy a house before getting married. Zhang Qing told her mother that she would only buy a house under 90 square meters, and the property deed should be in her name; otherwise, she wouldn't spend the money. Her mother wanted to buy a bigger house, thinking that the cost of a larger house is only slightly higher than buying a few expensive bags. Zhang Qing felt helpless in such a family situation but dared to voice her opposition.

Hao Chenshi dressed up like Leon and overheard Zhang Qing's conversation with her mother. He felt drawn to her. At forty years old, Hao Chenshi had no interest in love and marriage, but Zhang Qing's appearance seemed to open a door in his heart. Hao Chenshi agreed to partner with Xu Yao and become the vice president for their startup. Fānxīng Technology is located on the 41st floor, just above Zhang Qing's company. When Zhang Qing heard Hao Chenshi introduce himself, she quickly handed him her business card for future collaboration.

Yu Jiaen went for an interview at Fānxīng Technology and registered her information at the front desk, which Zhang Qing happened to notice. The interview went fairly smoothly for Yu Jiaen, except that the salary wasn't ideal. Hao Chenshi, as the head of the marketing department, personally interviewed her after the HR interview. Meeting her was a surprise and joy for both of them due to their past friendship. Hao Chenshi learned from Yu Jiaen about her unpleasant experience with Xu Yao, so he took her downstairs for coffee, intending to recommend her to other companies with better benefits. Yu Jiaen found it strange; Hao Chenshi appeared nervous, and she didn't understand why. Meanwhile, Su Yi gave Yu Jiaen's resume to Xu Yao, recognizing her as Li Nianhuan's classmate, and asked if Xu Yao wanted to have a personal conversation with her.

Xu Yao personally approached Yu Jiaen, and upon seeing him, Yu Jiaen realized the hurried reason behind Hao Chenshi's attempt to separate them. Su Yi hoped for another chance to communicate, which Yu Jiaen agreed to. Xu Yao messaged Yu Jiaen, telling her that Fānxīng wasn't the right fit for her. He didn't want her to suffer there, considering it's a startup and their future success is uncertain. During their conversation, Su Yi admired Yu Jiaen and hoped she would join soon, but Yu Jiaen politely declined.

After seeing off Yu Jiaen, Hao Chenshi joined Xu Yao at the coffee shop downstairs. He couldn't influence Xu Yao's decisions. Rejecting Yu Jiaen shouldn't have been his role, and when Xu Yao saw "widow" on Yu Jiaen's resume, he clearly became upset. Hao Chenshi also expressed his confusion; after all, Xu Yao is just an ex-boyfriend, and it's Yu Jiaen's choice to mention her widow status.

Hao Chenshi took Yu Jiaen's resume to the 40th floor to meet Zhang Qing, hoping to discuss a collaboration. Zhang Qing saw Yu Jiaen's resume and realized she wasn't hired by Fānxīng Technology. After buying a house for her brother, Zhang Qing had limited savings left, and her rent was due soon. So, she took this opportunity to contact Yu Jiaen and offered her a place to stay, as she needed money and Yu Jiaen needed a place to live. Zhang Qing promptly arranged for Yu Jiaen to move in.

Yu Jiaen and Zhang Qing began their shared life in a rented apartment. Although they had their disagreements, the bond between women is often unique. Living under the same roof, they shared their experiences in Beijing, envisioned a brighter future, and reconciled with their past. Zhang Qing informed Yu Jiaen about a vacant position in their company's department. If Yu Jiaen was interested, she could interview for the Spectrum Marketing role.

Xu Wensong was hospitalized due to a leg injury, and colleagues visited him in the hospital. Even Xiaoli came to the hospital in tears, bringing a pair of Chanel earrings. Li Nianhuan noticed the earrings and remembered that there was a Chanel purchase receipt in Xu Wensong's pocket. She hadn't seen this gift before. At that time, Xu Wensong had claimed it was for a client. Now Li Nianhuan realized something was amiss. She questioned Xu Wensong about the person, the reason for the tears, and why he had the Chanel earrings.

