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Does Cheng Xiao Have A Boyfriend? What’s Her Ideal Type?

Cheng Xiao rumored boyfriend

Who is Cheng Xiao‘s Boyfriend? What’s Her Ideal Type? Since Cheng Xiao’s debut in China as a mentor of “Idol Producer”, she has gone from being controversial to receiving a lot of love from netizens.


More and more people have attracted by her good appearance as Barbie and good personality. They are curious about her love life.

Although Cheng Xiao didn’t announce her boyfriend, she had some rumored boyfriends. Let’s have a look.

Cheng Xiao rumored boyfriend Cai Xukun

The first rumored boyfriend of Cheng Xiao is the popular star Cai Xukun.

They got to know each other because of “Idol Producer”. At that time, Cheng Xiao was a mentor, and Cai Xukun was a trainee. But Cheng Xiao looks like a fan after meeting Cai Xukun. Cai Xukun also respected Cheng Xiao well in the show.

Although they have been rumored to be in a relationship, there was no conclusive evidence. They both have a lot of fans and have an excellent appearance, fans always hope they can be dating in reality.

Cheng Xiao rumored boyfriend Jackson Wang

Cheng Xiao also rumored to be in a relationship with Jackson Wang Jia’er. They met in a program and behaved very intimately.

In fact, Cheng Xiao and Jackson Wang interacting intimately are because they have known each other for a long time compared to other guests. They both debuted in Korea and have been training in Korea for many years.

A similar life experience made Cheng Xiao and Jackson Wang become very familiar. However, there were rumors that they were quietly dating because of these close interactions between them.

Justin Huang

Besides, Cheng Xiao and Justin Huang Minghao have a dating rumor.

Cheng Xiao and Huang Minghao participated in the variety show “Brave World” together. They were always joking with each other. It seems like a pair of a happy couple.

After the show aired, netizens felt the relationship between Cheng Xiao and Huang Minghao is not ordinary.

But it was reported that there was really nothing between Cheng Xiao and Huang Minghao. They have such a good relationship because they belong to the same agency, so they are already very familiar with each other.

Zhang Yixing Wang Yibo

Cheng Xiao also rumored to be dating Zhang Yixing. But the possibility is very small.

Because Cheng Xiao and Wang Yibo had a lot of interaction. There were rumors that they were probably in love with each other. In fact, their closer relationship makes netizens have such a feeling!

But it can’t be said to be in love just because the relationship is good. And it also may be hype.

Cheng Xiao

Cheng Xiao is still young. Now she is in the rise of career, she may not put much effort into her love life but a career.

In a show, Cheng Xiao once revealed her ideal type of boyfriend: She likes a boy, who is mature and has an interesting personality, to be able to understand each other. In addition to the requirements, she doesn’t accept a boyfriend younger than her.

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