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Song Yaxuan Participates in the Ace Variety Show “Ace VS Ace”

Trump Card VS Trump Card 1

As Zhejiang TV’s Ace variety show, “Ace VS Ace”(王牌对王牌) has formed a good reputation and has a lot of loyal viewers. Since the start of the show, the show’s ratings have been very good. Now, the show has come to the sixth season.


According to the official announcement of the program. There is a new change in the lineup of this year’s Trump Card Family. With the addition of a new member Song Yaxuan on the basis of the original members.

Song Yaxuan

Obviously, many viewers may not familiar with Song Yaxuan before. However, as a member of the popular boy group, Song Yaxuan has a high popularity. And his participation in the sixth season has become the biggest highlight.

There is no doubt that the addition of Song Yaxuan is a very big surprise to many viewers. As the youngest member of the program, the staff is very kind to Song Yaxuan.

Song Yaxuan

In order to let Song Yaxuan integrate into the program, it is specially invited Song Yaxuan’s TNT members to be a guest in the live broadcast. such treatment is enough to show the program group’s care and attention to Song Yaxuan.

On November 4, “Ace VS Ace” Season 6 held the second live broadcast. Song Yaxuan is the protagonist of the live broadcast, and from the results of the live broadcast, the whole interaction is very interesting and warm, the audience were also watching happily.

Live Broadcast

As a newcomer joining the show for the first time, Song Yaxuan will inevitably be a bit reserved. However, Song Yaxuan’s performance was much more relaxed around his most familiar teammates, allowed more viewers to get to know and understand the TNT.

In the past, many viewers’ impressions of TNT stayed with TFBOYS’s junior brother’s. But they rarely really got to know them. As a newcomer, TNT has been developing very well in the last two years, and their future prospects are also very promising.

The recent resources of TNT are very enviable. In addition to Song Yaxuan joined the “Ace VS Ace”, Ding Chengxin also participated in the show “Everybody Stand By 2″(演员请就位2).

Trump Card VS Trump Card

As a variety show, “Ace VS Ace” has developed a unique style and has a good reputation. From this live broadcast, it can be seen that Song Yaxuan has a great sense of variety. Although he is a newcomer, he is able to integrate into the show well.

So, will the addition of Song Yaxuan change the harmonious atmosphere of the Trupm Card Family? Or will he fit into the Trump Card Family?

Song Yaxuan

Song Yaxuan’s answer was also very straightforward, it’s no problem with fitting in. He said that the other hosts took special care of him. Obviously, the four veteran members of the Trump Card Family are taking good care of this newcomer.

In fact, for “Ace VS Ace”, the addition of Song Yaxuan may bring a good change. After all, the audience needs freshness, and now that the show has come to its sixth season. If it continues with the previous guest lineup, it will easily become dull.


As a post-00s generation, Song Yaxuan represents a fresh force that can better attract those young viewers and make the show more energetic.

We can believe that Song Yaxuan’s decision to join the show is a win-win situation for both Song Yaxuan and the show.

Variety shows need to follow the current trends and keep the audience fresh. So Song Yaxuan’s participation in the sixth season of “Ace VS Ace” is really exciting.

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