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Elaine Zhong Chuxi Studio Denied Dating Hei Ze

Zhong Chuxi Hei Ze

On September 27th, 2022, the studio of Elaine Zhong Chuxi issued an article to dispel the rumor that Zhong Chuxi and Hei Ze are in a relationship, saying that they are just socializing normally and that there is no relationship. They are the siblings of the same crew and trying to learn archery during the break from filming.


Previously, there was a gossip media report that Zhong Chuxi and Hei Ze had gone out on a date for three days in a row, and also went in and out of a hotel together, suspected of being in a relationship. The dating rumor has attracted numerous netizens.

Zhong Chuxi Hei Ze

According to the reveal, they not only went to the mall together, shot arrows, and caught dolls, but were also found to have taken photos of the same art museum and posted them on social media platforms, which seemed to be very close.

Hei Ze used to be a net celebrity and is now working as an actor. He was once cast as He Biao in the TV series “Lost in the Kunlun Mountains” starring Xu Kai, and Zhong Chuxi.

Zhong Chuxi Studio

After the dating rumors were revealed, some netizens speculated that they may know each other over the drama and gradually fell in love during the process of getting along.

Anyhow, Zhong Chuxi Studio has dispelled the dating rumors at once. Let’s focus on their works.

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