Yu Jiaen went for an interview at Spectrum Marketing and received a call from Li Nianhuan downstairs. Li Nianhuan informed her about Xu Wensong's affair. Coincidentally, Yu Jiaen had just been venting to Li Nianhuan about seeing the despicable elder brother Xu Yao downstairs. Unfortunately, Xu Yao overheard their conversation. To her surprise, he realized how he was perceived by Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen suggested that Li Nianhuan divorce Xu Wensong and not continue living with such a scoundrel. Li Nianhuan finally decided to seriously consider this matter, but she wanted Yu Jiaen to keep it confidential until she made a decision. Outside Spectrum Marketing, Yu Jiaen encountered CEO Lu Zijie, although she didn't know he was the CEO at the time. Upon entering Zhang Qing's office, she realized she had been led by the CEO himself, which made her feel embarrassed.

Zhang Qing interviewed Yu Jiaen. Previously, Yu Jiaen had worked for clients, whereas Spectrum Marketing was on the agency side. Zhang Qing wasn't sure if Yu Jiaen understood the difference between the two roles. However, Yu Jiaen clearly expressed her understanding of both sides—the agency's responsibility to serve the client's creativity and results, and the client's understanding of sales outcomes. Zhang Qing compared the agency team to waiters and questioned if Yu Jiaen was ready for the challenges.

Li Nianhuan went to the hospital to find Xu Wensong. Following Yu Jiaen's advice, she tested Xu Wensong and indeed, as Yu Jiaen had predicted, Xu Wensong shifted blame onto Li Nianhuan. With a wry smile, Li Nianhuan informed Xu Wensong of her decision to divorce. After her interview, Yu Jiaen received a call from her mother. Mothers all over the world seem to share the same traits—harsh on the surface but deeply concerned for their children. Her mother consoled Yu Jiaen, suggesting that if things didn't work out, she could return to their hometown, and her mother would support her. Yu Jiaen hoped her mother would keep this matter confidential within the neighborhood. After hanging up, she received a 10,000 yuan transfer from her mother.

Li Nianhuan left home and came to Beijing. Xu Yao got news from his aunt and informed Yu Jiaen. They both went to the airport to pick up Li Nianhuan. Xu Yao happened to have borrowed a car from Hao Chenshi, so he drove them home. During the ride, Li Nianhuan video-called her mother using Xu Yao's phone to assure her safety. When her mother found out that she was with Yu Jiaen, she wanted to talk to Yu Jiaen. However, the conversation almost revealed Xu Yao's debt situation. Fortunately, Li Nianhuan and Xu Yao managed to cut her off. Despite this, Yu Jiaen found it strange and felt something uncomfortable beneath her. She discovered a pair of earrings and mistakenly thought they belonged to Xu Yao's girlfriend.

That night, Yu Jiaen and Li Nianhuan slept together. Yu Jiaen recalled Li Nianhuan's mother's words and asked her about their meaning. Instead of directly explaining, Li Nianhuan mentioned how Xu Yao had truly struggled at one point, like a drowning person needing to save himself. The next morning, Zhang Qing noticed an unfamiliar face at home. Yu Jiaen returned with breakfast and heard voices inside the room. She hurried in to explain to Zhang Qing. Hearing that Li Nianhuan was in her early pregnancy, Zhang Qing's husband instincts kicked in, advising her on how to claim compensation from the scumbag. Li Nianhuan hadn't expected everyone to advise her to divorce. She felt she was already thirty and pregnant, and she had always been her parents' pride. If she divorced now, she felt there would be no way to move forward. Her words left both Yu Jiaen and Zhang Qing speechless.

