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The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang – Jackie Chan, Ethan Juan

The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang is a historical fantasy comedy film directed by Yan Jia, led by Jackie Chan, Ethan Juan, Zhong Chuxi, and Austin Lin, and co-starring Lin Peng, Qiao Shan, Pan Changjiang, Kingdom Yuen, Luu brothers, and Jiang Lu.

The film tells the story of Pu Songling, a literary genius who takes on the role of a detective and teams up with Constable Yan Fei to track down the disappearance of a young girl, which leads to a love affair.


The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang

English Title: The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang
Chinese Title: 神探蒲松龄
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Comedy, Action
Duration: 108 min.
Director: Yan Jia
Writer: Liu Bohan, Jian Wen
Producer: Shan Yong
Released Date: 2019-02-05
Broadcast Website: YouTube, Viki, tubi



Pu Songling, a literary genius of his time, took on the role of a supernatural detective in the Yin-Yang Judgment and teamed up with the constable Yan Fei to investigate the disappearance of a young girl in the town of Jinhua. Later, Pu Songling led a group of little demons, including "Zhu Shi Hu" "Pi Pi" "Wang You" and "Qian Shou" to delve deep into the case and uncover a remarkable and unusual love story in the process.

It turned out that Yan Chixia, in her past life, was a snake demon who, by chance, met Nie Xiaoqian, who was still a human at the time. He assumed the name Ning Caichen and hid within Nie Xiaoqian's shadow. In order to give Ning Caichen a true human form, Nie Xiaoqian exchanged her shadow and demonic essence. As a result, Ning Caichen became the chivalrous Yan Chixia, while she herself became a soul-devouring demon. However, Yan Chixia was determined to extract the demonic essence to restore Nie Xiaoqian to her human self, while Nie Xiaoqian couldn't bear to see Yan Chixia suffer and chose to continue being a demon. There remains an unresolved destiny between Ning Caichen and Nie Xiaoqian.


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