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Pegasus – Shen Teng, Huang Jingyu

Pegasus is directed and written by Han Han and starring Shen Teng, Huang Jingyu, Yin Zheng and Yin Fang.

The film tells the story of racing driver Zhang Chi, who was banned from racing for five years and had his driving license revoked for illegal racing, but never forgot his love for racing. In order to recover his former dignity and honour, he decides to return to the world of racing and succeed again with persistent faith.



English Title: Pegasus
Chinese Title: 飞驰人生
Genre: Comedy, Action
Duration: 98 min.
Director: Han Han
Writer: Han Han
Released Date: 2019-02-05
Broadcast Website: 爱奇艺



Once a prominent figure in the racing world, race car driver Zhang Chi was banned from racing for five years due to illegal street racing. Now, he can only operate a fried rice stall. Approaching his forties, he decides to make a comeback and challenge the young genius Lin Zhendong in the racing world. However, he faces numerous obstacles - no money, no car, no teammates, and he even needs to retake his driver's license. He seeks the help of his former partner and navigator Sun Yuqiang, as well as the former team technician Ji Xing, to assist him. After great difficulty, they manage to gather the necessary equipment for the race. However, navigator Sun Yuqiang gets involved in an accident.


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