Li Nianhuan went for her prenatal check-up, accompanied by Yu Jiaen. Initially, Li Nianhuan had contacted Xu Yao, but Yu Jiaen didn't want to rely on him for transportation. Li Nianhuan secretly messaged Xu Yao, asking him to follow behind in his car. On the way to the hospital, Li Nianhuan covertly messaged her mother, inquiring whether she should tell Yu Jiaen about Xu Yao's past debt. However, Li Nianhuan's mother advised against it. Li Nianhuan attempted to indirectly approach the subject. Knowing that Xu Yao was a good person, she wanted to convey that his leaving Yu Jiaen back then was a reluctant decision. She asked Yu Jiaen whether marrying Xu Yao and staying in Chengdu back then would have led to happiness. This question left Yu Jiaen silent.

At the hospital, Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen waited for Li Nianhuan's check-up. They reminisced about the past when Yu Jiaen mistakenly thought she was pregnant, and Xu Yao accompanied her for a check-up. Although it turned out to be a false alarm, Yu Jiaen appreciated Xu Yao's dedication. She felt that having a child between them would have been nice. Xu Yao cautiously asked if their ending would have been different if they had actually had a child back then. Yu Jiaen didn't respond. Li Nianhuan's check-up went well. After leaving the hospital, Li Nianhuan called her mother to let her know she was safe. Yu Jiaen answered Xu Yao's earlier question, stating that even if they had had a child back then, the outcome would likely have been the same. Even if they had married, happiness wasn't guaranteed.

Yu Jiaen used their "clearing spell" ritual on Xu Yao's forehead. If performed after a breakup, it meant they wouldn't meet again. Yu Jiaen informed Xu Yao that she would try to persuade Li Nianhuan to go back home and hoped he wouldn't come looking for her in the future. Xu Wensong had been seeking Li Nianhuan's forgiveness. His main intention was for her to give birth to their child. Li Nianhuan was willing to give him a chance but insisted on their parents meeting. Xu Wensong wrote a guarantee letter in person, promising not to return to Chengdu if his actions were met with forgiveness. Xiaoli added Li Nianhuan on WeChat and sent her a new audio recording of her conversation with Xu Wensong. Li Nianhuan learned that Xu Wensong had two faces—one that coaxed her and another that engaged with Xiaoli ambiguously.

Now, Yu Jiaen and Zhang Qing had become her emotional advisors. Zhang Qing still suggested they divorce, and to prevent Li Nianhuan from sinking into sadness, she took her and Yu Jiaen out for a drink. Coincidentally, Hao Chenshi had finished work and was planning to find Zhang Qing. Hao Chenshi handed his car to Xu Yao and asked him to drive home. Xu Yao saw Yu Jiaen making a call at the entrance and, despite his lack of initial interest, he suddenly became intrigued.

Fate brought these individuals together at the bar. Zhang Qing also learned about Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao's past relationship from Hao Chenshi. To Zhang Qing, this wasn't an issue at all. She felt that if Yu Jiaen rejected the job offer at Spectrum Marketing due to this reason, it would be immature. At the bar, Li Nianhuan also met the resident singer Zhao Ang, who was a few years younger. The moment Zhao Ang saw Li Nianhuan, he felt a love-at-first-sight sensation.

Xu Yao took Yu Jiaen aside and used provocative tactics, which worked. Yu Jiaen immediately decided to accept the job offer at Spectrum Marketing. However, on her first day at work, Zhang Qing had gone to Shanghai for business. Since she had previously offended some team members, Yu Jiaen was a bit uncertain. As expected, her colleagues ignored her at the office. While Yu Jiaen was used to such situations, she wouldn't let it affect her work or state of mind. However, the department head, Lin Li, pretended not to see Yu Jiaen and completely ignored her.

In the team, Amy is a pretty good girl. She thinks isolating Yu Jiaen is a bit excessive, but everyone feels that they should show her some colors. Amy is also helpless. She goes to the pantry to get water, and Yu Jiaen seizes the opportunity to approach her. She appeals to Amy emotionally and rationally, directly telling Amy that they had conflicts before, but now they are colleagues, and she doesn't want to engage in office politics; she just wants to do a good job. Amy doesn't dare to give her company-related templates because Lin Li is her direct supervisor, so she hesitates. Their conversation is overheard by Lu Zijie, who knows that Yu Jiaen had trouble on her first day at the company. However, Yu Jiaen insists it's not trouble, and she can handle it herself.

