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TNT(Teens in Times): The future is bright

“Fox” Ding Chengxin, “Brother Ma” Ma Jiaqi, “Little Bear” Yan Haocheng, “Rabbit” He Junlin, “Gong Zi” Zhang Zhenyuan, “Wolf Cub” Liu Yaowen, “Little Pretty” Song Yaxuan. These seven kids, with an average age of just 16 years old, are grown up together as the TFBOYS’ junior brother!

CPOP TNT (Time in Teens)

These seven boys, like the TFBOYS, are also following the path of their adopted idols. And they have been preparing for their debut by entering the company as practice students since childhood. They are also like the TFBOYS who had to train and participate in activities while also balance their studies.

After learning about the school, they are really as good as their senior brothers! As entertainers, their lives are pretty much filled with having to work and study!

The name “TNT” means “bomb” in English, which makes me think of another Korean youth group, the BTS, which has been in the international arena, and I can only say that the name of the BTS is too good, and I thought that the two have some kind of friendship. Now the popularity of TNT certainly can’t be compared to BTS. After all, it hasn’t been very successful to be known by more people.

Although the TNT’s fans aren’t enough now, the group’s members are younger than most other groups! The fandom is also generally young in age, and the stickiness of fans is relatively high. The group is further expanding its fan base as the group’s members get older, and its popularity is growing considerably!

Now, these seven members, except for He Junlin, are not yet 180cm in height. The rest of them are almost at or above this height according to the public information. It can be said that the height of the members of the TNT is the prototype of a standard boy group style.

TNT’s fandom named is “popcorn”, recently they released the single, “popcorn”, give back to the fans for companionship. The MV is a group of teenagers who feel the smell of youth, this is what teenagers should look like! Looking forward to a metamorphosis in the TNT!

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