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The Bravest – Huang Xiaoming, Du Jiang, Tan Zhuo

The Bravest is a disaster drama film directed by Chen Guohui, starring Huang Xiaoming, Du Jiang, and Tan Zhuo, with a special appearance by Yang Zi and Ou Hao.

The film is based on the feature-length reportage work "Tears are the Deepest Water / 最深的水是泪水" by Baoerji Yuanye. The story is based on the "July 16-Burst Fire In Dalian" and tells the story of a fire in a coastal oil tank area, where the firefighting team unites, safeguarding the safety of the country and people's property with their lives.


The Bravest

English Title: The Bravest
Chinese Title: 烈火英雄
Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama
Duration: 120 min.
Director: Chen Guohui
Writer: Yu Yonggan, Chen Guohui
Producer: Yu Dong
Product Company: BONA FILM GROUP
Released Date: 2019-08-01
Broadcast Website: YouTube, 腾讯视频



A pipeline explosion at an oil terminal in the coastal city has affected the entire crude oil storage area.

A tank with a storage capacity of 100,000 cubic meters has exploded and leaked, leaking crude oil threatening to detonate nearby tanks at any moment, fires escalating and explosions occurring one after another.

However, this is not the worst of it. Not far from the fire stands a storage area for dangerous chemicals, like a devil waiting to be ignited, which could take the lives of millions of people and threaten the safety of the city, the province, and even neighboring countries.

In such a time of crisis, groups of firefighters left their families and rushed to the scene of the fire.


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