Lin Li knows that Zhang Qing asked Yu Jiaen to prepare a client analysis report, so she asks Amy to do one as well, to avoid Yu Jiaen surpassing her. Lin Li and other colleagues in the department intentionally make Yu Jiaen run errands like buying coffee, sending contracts, and getting lunch. Amy feels this isn't right and doesn't participate, but Yu Jiaen understands their intentions and is willing to help. After all, sometimes compromises are necessary in the workplace, and she really needs this job.

When Yu Jiaen returns with the coffee, she finds that everyone is not at their desks. She asks her colleagues from other departments and learns that Lin Li is holding a meeting. She wasn't even informed through the department's group chat, and she has no experience working with the client side, so she needs guidance. Lin Li becomes infuriated upon hearing this; everyone here is younger than her, so why should they be paid to learn? Yu Jiaen is truly helpless, and her concessions do not earn her the respect she deserves.

While buying coffee downstairs, Yu Jiaen is spotted by Xu Yao, who notices that her days at the company are tough. He invites her to lunch, but Yu Jiaen knows her boundaries. She and Xu Yao are currently in a client-provider relationship, so she declines the meal and focuses on work, trying to understand the company's needs. In the afternoon, Yu Jiaen starts writing the client analysis, and before leaving, Lin Li compares her report with Amy's. Yu Jiaen, who lacks client-side experience, has written a lot of text in Word, but Lin Li tears it up. She tells Yu Jiaen to learn from Amy's report, which is clear in format and logically rigorous, presented in a PowerPoint format for easy understanding.

Yu Jiaen is asked to work overtime by Lin Li, and she works through the night. The next day, Yu Jiaen submits a beautiful analysis report, and when Zhang Qing returns from Shanghai, she praises Yu Jiaen for doing an excellent job on the client analysis report. On the other hand, Xu Yao has put a lot of effort into securing the visit of the Fashion Association's CEO. To impress the CEO and create the right atmosphere, Xu Yao and Hao Chenshi immediately gather the Spectrum Marketing Team for a meeting. Su Yi's team and the product department are also busy with their respective tasks.

Coincidentally, Zhang Qing has entrusted the entire Starry project to Yu Jiaen. Lin Li didn't expect Zhang Qing to trust Yu Jiaen so much. Hao Chenshi comes running and hopes that Zhang Qing can take the team upstairs for a meeting. When the CEO arrives and sees the energetic and motivated employees, he believes that their team is quite good and can't help but exclaim, "Youth is great!"

Yu Jiaen noticed that Xu Yao had been touching his ear the whole time. She knew Xu Yao well and realized he was exaggerating. He had intentionally gathered everyone together to put on a show for CEO Ma. So, she took a risky step and deliberately pointed out the conflicts between the client and the company. Then, she redirected the focus to the advantages of Fānxīng's data. She emphasized that Fānxīng's target users closely overlapped with Túyǎ's brand target audience. She praised Túyǎ but also made it clear that their marketing team, as the client, only added the finishing touch. The real advantage lay with the client. Yu Jiaen's move had a positive impact, and CEO Ma found her words inspiring.

After they left, Xu Yao, CEO Ma, and Hao Chenshi, along with Su Yi, held a meeting together. They teamed up to persuade CEO Ma to agree to the collaboration. However, despite their efforts, CEO Ma, with his many years of business experience, couldn't be convinced so easily. In the end, Xu Yao made the final argument from a professional perspective. He explained that they were about to promote clothing rental, and promoting Túyǎ on their platform would be beneficial. As CEO Ma had mentioned earlier, it was about balancing both sides. In the short term, Fānxīng would gain more, but Xu Yao hoped CEO Ma would consider the long-term perspective. By partnering with Túyǎ, Fānxīng would help the brand target precise users, ensuring that all retained customers were the target consumers. CEO Ma was moved and decided to give Túyǎ a six-month trial.

