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City of Rock – Dong Chengpeng, Qiao Shan, Gulnazar

City of Rock is a musical comedy film directed by Dong Chengpeng, starring Dong Chengpeng, Qiao Shan, Gulnazar, Lee Hong Chi, Han Tongsheng, Qu Junxi, Yue Yunpeng, Yu Qian, Yu Yang, Dai Lele, Song Xiaobao, and Zhou Dongyu.

The film tells the story of Hu Liang's hometown, Ji'an, where several "nobodys" from different backgrounds form a special rock band in pursuit of a common musical dream.


City of Rock

English Title: City of Rock
Chinese Title: 缝纫机乐队
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Duration: 117 min.
Director: Dong Chengpeng
Writer: Dong Chengpeng, Su Biao
Producer: Chen Zhixi
Product Company: The City, RUYI FILMS, Youth Enlisht
Released Date: 2017-09-29
Broadcast Website: YouTube, 爱奇艺, 优酷



To protect the rock park in his hometown, young man Hu Liang hires a highly-paid music manager, Cheng Gong. He also gathered drummer Zha Yao, bass player Ding Jianguo, guitarist Yang Shuangshu and keyboardist Xi Xi.

Together they form the band Sewing Machine. The six of them go from a cold band recruitment site to a stage with thousands of people.

While preparing for the show, a local real estate tycoon is willing to pay a high price to cancel the show in order to demolish the park as soon as possible.

As they chase their dreams, a series of hilarious stories occur.


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