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Hanson and the Beast – Feng Shaofeng, Liu Yifei

Hanson and the Beast is a fantasy comedy film directed by Xiao Yang, produced by Chen Guofu, starring Feng Shaofeng, Liu Yifei, Li Guangjie, and Guo Jingfei.

The film tells the story of Bai Jianchu, a fox demon who comes to the modern city to repay her kindness, but is prevented by the Demon Authority from falling in love with Yuan Shuai, which leads to a dispute in the demon world.


Hanson and the Beast

English Title: Hanson and the Beast
Chinese Title: 二代妖精之今生有幸
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Duration: 110 min.
Director: Xiao Yang
Writer: Xiao Yang, Guo Yiwen
Producer: Chen Guofu
Product Company: CKF PICTURES, TENCENT PICTURES, Beijing Culture
Released Date: 2017-12-29
Broadcast Website: 爱奇艺, 优酷



Yuan Shuai, an animal keeper burdened with huge debt, goes on blind dates with wealthy women to repay his million-yuan debt. However, he falls in love with a fox demon, Bai Xianchu, who comes to the human world to repay a debt.

To prevent a love affair between humans and demons, Director Yun Zhonghe of the Monster Management Bureau sends Captain Hong Sicong and his team to capture the rule-breaking fox demon, Bai Xianchu.

Yuan Shuai bravely ventures into the demon world to save his love, and after many twists and turns, he and Hong Sicong team up to rescue Bai Xianchu and defeat the dictator, Yun Zhonghe.

As a result, Hong Sicong becomes the new director of the Monster Management Bureau and announces that monsters and humans can openly fall in love, get married, and have children.


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