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“Youth With You 3” Tony Yu Mother Response

Tony Yu

On the 30th, April, “Youth With You 3” trainee Tony Yu Jingtian’s mother responded to the alleged illegal operation of KTV, saying that due to her and Yu Jingtian’s father’s indiscipline in business cooperation, it has triggered a series of discussions and also brought bad influence to tony Yu. So she decided to explain the situation to everyone the first time.


She revealed that Jingli KTV was founded in 2005. But after 2008, as the family went to Vancouver to study and live, they transferred all the KTV equity to other partners, and have not participated in the operation of KTV since then. But the transfer process was only a hastily signed agreement, without timely Industrial and commercial change. Until they returned to China in 2019, they went through the relevant procedures one after another.

At the same time, Tony Yu Jingtian’s mother also said that she did not expect her business negligence to cause distress and harm to friends who like Yu Jingtian, here to sincerely apologize.

Tony Yu Mother

The statement concluded by saying, “For the net rumors about me and Yu Jingtian‘s father and other inaccurate information and rumor-mongering statements.

We have entrusted lawyers to deal with full authority, and is willing to actively cooperate with the relevant departments to investigate and restore the truth.”

Previously, Yu Jingtian’s company had issued a statement, in which it said that Tony Yu Jingtian had not done anything negative related to the net rumors or participated in activities that negatively impacted society.

Tony Yu

It was reported that on 29 April, a netizen suddenly revealed that the KTV owned by the parents of “Youth With You 3” Yu Jingtian were involved in pornography and drugs.

The local media had also publicly reported similar content. The verdict of the suspected parents of Yu Jingtian could even be found on the verdict website.

Still, netizens have raised many questions, and many have even called for Tony Yu Jingtian to withdraw from “Youth With You 3”.

Because some netizens found posts back in 2004 stating that the KTV run by Yu Jingtian’s parents had an illegal operation.

What do people think about this matter?

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  1. I love X n YiZhou but demanding Tony to withdraw is an act of social bully and it is not fair at all. It will also cause conflicts for Tony and his parents. For those who purposely stir this up, i wanna ask u, what do u expect out of this? U wanna see parents n son hating, killing each other? I have a friend who is a police but his dad is a drug addict. Well, he didnt get kick out of the police force. In fact, he even got promoted and holds the title Justice of Peace.

  2. I do not care about this rumors which created by someone who afraid of Tony being debut. I like Yizhow, Xingxing, Neil, Liu Jun, but I do not want Tony to be judged by public opinions and to be kicked out of the show (YWY3) like this. That is unfair.

  3. Even though I choose Yizhou, I don’t want Tony to be kicked out from this show because of his parent’s rumours and scandals. He’s very hardworking, all his performance are awesome, and he’s too young to deal with all of this. These people are just don’t want him to debut. But I do want them to debut, and I don’t care anymore who is the main center at the end. I just want them to have a happy ending.