After bidding farewell to CEO Ma, Hao Chenshi told Xu Yao that Yu Jiaen still had the same old style. She didn't hold back in her words. Their eight years of mutual understanding showed in that moment. Xu Yao knew that Yu Jiaen was helping him. As expected, when they returned to the company, Zhang Qing was furious. She felt that Yu Jiaen shouldn't have expressed herself that way during the meeting. Yu Jiaen explained her reasoning, and then Zhang Qing received a message from Hao Chenshi, who thanked Yu Jiaen for the help. Zhang Qing then cooled down. It seemed Yu Jiaen had made the right bet.

Yu Jiaen told Zhang Qing that she had engraved her words in her mind. She advised Zhang Qing not to just look at the surface but also pay attention to what was happening beneath the table. Public relations and handling clients were similar; they both involved social skills. Zhang Qing was pleased that Yu Jiaen was learning quickly, but she reminded her to be tactful when considering whether to help Xu Yao or the company. Otherwise, her knowledge of Xu Yao's strengths could become a disadvantage.

In the evening, when they got back home, Zhang Qing asked Yu Jiaen why they had broken up. Meanwhile, at the office, Xu Yao was working late, and Hao Chenshi also asked the same question. Xu Yao had bought all the groomsmen's suits in advance, but as the wedding day approached, he ran back to Beijing and canceled the wedding. The same event, but different interpretations from the male leads, could lead to divergent conclusions. Hao Chenshi, after listening to their stories, believed that they no longer loved each other, while Zhang Qing felt that their love had disappeared. Love is like that; it gradually wears out in constant quarrels and lack of communication.

There was a new claw machine downstairs at the company to relieve stress. Xu Yao remembered that Yu Jiaen used to like pandas, so he won a panda plush toy for her. Just as he and Yu Jiaen were about to head upstairs together, Xu Yao got off the elevator and saw Zhang Qing coming out with Su Yi. Su Yi had intercepted the little panda plush toy. Zhang Qing and Yu Jiaen exchanged a look but didn't say anything.

After work, Xu Yao saw Yu Jiaen helping Lu Zijie catch a stuffed toy from the claw machine, and she was using the technique he had taught her. Xu Yao felt jealous and left without a word. To express his gratitude, Lu Zijie planned to give Yu Jiaen a ride home.

Li Nianhuan, influenced by Zhao Ang, decides to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. When she shares this news with Xu Wensong, he mercilessly mocks her, leading Li Nianhuan to increasingly dislike him. She goes to a bar to find Zhao Ang, who has been eagerly waiting for her, as he wants to get Li Nianhuan's contact information. As Li Nianhuan and Zhao Ang chat, they lose track of time and pay no attention to their phones.

Li Nianhuan's father cannot reach his daughter, so he contacts Xu Yao to ask about Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen rushes to Li Nianhuan's apartment building and quickly heads back to find her. Yu Jiaen confirms that Li Nianhuan is not at home and guesses that she might have gone to the bar to meet Zhao Ang. She goes to the bar and arrives at the same time as Xu Yao, but they don't find Li Nianhuan there. Later, they learn that Zhao Ang has taken Li Nianhuan to a nearby pedestrian street. There, Zhao Ang performs music, and some people give him money. Li Nianhuan uses the money to buy two cotton candies. Just as they raise their cotton candies for a toast, Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen arrive. Xu Yao is about to tell them that Li Nianhuan is pregnant, but Li Nianhuan interrupts him. Xu Yao is anxious and, suspicious of Zhao Ang, decides to send Li Nianhuan back to her hometown as soon as possible. However, Li Nianhuan doesn't want to go back. Yu Jiaen hopes that Xu Yao won't make decisions for others anymore, always dwelling in his own perception and self-pitying.

After returning home, Yu Jiaen asks Li Nianhuan why she doesn't want Zhao Ang to know about her pregnancy. Li Nianhuan is concerned that if Zhao Ang finds out she is married and pregnant, he won't be as open to her as he is now. It could create a barrier between them. Yu Jiaen hopes that Li Nianhuan will think this through.

