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The Number of TNT Members’ followers on Weibo

These data updated to Dec, 2020.


TNT Official Weibo Account: 2,290,000+

TNT Weibo

Ding Chengxin: 7,480,000+

Ding Chengxin Weibo

Ma Jiaqi: 6,310,000+

Ma Jiaqi Weibo

Song Yaxuan: 5,640,000+

Song Yaxuan Weibo

Liu Yaowen: 5,140,000+

Liu Yaowen Weibo

He Junlin: 3,570,000+

He Junlin Weibo

Zhang Zhenyuan: 3,150,000+

Zhang Zhenyuan Weibo

Yan Haoxiang: 2,140,000+

Yan Haoxiang Weibo
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