Hao Chenshi wants to pursue Zhang Qing, unaware that she has a boyfriend. Zhang Qing is clear about her stance; she only wants to maintain a professional relationship with him. However, Hao Chenshi is persistent and shameless in his pursuit.

A project at Fānxīng faces issues when they collaborate with a film crew to rent costumes. There was a problem with the logistics, and all the costumes were ruined. Now, they need to find replacement outfits. If they delay the shoot because of their mistake, they'll have to pay ten times the compensation to the film crew. The shoot is scheduled to start in three days, and they don't have much time left. They can't afford the five million yuan compensation, even if they sell everything. Su Yi has been trying her best to resolve the situation.

Yu Jiaen encounters a difficult client, and her handling of the situation is immature. She not only offends the client but also becomes the subject of ridicule among her colleagues. Zhang Qing steps in and successfully manages the client right in front of Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen genuinely admires Zhang Qing's work abilities and is determined to learn from her. Zhang Qing is guiding Yu Jiaen step by step and hopes she can change her mindset. Instead of just apologizing and saying she can't afford to lose, she should focus on improving.

Li Nianhuan writes lyrics and goes to find Zhao Ang. The two of them start singing in a square, attracting a crowd of onlookers, and some people start recording videos on their phones. Li Nianhuan firmly tells Zhao Ang about Xu Wensong's divorce, but Xu Wensong believes that Yu Jiaen is behind this decision. He calls Yu Jiaen and reveals the story of how the Xu family lent money to Xu Yao to start his business. He feels that they don't show gratitude because they didn't even ask for interest on the loan, and now they're encouraging Li Nianhuan to divorce him. Yu Jiaen realizes that there was more to Xu Yao's departure from Chengdu, especially after Li Nianhuan's mother mentioned the debt issue. Yu Jiaen calls Li Nianhuan's mother to inquire about Xu Yao's borrowing history.

Yu Jiaen learned about the fact that Xu Yao owed more than 1.2 million yuan in debt back then from Li Nianhuan's mother. She didn't know what to do. When Xu Yao left, she became the subject of ridicule, and no one could understand her pain. Xu Yao was always like this, making decisions for others and indulging in his self-pity. Yu Jiaen didn't forgive him for it, nor did she feel grateful. Yu Jiaen learned that Li Nianhuan had also kept this information from her, which made her somewhat angry. It seemed that Li Nianhuan still sided with Xu Yao deep down. Li Nianhuan felt helpless; she wanted to tell Yu Jiaen, but her mother didn't allow it. Her mother believed that only by hating Xu Yao could Yu Jiaen start a new life.

Xu Yao and the others were searching for clothes in an old clothing recycling warehouse. The situation looked optimistic as they found replacement clothes, but some of them needed overnight modifications. Su Yi couldn't reach her designer friend, so she thought of Yu Jiaen, who had a design background. She hoped Xu Yao could contact Yu Jiaen for help because relying solely on the company's seamstresses wouldn't get the clothes ready in time. Xu Yao tried to reach out to Yu Jiaen, but she didn't answer her phone due to anger. So, Hao Chenshi contacted Zhang Qing. Xu Yao, upon Su Yi's suggestion, decided to try again. He asked Li Nianhuan if Yu Jiaen was sleeping. Upon learning the situation, Yu Jiaen, Zhang Qing, and Li Nianhuan went to the old clothing recycling center. Xu Yao was delighted to see Yu Jiaen come to help, and Hao Chenshi was equally pleased when Zhang Qing arrived.

With everyone's efforts, they finally finished the work after daybreak and managed to deliver the costumes to the film crew on time. Everyone was happy, and they sang and danced together. However, there was a strange atmosphere between Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao. Xu Yao's company had successfully overcome its difficulties.

Li Nianhuan had been declining Zhao Ang's invitations for the past few days. Her pregnancy was becoming more apparent, so she didn't want to see Xu Yao anymore. Yu Jiaen also encountered problems as her client, Zhao Xiu, had blocked her. She panicked and sought help from Zhang Qing. Finally, when the weekend arrived, Zhang Qing could sleep in, but Yu Jiaen woke her up. Zhang Qing was skilled at handling such situations. She immediately contacted Zhao Xiu and apologized, regardless of the actual situation. She quickly resolved the issue. Zhang Qing informed Yu Jiaen that Zhao Xiu had reported her to Lu Zijie. Zhao Xiu claimed that Yu Jiaen had rolled her eyes at her during a meeting, which left Yu Jiaen feeling wronged. She didn't dare to do such a thing. Later, she realized that Zhao Xiu might have misunderstood when she looked up at the projector.

Zhang Qing understood Zhao Xiu's personality very well. She just didn't like Yu Jiaen's work style and was deliberately nitpicking. Zhang Qing reminded Yu Jiaen that she had to mend her relationship with Zhao Xiu and persuade her to withdraw the complaint to Lu Zijie; otherwise, she should resign as soon as possible. Yu Jiaen learned from Zhang Qing that Zhao Xiu and her friends jointly owned a beauty salon. So, she decided to visit the salon to win Zhao Xiu over. Zhang Qing was very relieved; it seemed that Yu Jiaen had finally come to her senses.

From a waiter, Yu Jiaen learned that Zhao Xiu would return to the salon to hold a meeting at 3 PM. So, she decided to delay her payment at the bank on purpose. This trick worked, and she deliberately claimed that her phone's camera was broken, making it impossible to pay. She took the opportunity to add Zhao Xiu on WeChat and privately sent her the money. Maintaining customer relationships came at a considerable cost, but Yu Jiaen spent 10,000 yuan to secure Zhao Xiu's favor and remain on the project team at Lìtiān. Xu Yao and Hao Chenshi had social obligations, and while Xu Yao couldn't drink due to health reasons, the bosses were not too happy about it. To secure the cooperation, Xu Yao had no choice but to accompany them at the risk of his own health.

Li Nianhuan had already decided to divorce Xu Wensong and then confessed to Zhao Ang about being married and pregnant but choosing to divorce. Yu Jiaen supported Li Nianhuan leaving Xu Wensong, but it didn't mean she approved of Zhao Ang being a good person. Xu Yao was hospitalized due to stomach bleeding caused by drinking. The next day, Hao Chenshi visited him in the hospital and took a picture while pretending to be hospitalized in his own social media post. His purpose was to test Zhang Qing.

Zhang Qing and some others were in a meeting when Yu Jiaen learned that they had used her proposal for Keda Appliances and successfully won the bid. Yu Jiaen felt wronged because she had been laid off from the company because of this and had affected her own team. Zhang Qing hadn't expected Yu Jiaen's reaction to be so strong. She told Yu Jiaen not to dwell on this matter and sincerely apologized for forgetting to inform her about it.

In addition, Zhang Qing arranged for Yu Jiaen to visit Hao Chenshi at the hospital, solely from the perspective of one party caring about another. After Yu Jiaen bought flowers and fruits and arrived at the hospital, she realized that it was Xu Yao lying in the hospital bed.

Since they were both there, and Xu Yao was the boss of the first party, Yu Jiaen still sat down to peel apples for him. Xu Yao couldn't take his eyes off her; she hadn't changed, even when peeling apples, she was determined not to break the apple peel. Xu Yao also felt that Yu Jiaen's hostility towards him had decreased significantly. Yu Jiaen didn't say anything, and Xu Yao smiled as if it was worthless. After peeling the apples, Yu Jiaen prepared to return to the company. Xu Yao received a call from Xu Wensong, who had arrived in Beijing. He came to Beijing personally to pick up Li Nianhuan.

Upon learning the news, Yu Jiaen was worried about Li Nianhuan. So, the two of them went home together to check the situation. At this time, Li Nianhuan was dressing up carefully; she was planning to confront Zhao Ang. Li Nianhuan felt very sad when she learned that Xu Wensong had come to Beijing. She sat at home, not knowing what to do. On the other hand, Zhao Ang kept calling, but Li Nianhuan didn't dare to answer.

Xu Wensong was frantically knocking on the door. Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao tried to stop him. Li Nianhuan was sitting at home and suddenly felt her baby kick her three times, just like the knocking on the door. She opened the door and decided to go back to Chengdu with Xu Wensong because she was a mother. She didn't want her child to be born without a father and a home. Both Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen understood her feelings, so they helped her pack her luggage and took her to the airport.

On the way, Li Nianhuan was not happy, and Xu Yao noticed it. When they arrived at the airport, Xu Yao asked Li Nianhuan seriously if she had thought about whether she really wanted to continue living with Xu Wensong. He didn't want Li Nianhuan to compromise just for the sake of the child. If the child was born, he, as the maternal uncle, could help her raise the child. He hoped Li Nianhuan could truly find happiness. Li Nianhuan still decided to return to Chengdu.

Back in Chengdu, Li Nianhuan took out the lyrics she had written and couldn't help but sing them. However, she was mocked by Xu Wensong, who thought she sang terribly, and even tore up the lyrics she had written. Li Nianhuan sat in the bathroom, feeling heartbroken. She didn't know if her decision was correct. She didn't want to face Xu Wensong again, and her mind was on Zhao Ang, but when she touched her belly, she fell into agony once more.



  • 2023-09-29 09:26:59

    Chen Xiao: Those who have watched it know how great Xu Yao is!

    "Incomparable Beauty" features Chen Xiao portraying Xu Yao, a character who embodies the struggles faced by many young people in their journey through life.

    For a man over thirty, the speed of your success must surpass the rate at which your parents age, exceed the pace of your children's growth, and outstrip the demands your wife places on you. Xu Yao, engrossed in his pursuits, remarks, "Right now, all I can do is focus on moving forward until one day, I am confident that my abilities can be relied upon, and only then can I lift my head." This introspective monologue by the protagonist Xu Yao in "Incomparable Beauty" resonated deeply with many viewers.

    To be honest, Xu Yao is far from the archetype of a "perfect male lead." He harbors an almost obsessive dedication to entrepreneurship and success, even at the cost of repeatedly rebuilding his own life. During the failure of his business venture, he chooses to leave, leaving behind his girlfriend Yu Jiaen, who remains ignorant of the truth, to grieve alone. Yet, it is precisely these imperfections that fueled Chen Xiao's enthusiasm for the character. He states, "No one is perfect, and what attracts me most to the character of Xu Yao is his authenticity. He appears strong on the surface, but those who understand him can see that he is carrying a heavy burden. Of course, with age and experience, he will also undergo growth, which is the most precious aspect."

    Chen Xiao expresses that he can empathize with Xu Yao's sense of crisis, as everyone encounters lows and difficulties that are unavoidable. He says, "What we need to consider is how to adapt to these crises. Sometimes, in moments when you feel things can't get any worse, looking back, you'll find that it was also an incomparably beautiful time."

    After the broadcast of "Incomparable Beauty," Chen Xiao and Gulnazar formed the "Xu Ni Yu Sheng / Promise You a Lifetime" CP, contributing numerous "dog food" scenes (scenes provoking romantic feelings). In the series, Xu Yao, burdened with substantial debt due to business failure, chooses to leave without informing Yu Jiaen. The eight-year relationship comes to an end through a broken engagement and elopement.

    As time passes, when both think they have moved on, they reunite in the workplace as party A and party B, and the gears of fate start turning once again. Each time Xu Yao's gaze lingers, each time he overturns the vinegar jar; every time Yu Jiaen rushes forward without hesitation, every time she firmly supports... their destinies are tightly intertwined. It's no wonder Chen Xiao exclaimed in an interview, "They are destined to be together, and there's no escaping it."

    Chen Xiao mentions that this is his first collaboration with Gulnazar, but there was never a sense of distance on set. Their cooperation was extremely harmonious. Speaking about their partnership, Chen Xiao praises, "They worked very, very hard."

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